Fishing Line: 08/30/12

Published: Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 3D


AMERICAN RIVER--Fishing for halfpounder steelhead picked up last week, and salmon are starting to arrive in better numbers. Both steelhead and salmon were being caught in the upper reaches of the river-- steelies mostly on dead-drifted caddis larvae imitations and salmon on backtrolled Kwikfish and spinners on the swing. Unfortunately, some poaching has started, as well. A few stripers continued to be caught, as well, but the focus is increasingly turning to salmon. These are beautiful, bright fish, too.

FEATHER RIVER--A good number of bright salmon are working their way upstream, and fishing was good for salmon below the Outlet down to Gridley. Anglers were also scoring a couple of nice salmon an outing around Shanghai Bend and the mouth of the Yuba River. The few steelhead up to 4 pounds were being caught in the Low Flow Section on dead-drifted nymphs under indicators, drifted nightcrawlers, and Glo- Bugs.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento--Salmon fishing picked up nicely as more and more fresh salmon moved through the area. The Minnow Hole was producing for bankies tossing big spinners, and Discovery Park was producing more salmon, too, as the run begins on the American. The mouth of the Feather River at Verona was good, too, as more fish were heading up that river. Fishing for catfish continued to be good in the Deep Water Channel over the levee off the end of Marshall Road. Some stripers were also being caught there on mudsuckers and bloodworms.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Red Bluff--Salmon fishing continued to be very good and getting better and better all the time. But, it's important to be flexible. For example, it was windy on Sunday, so dragging bait as the boat drifts downstream was a challenge. Backbouncing roe or backtrolling plugs worked better. Mid-day fishing was better than early in the morning, too, as the water warmed a couple of degrees. Tisdale, Ord Bend, Hamilton City, Ward's Landing, and Chico were producing dime-bright salmon from 15 to 25 pounds.

CAPLES LAKE--The lake was planted by the DFG this past with 3000 pounds of rainbows from 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds. The lake will be planted this week by EID and the Kirkwood PUD with 3200 pounds of catchable rainbows, including some 3- to 5-pound trophy fish. Trollers were catching macks and rainbows in the middle of the lake running flasher/worm combos, Kastmasters, and Needlefish from 12 to 18 feet deep. Shore fishermen caught rainbows to 3 pounds at the dam on Power Bait.



CHETCO RIVER offshore, Brookings, Ore.--It has been another fantastic week on the southernmost area of the Oregon coast for Chinook fishing in the ocean on the days that the anglers can get a few miles of the coast, according to WON Field Reporter and guide Curtis Palmer. "With early limits by many on some days and lines in the cleaning station of people waiting for their turn to process their daily catch, it has been another week of good memories even with the disappointment of the 26th. That Sunday was just one of those days when the fish just wouldn't bite and most of the boats pulled back up to the docks empty handed. Season will be closed on September 10, 2012 and there will be a special season reopening October 1-October 14, 2012."

COOS RIVER, Coos Bay, Ore.--Thing's are starting to get exciting for anglers on this river, according to WON Field Reporter Curtis Palmer of River Secrets Guide Service. With another year slipped into the past, this year's return is looked at with excitement. "Over the last couple of weeks there have been a few regular visits from some anglers that I know, and they have found that the Chinook's are a slight bit larger than the average salmon of 18 pounds that are usually caught here," said Palmer. "With this rivers two forks upstream, it gives plenty of opportunity for a person to find a section of river that meets their needs."

COQUILLE RIVER, Bandon, Ore.--"I have been told by many anglers and tackle shops that Monday, August 20, the first big push of Chinook's came into the river, and this created a good bite for the dozen-plus boats trolling from Rocky Point downriver to the mouth," said guide Curtis Palmer. "I have been fortunate in past seasons to catch some very nice-sized salmon on this river and with the last two years of good ocean conditions, I am looking forward to seeing what this river has for me and my clients. This fishery fishes very well into the first week of October."

ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore.--Third Annual Lower Rogue River Salmon Derby coming up Sept. 4-8. It's a blind bogie with daily "big fish" winners and 3 top major prizes. Register all the salmon you catch for 5 days for the drawing. Derby entry tickets go on sale August 25th at The Rogue Outdoor Store (541) 247-7142 and Jot's Resort (541) 247-6676. Unfortunately, results of the elimination of the upstream dams on the Rogue are being seen in poorer fishing at the mouth. "I personally have been let down by this season's Chinook fishing at the mouth of the Rogue," said Curtis Palmer of River Secrets Guide Service. "Just few years ago everywhere you looked there was a boat fighting a fresh king salmon, we may never see those great years of fishing again. Farther upriver, and much closer to the Central Valley, fishermen are finding the news of the king salmon not holding in the Rogue Bay to be great news for them. For the second season in a row, angler's are finding salmon holes with some of the brightest salmon they have seen in these higher reaches of the river system." The flows are now much cooler than in years past, when the dams were in place.

ROGUE RIVER, Shady Cove, Ore.--Summer steelhead continue to grow in numbers, and some old spring-run kings are still around, but more and more fresh, early fall fish are showing up downriver as they scoot straight through the lower river due to cooler flows from the elimination of the dams upstream.

RUSSIAN RIVER--Same old refrain, that you can sing to the tune of "Summertime"....and the living is easy, swimming is fun, so is kayaking and inner tubing, but the fishing? It's in the doldrums except for an early and late smallmouth bite.


KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen--Good fishing got even better last week with the influx of cooler water from the Trinity River attracting lots more salmon, including adults upriver. Anglers were scoring more adults in their mix of fish, and limits were common. Steelheading continued to be good as well, at least early in the morning from the mouth to Blue Creek. Boondogging and side-drifting roe have been the most productive methods for both salmon and steelhead.

TRINITY RIVER, Junction City--Fishing was very good once again, even though the fall run has not commenced to any great degree. Plugs are good early in the morning, roe takes over from about 10:30 a.m. on.

TRINITY RIVER, Del Loma--Temperatures cooled a bit, and anglers found some decent fishing for salmon by working hard all day for them around Del Loma.


BOCA LAKE--The lake is at 75-percent capacity. Brian Nylund at Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that fishing was slow despite a recent DFG plant. To avoid the undisciplined recreational boat traffic, get out early during the week and fish the west side coves or the inlet.

CARSON RIVER (East, West)--Markleeville Creek and Silver Creek were both scheduled for DFG plants this week, but flows in both creeks were very low and this could change. Alpine County was supposed to be making another 1800-pound plant of 2- to 5-pound trophy rainbows into the East and West Carson, but again, flows might be too low in the West Carson. With the repairs on the Hwy 4 mudslide completed, the flows and water clarity were improved in the East Carson and fishing was better. For the latest info on the DFG and Alpine County fish plants, contact Todd Sodaro at the Carson River Resort at (530) 694-2229.

DAVIS LAKE--The lake is at 72-percent capacity. Ed Dillard at Dillard's Guided Fishing reported that fly fishing was good from Jenkins to Cow Creek on midge patterns. Trollers were still doing well on copper/red head Wee Dick Nite spoons run 14 to 18 feet deep around the island and off Mallard Point. Limits could be had by staying on active schools of fish. Shore fishing was fair from Grasshopper to Honker on Power Bait.

DONNER LAKE--This lake was providing the best action in the Truckee area. After the recent DFG trout plant, rainbow action was very good around the boat ramp. Kokanee trolling was still very good from China Cove to Loch Leven from 50 to 70 feet deep (best at 55 feet this past week) on watermelon or pink/copper dodgers trailing pink, orange or green hoochies. Keith Zenger from Mountain Hardware and Sports landed a 14-pound mack on kokanee gear this past week--that had to be FUN!! More commonly, macks in the 4- to 8-pound range were caught trolling deep around the kokanee schools.

FEATHER RIVER CANYON--Caribou Crossroads Resort was back up and running after surviving the Chips Fire. Mike Hanson reported that fishing was pretty good in the North Fork above the resort and campers were back in the USFS campgrounds, also.

FRENCHMAN LAKE--The lake is at 64-percent capacity. Wiggins Trading Post reported that fishing was slow with only a few nice rainbows to 17 inches caught at the dam using Power Bait.

GOLD LAKES BASIN--Gold Lake, Packer Lake, Upper Salmon Lake, and Lower Sardine Lake will all be planted by the DFG this week. Mountain Hardware and Sports in Blairsden reported that a 5-pound mack was caught in Gold Lake jigging a Buzz Bomb off Rocky Point. Look for the big macks to move up toward the boat ramp when Gold Lake gets its DFG plant. Packer Lake fishing was good at the big rock across from the lodge.

