Autumn Payne/apayne@sacbee.com

The running gear
Relegated to the garage are years of Tim's old salt-encrusted running gear, including scores of size 13 shoes, hydration packs, jackets, stacks of spare insoles, bottles, belts and arm warmers. In another alcove rests his cycling gear, including a gleaming Felt F-2 road bike. Twietmeyer commutes to work in Roseville, 20 miles one way, by bike almost every day.
Tim: "You've got road shoes, trail shoes, foul-weather shoes, shoes you are about ready to throw out but want to get one more run out of them ... . I have so many because for a while there I had a sponsorship with (outdoor gear and clothing maker) The North Face. So I'd do product testing on hydration packs, fanny packs and shoes. It was fun testing products and trying new things."

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