Autumn Payne/apayne@sacbee.com

The mural
Kathy's friend Michelle Coakley, an artist who died nearly two years ago from leukemia, was enlisted to do "something" with an 8-foot curved wall near the kitchen. The result is a gauzy, bucolic scene of a vineyard, rows of grapes with a villa in the background.
Tim: "It was hard to decorate. She came down and painted this by hand. We love it. I have zero art talent, can barely draw a stick figure, and I'm sitting there watching (Coakley) and saying, 'How can you do that?' She comes up with this Tuscan vineyard. It's crazy good. We've had it for about eight years. I can't remember what we had up there before that. It's hard to put picture frames on a curved wall."

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