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"This is my most prized possession," said Enss of a faded, hand-formed brick, below, partially scorched and smelling vaguely of smoke. She carefully removed it from a cloth drawstring pouch. "It's from the remains of the original Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kan., which was destroyed by fire in the 1890s. If this brick could talk, it would tell you everything (lawmen) Bat Masterson and Bill Tilghman did there. It was their haunt. Tilghman was the greatest lawman ever, and co-owner of the Long Branch. Masterson hung out there with his (lawman) brother, Ed." The dramatic centerpiece of the living room is a dark wood bar with a branding iron on top. "This bar is a replica of a segment of the bar that was once in the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kan., and – like that one – has a metal foot rest," Enss said. "The original bar extended across the entire saloon." In a 2009 ceremony, Enss was named an Honorary Miss Kitty (showgirl) of the Long Branch Saloon by the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. She has received other awards in appreciation of her efforts to preserve the spirit of the Old West.

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