ICE HOUSE RESERVOIR--The lake is at 76-percent capacity. Dale Daneman at Dale's Foothill Fishing Service fished here this past weekend and put two friends on 18 rainbows to 13 inches trolling Sep's brown grubs from 25 to 40 feet deep. With colder nights, the surface temp had dropped from 74 to 70 degrees. Fishing will only get better as the temp drops lower and the fall season arrives.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR--Fishing was still very slow here due to warm water and heavy weed growth, according to Todd Sodaro at the Carson River Resort.

JACKSON MEADOW RESERVOIR--Mountain Hardware and Sports said very little was happening here with few reports available.

JENKINSON LAKE (Sly Park)--Sly Park Resort reported that one troller checked in with a 3-pound mack caught trolling 50 feet deep over the channel in the middle of the lake. Fishing was slow. Lots of 3- to 6- inch smallmouth bass were stacked up along the shore providing plenty of catch-and-release action for the kids.

LAKE TAHOE--Fishing was a little tougher on the north end this past week. Mickey Daniels at Big Mack Charters reported picking up fish from 120 to 500 feet deep with the most action coming in the very early morning. Chuck Self at Chuck's Charter Fishing said he was working harder for limits trolling 140 to 250 feet deep. There were lots of fish on the meter, but they were not biting. Most of the fish being caught were lightly hooked and required a light touch while fighting them to the boat. The abundance of newly-hatched shrimp could have slowed the bite, though it was also thought that some of the bigger fish were moving south to feed on the kokanee schooling up at South Shore to prepare for spawning. Mike Nielsen at Tahoe Topliners said he was jigging for kokanee from 75 to 95 feet deep with Number 1 or 2 Buzz Bombs and 1-ounce Bomber Slab Spoons for limits of 13- to 15-inch females and 16- to 17-inch males. The males were definitely beginning to show the hooked jaws and red color of spawning. Nielsen was still picking up limits of 2- to 7-pound macks trolling Storm ThunderSticks and Laxee spoons at 110 to 120 feet deep off South Shore.

LOON LAKE--The lake is at 62-percent capacity. In a word, slow by last report, but the lake was planted by the DFG this past week so fishing should be improving as the water cools.

PROSSER LAKE--The lake is at 58-percent capacity. Mountain Hardware and Sports reported that fishing was slow for trout and smallmouth bass.

RED LAKE--Fishing was slow by last report. Colder nights should be resolving the algae bloom problem.

SILVER LAKE--The bite was good here this past week. According to Ron Peterson, EID host, a father/son duo caught a 15-pound mack, an 8- pound brown, and two 3-pound rainbows trolling in the middle of the lake. EID and Kirkwood PUD will soon be planting 3200 pounds of catchable rainbows along with some 3 to 5 pounders.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR--The lake is at 78-percent capacity. The trout bite was tough from the shore in the Sagehen and Little Truckee arms-- anglers were finding lots of little fish and few keepers. Kokanee trolling had definitely slowed and most koke anglers were headed to Donner. The only chance at a koke was to get out at the crack of dawn and troll 60 to 80 feet deep around the island. Some macks were taken by boaters locating fish on the meter and jigging for them at 75 to 100 feet deep. Smallmouth bass fishing was slow too.

TOPAZ LAKE--According to Chuck Fields at the Topaz Landing Marina, the fishing was slow due to the warm water temp. The lake was very low and the water in the marina was only 7 feet deep this past week--as low as it is allowed to get for irrigation drawdown.

TRUCKEE RIVER--Flows remained in the 380 to 480 cfs range in the main river. The morning bite was best on stimi or hopper/droppers in the faster water. Wind has been a problem in the afternoons. The Little Truckee was still tough with fish even refusing naturals!!

UNION VALLEY RESERVOIR--The lake is at 76-percent capacity. Ken Mathis at Ken's Custom Tackle and Guide Service gave a one word report for the fishing here--SLOW! Trollers were picking up 1 or 2 kokanee per boat running dodger/spinner combos 95 feet deep at the dam where the kokes were schooling up and still mostly fresh, especially the females.

WEST WALKER RIVER--The Little Walker and West Walker were both scheduled for DFG trout plants this week. The river flow in the West Walker was back down to 50 cfs after the thunderstorms of the previous week. What few anglers were out were catching-and-releasing lots of fish. Flows in the Little Walker were so low that one could literally walk across the river without getting your feet wet by picking out the right rocks. Little pressure and LOTS of fish in both rivers.


