The rise of professional strategists has changed the mental climate of the time, especially in the realm of politics.

If you are like most Californians, you like that you can vote on important issues via our state’s initiative process. It is a century-old tradition in California – let the people speak and follow their wishes.

“One Hundred Years of Solitude” gave me a new way of looking at the world. The label “magical realism” does not begin to capture the poetry of Garcia Marquez’s imagination or the evocative power of his prose. Reading his masterpiece was like stepping through a portal into a Technicolor reality where the streets are paved with metaphor and the air is fragrant with dreams.

Disaster news spreads quickly as people talk to loved ones, call or text, post to Facebook or elsewhere.

Californians helped birth Elon Musk Inc., so why is he thinking about building his battery factory in states other than California?

What would racist comments toward the president look like?

Without the No Child Left Behind waiver, Sacramento will once again be seen as a place where caution replaces boldness and the status quo replaces innovation.

Natural resources that have long been locked up and iced under are suddenly more affordable to extract and exploit.

The Republican National Committee has been working to streamline the party’s labyrinthine nominating process. What could be simpler than an NCAA-style tournament?

The Bee editorial board asserts that several provisions in the Emergency Drought Relief Act are flawed, (“Feinstein’s water bill is an overreach,” Editorials, April 17). I would like to explain in more detail how those provisions would work.

President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and company don’t seem to grasp the importance of Putin’s big lies.

It is true that money flows freely, too freely, throughout our state Capitol.

For all the talk about an America divided left and right, red and blue, there’s another way to assess presidential politics: populous vs. sparse.

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy is a freeloading scofflaw, a welfare queen in a Stetson.

Political contribution donor lists, instead of being used to ferret out corruption, are now being used to pursue and persecute citizens with contrary views.

A bear is charging Ukrainians, and we offer them spaghetti.

A tax system that asks the lowest-income families to contribute the most would be unfair in any case.

Such a move would demonstrate to all Californians that our water comes not from a tap, but from real communities.

Given the privacy breaches of Google and Facebook, and their collusion with NSA spying, we can be forgiven for some skepticism about what happens when the tech behemoths acquire the extra-judicial killing machines.

People are shocked to learn that it is legal to kill wildlife as part of a tournament for prizes.

Recommendations to manage groundwater in California.

It is striking that during what many had hoped would be a post-racial America, racial division has been amplified.

Sometimes, we in the news business get a chance to make a significant difference. I saw it happen at The Bee during the past year. Readers of these pages know the story. But it’s worth retelling.

The crowded coffee shop where I planned to spend a half-hour on the computer had one lone table with no chairs. It happens. Often, groups sitting together will borrow chairs where they can find them. Next to me at this empty table were two tables with one person sitting at each. At the first table, a gentleman had three chairs: the one he was sitting in, one empty and one on which he had set some magazines. The other gentleman had two chairs and was expecting a friend.

The Sacramento Community Center Theater is the Sleep Train Arena of performing arts centers – a hulking, gray, concrete bunker that is woefully inadequate for patrons and performers, and a high-profile architectural embarrassment for our city.

We’re giving huge sums to the financial industry while receiving little or nothing in return. Four years ago Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, abruptly canceled America’s biggest and arguably most important infrastructure project, a desperately needed new rail tunnel under the Hudson River. Count me among those who blame his presidential ambitions and believe that he was trying to curry favor with the government- and public-transit-hating Republican base.

Mike Ramos delivered a hard-nosed law-and-order stemwinder, exactly the sort of speech his audience had come to hear.

Programs have widespread political support and substantial funding, but have limited success helping laid-off workers find jobs.

One thing that both the workers and the growers have in common is a shared disillusion with the current immigration legal system and the lame attempts to address this perennial challenge.

Powerful interests remain all too eager to kick the can down the road and push our pension problems onto future generations.

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