Mike Ramos delivered a hard-nosed law-and-order stemwinder, exactly the sort of speech his audience had come to hear.

Programs have widespread political support and substantial funding, but have limited success helping laid-off workers find jobs.

One thing that both the workers and the growers have in common is a shared disillusion with the current immigration legal system and the lame attempts to address this perennial challenge.

Powerful interests remain all too eager to kick the can down the road and push our pension problems onto future generations.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, during his lamentable tenure running the committee, has been reckless, dishonest, vain and prone to making unsubstantiated accusations.

Every progressive, freedom-loving American thinks he’ll stand firm when faced with a crisis of principle.

The love for and the appreciation of the power of words is disappearing, and The Associated Press is not helping matters.

This election proved that Afghanistan is not the hopeless case many Americans believe it to be.

The challenges surrounding the release of Medicare billing data are not insurmountable.

As a nation, Rwanda must either forgive the unforgivable or destroy itself with rage.

Conservatives have been proved right about three big ideas of social policy.

Old bands need to know when to stop touring.

While understanding the missions is vital to understanding California history, the missions have little everyday relevance to today’s California.

Who knows how many more individuals might ride RT buses and trains if their input was carefully solicited?

Some of those close to Jeb say he’s serious about running for president and bringing back a civil tone to Republican politics.

Some say Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari is the most complicit coach in the country of taking the “student” out of the phrase “student-athlete.”

What needs to be fixed with the Affordable Care Act: enrollment.

We don’t know how much fraud will cast doubt on the election results, but it’s clear that Afghans have not given up.

Motorola takes issue with Bee series focusing on its business practices

Recovering from suffering is not like recovering from a disease. Many people don’t come out healed; they come out different.

Last week, I asked former state Sen. Sam Aanestad about a bill he sponsored in 2005 to rectify weaknesses in police pursuit practices. The idea wasn’t to ban pursuits; it simply would have required officers to assess whether the danger represented by suspects justified the risk of violent death all too common in high-speed chases.

People across the world have always been fascinated by wild animals. Large mammals, especially, are majestic to view and study. They have fascinating social structures and cooperative abilities, and they display tremendous power and grace. The reality is that most people will never have the opportunity to see a killer whale or an elephant in the wild.

The highest court in the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, recently issued a definitive ruling against Japan’s whale hunting operations around Antarctica, underscoring the value of a bill moving its way through the California Legislature.

A few blocks from the Supreme Court, the Federal Election Commission, the entity most directly responsible for compelling disclosure, was mired in gridlock. California’s own Ann Ravel had the temerity to describe the dysfunction at the FEC like she saw it, in a very public way.

Even as today’s technological advances make greater transparency a public expectation, decisions like this one make it easier to use that technology to keep secrets.

Despite what some critics have been shouting, the planned change in Internet governance is not an abdication by the U.S.

It feels terrible, this sense that we’ve been tricked into letting money shout down everything else in our political system.

On issues where it should take the lead, actively advocating for human dignity, the great body of Christendom always seems to bring up the rear.

The real issue goes far beyond one tragic shooting in Texas.

California must begin to get its huge groundwater overdraft under control, or face severe economic consequences.

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