CLEAR LAKE--Anglers can have lots of fun mixing it up right now before the tourney trail resumes, with a variety of baits and techniques. As always for this time of year, keep moving!

LAKE BERRYESSA--For big kokes, try in the Narrows or the Skiers Cove area and make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Most of the fish are on structure so don't be afraid to bounce the bottom to make them go. For bigger bass, drop-shot a morning dawn Robo worm in Narrows in the cool of the night. The bite's slow but the bass are big.

LAKE SONOMA--There's a good topwater bite on the main body with Sammy 128s in ghost minnow fished around points and standing timber before the sun hits the water. Then it's drop-shot or Senkos in the 15 to 25 feet of water on grass lines, points and ledges.


SACRAMENTO RIVER side--A nice batch of salmon came through but you had to be there at the right time. Blade Runners were popular early and late in the day. Expect to see more competition for these fish as the waters are starting to cool off.

SAN JOAQUIN RIVER side--The striper bite has been so good that few, if any targeted anything else. One salmon was caught at the Antioch Pier. But several stripers were taken there, including a few whoppers on sardines. Other areas for stripers included Broad Slough, Sherman Lake and Big Break with mudsuckers or shad.


LAKE ALMANOR--The smoke is clearing and a few got back out fishing, reporting a good bite, working the Big Springs area over to Big Cove and back. There was less smoke there, but by this coming weekend, air quality issues should improve a lot.

BATTLE CREEK RESERVOIR--Rim Rock Ranch hasn't had many reports these past few weeks but anglers who braved the smoke caught lots of fish, mostly on worms and floating baits. As usual the west and north shores produce the most fish.

BAUM LAKE--Now that the weather has heated up, fish early in the day for a few trout or late in the afternoon for a better chance at them.

CASSEL FOREBAY--Closed until further notice for repairs. All water has been drained into the natural creek channel that flows into Baum Lake in order to work on structure repairs in the canal.

EAGLE LAKE--It's time to start checking out the low water ramp, as the water is low. But once you get out on the lake, the fishing's fine. If you're looking for a great Labor Day Weekend get-away, don't forget the upcoming Project Eagle Lake Trout (P.E.L.T.) fundraising event on September 1. Contact Eagle Lake RV Park at (530) 825-3133 for more information.

FALL RIVER---The Fly Shop reported great fishing here; late summer often provides some of the best fishing of the season.

MANZANITA LAKE--Rim Rock Ranch has no news yet, the road through the park should have opened Monday or Tuesday (8-27, 28) though. This lake has special restrictions so be sure to read the regulations.

MCCLOUD LAKE--Scott Caldwell of SC Guide Service fishes this lake often and it shows. This past week Team Ferguson from Alameda had a ripping day, landing 43 trout, with 42 rainbow trout and one 2-pound brown trout. All were caught trolling Sep's dodgers with worm trailers and oiled up with shrimp/krill oil

PIT RIVER--The Fly Shop reported the Pit has been fishing great, with some of the highlights bigger fish along the Pit No. 3 section.

SHASTA LAKE--Although the fishing has been great, the smoke kept most anglers off the water. Unless another fire starts up, this coming long weekend should be good for both trout and bass. Try trolling in 40 to 70 feet for bass and rainbows under the I-5 Bridge where the shad were thick in the top 30 feet. They are adult shad and nice- sized. A cooling trend has the waters cooling and a better bite developing.

UPPER HAT CREEK--The smoke's all but gone and roads are now open. There were no fires within three miles of Hat Creek or the campsites. Despite the lack of fishermen, road closures and smoke, DFG continued their bi-weekly plants of 2,000 pounds of fish over the past three weeks, with two to three more plants this coming week the fishing should be the best in years. Worms were the top producer but almost all baits worked well with so many fish to go after. Fish were most active in the mornings and early evenings.


FOLSOM LAKE--Not many people are fishing for landlocked king salmon and trout, and those who are, aren't talking much, but some nice fish are continuing to be caught during times when recreational boat traffic is down, early, late and during the week. Most of the action continues to be on the main body over the river channel, from 35 to 60 feet deep, on white hoochies behind silver dodgers from 35 to 60 feet deep, and F-7 FlatFish in Hot Steel or rainbow patterns. Speedy Shiners have been occasionally effective, too. The lake is now at about half full and slowly dropping, so bass have mostly pulled off- shore to deeper water. Slowly work drop-shotted Robo-Worms in shad patterns and jigs in crawdad patterns across main points and over submerged rock piles.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Redding--Trout fishing continued to be very good with anglers catching a dozen or more fat rainbows from 12 to 20 inches on crickets and trolling small lures, as well as egg patterns, and nymphs under indicators has been great, too.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Dunsmuir--Trout fishing continued to be in the summer doldrums, except early in the morning and late in the evening. Dunsmuir was better where frequent plants pump up the action. The McCloud has also been only fair.

YUBA RIVER-- Fishing continued to be good on the Yuba river with fat rainbows still keying on hoppers around the Highway 20 Bridge. Pair a hopper with a small dropper nymph, especially mid-day.

NorCal Saltwater

BERKELEY--Salmon fishing continued with fish ranging in size from over 20 pounds down to an increasing number of shakers, suggesting a new batch of fish is moving close the Gate. Berkeley Marina boats scored salmon and rockfish and lingcod. The California Dawn had multiple days of limits on lingcod as well as rockfish while working the Marin coast. The Happy Hooker focused on the quality rockfish and lingcod along the Marin coast and also managed a handful of salmon to spice the fishing experience.

BODEGA BAY--Clear blue water over the past week and a half slowed the salmon fishing, but Capt. Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler found brown salmon-water returning and feels that the bite will turn back on. Meanwhile, rockfish and lingcod provided solid action. On Saturday, the boat managed 24 limits of rockfish and 28 lingcod to 16 pounds. On Thursday, 27 anglers caught limits of rockfish and 36 lingcod to an impressive 26 pounds. Father and son team, Jerry and Jason Walls combined to catch 7 lingcod weighing a total of 22 pounds.

EMERYVILLE--Rockfish, lingcod, halibut and salmon were all on the fish reports for Emeryville Sportfishing boats. For example, on Saturday, the C-Gull II had 22 people catch 176 rockfish and 3 lingcod to 8 pounds. The Sea Wolf took 18 anglers to find 135 rockfish and 21 lingcod to 14 pounds. New Huck Finn's 23 fishers caught 185 rockfish and 31 lingcod to 21 pounds. The New Salmon Queen managed limits of rockfish and 17 lings to 20 pounds for 25 passengers. The New Seeker's 21 anglers boated 9 salmon to 21 pounds, 2 halibut to 18 pounds, 3 lingcod to 7 pounds and 12 rockfish. The Super Fish had 31 folks get limits of rockfish and 12 lingcod to 14 pounds. The Talisman had 6 fishers catch 4 salmon to 22 pounds. The Sundance saw 8 people land limits of rockfish and a 10 pound lingcod. The Wet Spot saw 4 fishers catch limits of rockfish and a 9 pound salmon.

EUREKA--Early in the week salmon slowed and hunting for birds and bait was necessary, but by late week, fast-paced fishing returned and sport boats were again returning with early limits. Pacific halibut went on a chew and several were boated out of Eureka.

FORT BRAGG--Albacore turned on 45 miles out of the harbor for the Reel- lentless. The big fish of the trip was 25 pounds. Jetty fishing was good for rockfish and a few cabezon.

HALF MOON BAY/PACIFICA--Albacore to 25 pounds bit at the 601 area for the Queen of Hearts and the Huli Cat. The boat posted a count of 26 albacore and 1 bluefin for 12 anglers. Rockfishing was wide open and lingcod spiced the counts and filled sacks. Kayakers in the Bay started encountering more halibut and jetty fishers took home generous rockfish dinners. An occasional salmon and striper catch kept anglers focused on the Pacifica pier.

MARTINEZ--Stripers and sturgeon kept pier fishers on their toes, though the bite was just an occasional fish. Private boaters scored sturgeon near the Mothball fleet.

PORT SONOMA--Striped bass fishing improved from slow to decent late in the week and into the weekend in the Petaluma and Napa rivers. Sturgeon are expected to bite well during upcoming minus tides. Leopard sharks busied anglers in the upper San Pablo Bay.

SAN FRANCISCO-- Salmon Fishing was hot one day and cool the next. The Flash out of Fisherman's Wharf switched between salmon and rockfish to keep fish counts consistently high. The percentage of lingcod was gratifying during rockfish trips, which featured large black and brown rockfish caught with live anchovies and squid strips.

SHELTER COVE--Albacore and bonus bluefin bit 45 miles out of Shelter Cove. Most were troll fish, but dead anchovies and jigs accounted for a number of fish on the slide. Inshore trips resulted in limits of rockfish and some very large lingcod.


AMERICAN RIVER--The Georgetown Ranger Station reported that the hot weather was keeping the locals from hiking down to the Middle Fork. The river is low and clear. There's easy access at Hwy 49, but lots of people to contend with.

BULLARDS BAR--The lake is at 72-percent capacity. Emerald Cove Marina reported that fishing was very slow for trout and kokanee. Lots of small bass were hitting plastic worms and nightcrawlers along the shores early and late in the day.

CAMP FAR WEST--Kathy DeRossett at North Shore Resort reported that "Ron" of Folsom caught 13 bass to 2 1/2 pounds and a catfish on green pumpkin and black Brush Hogs at 10 feet deep in the Rock Creek arm. Bob Clark landed 6 bass to 4 pounds and 4 catfish to 3 pounds. Tug Themes caught 9 bass to 5 1/2 pounds and catfish to 6 1/2 pounds in the Rock Creek arm. The lake is low but there's still enough water on the boat ramp for easy launching.

COLLINS LAKE--The lake is 23 feet from full. Kelly Jadg at Collins Lake Resort reported that catfishing was still the best bet here. Jordan Roach of Chico picked up an 8 1/2-pound catfish in Elmer's Cove on chicken livers. Tanner Buck of Perris caught a 6- pound catfish on nightcrawlers in the Open Area. A few trout were still coming in off the docks at night on worms and Power Bait.

ENGLEBRIGHT RESERVOIR--The lake is at 95-percent capacity. Dillon Davis at Skippers Cove Marina said that houseboaters were still catching a few planter rainbows in the marina on worms, otherwise fishing was pretty slow. Lots of recreational boat traffic on the lake on weekends made fishing tough in most areas.

FRENCH MEADOWS RESERVOIR--The lake is at 68-percent capacity. The Foresthill Ranger Station reminded archery deer hunters that the lake and campgrounds are located inside a State Game Refuge. Fishing was slow by all reports.

HELL HOLE RESERVOIR--The lake is at 63-percent capacity. The water in the Narrows is very shallow, less than a foot deep. Boaters trying to get to the upper end of the lake should only try in shallow draft flat bottom boats with outboards tilted out of the water and pushed through by hand into deeper water according to the Georgetown Ranger Station. Some fish were coming out of 50 to 100 feet of water and fishing success was sporadic for macks, browns, and rainbows.

LAKE OROVILLE--The lake is at 65-percent capacity and still dropping a foot per day. Guide Ron Gandolfi reported that fishing was still good during the day in the cooler water up in the North Fork, West Branch, and Middle Fork for good numbers of bass that were hitting lipless cranks, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and Senkos from 5 to 25 feet deep. The bass were positioned on points, rocky walls and mudlines. The bass were mostly slot fish with a few over-slot fish to 2 1/4 pounds.

ROLLINS LAKE--The lake level was low and the water off-color due to the heavy recreational boat traffic. According to Casey Reynolds, fishing was slow this past week. The best bet was to get up toward the inlet away from the boat traffic and drift bait for trout.

SCOTT'S FLAT LAKE--Jim Caldwell at the resort reported that lots of smallmouth bass, 1 1/2 to 2 pounds, were hitting worms and jigs in the section of the lake from the day-use area to Hensley. Trout fish was best for trollers working flasher/worm combos, Rapalas, and spoons 50 to 60 feet deep from Cascade Shores toward the dam/spillway in the early morning.

SUGAR PINE RESERVOIR--The Foresthill Ranger Station reported that little was happening here since there had not been a DFG plant in weeks.

STUMPY MEADOWS RESERVOIR--The Georgetown Ranger Station reported that a few holdover rainbows were being caught by trollers or bait drifters fishing 50 to 60 feet deep near the inlet in the early morning. Shore fishing was slow.

THERMOLITO AFTERBAY--The lake was at 132.1-foot elevation at press time --72-percent capacity. Guide Ron Gandolfi reported that the frog bite was good in the late afternoon during the hottest part of the day along the tule banks for bass up to 5 pounds.


AMADOR LAKE -Laurie Lockhart at the Lake Amador Store said she is hearing fishermen talking about the good old days of bass fishing there. Guys complaining because there arms or shoulders are sore from catching 30 to 40 fish a day with some fish going over 7 pounds. There are schools of bluegill-size shad near the banks and the black bass are chasing them. Anglers are also catching panfish and catfish.

BEARDSLEY RESERVOIR - Power Bait and 'crawlers off the bank and flashers and 'crawlers or a small Rapala or Kastmaster for trollers. Inlet area is best for trollers and bait fishermen.

BEAVER CREEK - "Water levels are low at this time of year but fishing is still good for those who are willing to work for the fish," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. All the usual stream methods will work.

CLARKS FORK - "Water is ideal for bait and spinner fishermen and they are doing a little better than fly fishermen," said Dee Martin at the Strawberry Store.

CAMANCHE LAKE - "Fishing in general, has been better on weekdays as opposed to weekends" said Stephanie Wells, Lead Reservationist at Camanche Recreation Company. Trout are still being caught, but at much greater depths due to the heat. Most anglers are reporting luck at about 45 feet deep. Largemouth bass are still being caught near the Lancha Plana Bridge. Catfish are still biting with a 6.5-pound catfish caught in the evening using a worm off of the Rabbit Creek campground at North shore near the Primitive campground area.

DON PEDRO RESERVOIR--Black bass fishing is slow. There is a darthead bite using 1/4-ounce with a 6-inch Christmas Tree Wright Bait. Harold Willey figured out a cranking pattern using trout or chrome Balsa B's. They lost several that threw the plug and kept 4 eaters and had one over 3 pounds spit the bait before hooking one that busted 10- pound test line. Rainbow trout are running from 45 to 75 feet deep on spoons and shad. Kokanee are down around 100 feet deep where the king salmon are hanging out.

EBBETTS PASS--Highway 4 is open again. It had been closed due to a wildfire. "The fishing on the highway 4 corridor has been excellent," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. Make sure to be fire safe at this time of year as it is very dry out in the woods. You must obtain a fire permit for your campsite if you are not using an improved campsite.

LAKE ALPINE - "Fishing is still excellent and the dock is still not in the water and the water is low, so be prepared when you launch," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods.

LAKE MCCLURE - Jason Mello as A-1 Bait in Snelling said "trout and salmon are being caught by the dam". The kokanee are 100 feet deep. Cowbells and 'crawlers are working along with spoons. One angler used a red spinnerbait at McClure Point to catch black bass to 4 pounds. The catfish are biting in 15 to 25 feet of water on anchovies.

LAKE MCSWAIN - Stephanie Wood at Lake McSwain Marina said "fishermen off the Handicap Docks were catching stringers of fish". Best baits were rainbow and green Power Bait and 'crawlers. Trollers were fishing from the marina to the floating outhouse using flashers and 'crawlers. Some anglers were using planner boards so they didn't spook the trout that are going up to 2 pounds. Jason Mello at A-1 Bait said "trollers using the river channel upriver using flashers and 'crawlers were catching limits of trout. Anglers at the Brush Pile using pink Power Bait were also catching fish.

MOSQUITO LAKES - You have to keep switching lures and baits to see what the fish want.

NEW MELONES RESERVOIR - There has been a great trout bite with spoons like Ex-Cel and Needlefish lures. Kokanee are moving upriver to spawn and have been attacking anything you put down at 60 to 90 feet deep. Fish for black bass topwater before sunup and then when they move off the bank to suspend, try Senko's or drop-shotting or light dartheads in 20 to 30 feet deep. Catfish slowed a little but the trout bite at night is still good.

NORTH FORK STANISLAUS - The area was recently planted with trout. "The water has been perfect for fishing," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. All the usual stream tactics will work.

PINECREST RESERVOIR - Lynn Souza at Pinecrest Sporting Goods said "the weather has been great but the trout are deeper and anglers are catching them at 40 to 50 feet deep." Orange and chartreuse Power Bait by the dam for bank anglers and flashers and 'crawlers, Triple Teasers and Kastmasters for trollers.

SOUTH FORK STANISLAUS - Dee Martin at the Strawberry Store said South Fork fishermen are doing well with fly fishermen doing the best.

SPICER RESERVOIR - Spicer trollers are still able to launch, but the lake level is very low. "Fishing is still excellent, but the fish have moved deeper due to warmer weather," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. All the regular lake fishing styles will work.

WHITE PINES LAKE - The lake has just been planted with trout again. "Fishing has slowed down just a bit due to warm weather this past week, but fishermen are catching their fish early in the morning," said Bill Reynolds Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. All the usual lake fishing styles will work.

--Western Outdoor News

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