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  • Food-American Table-Burger 101

    The Clubhouse Burger with buttered bun

    combines two types of beef - ground sirloin and ground chuck, and gets some kick from Worcestershire sauce and Coleman's dry mustard. Find the recipe here.

    Matthew Mead | AP
  • Food-Grilled Tuna

    Grilled Tuna Steaks with Mango Herb Salsa

    OK, maybe it's not a burger, but it's fresh off the barbecue, and so delicious. Find the recipe here.

    Matthew Mead | AP
  • Food Deadline Pineapple Chicken

    Pineapple bark chicken with grilled pineapple guacamole

    Two slbs of pineapple "bark" protect and sweeten the chicken. Find the recipe here.

    Matthew Mead | AP
  • food4

    Grilled Guacamole from

    A photo in an old copy of "Gourmet" magazine inspired blogger Adrienne Capps to create this recipe. She decided to grill not only the avocado but all the guacamole ingredients, creating a new twist on a favorite recipe. Find the recipe here.

    Need a little inspiration for a great dish off the grill? Does the idea of a perfectly grilled steak, grilled lamb or maybe even grilled guacamole have you inviting friends and family for a fun, laid-back summer backyard barbecue? Here's a selection of some of the best photos and recipes from the Sacramento Connect bloggers' netork and The Sacramento Bee.

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    Food and Wine from The Sacramento Bee

    More recipes from The Sacramento Bee

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  • food9

    Grilled Peach and Avocado Salad from

    Grilling the avocados and peaches adds a touch of smokiness that complements the baby mozzarella and fresh herbs. This delicious salad is one of Bree Hester's favorites this summer. Find the recipe here.

  • food10

    Greek Salad with Grilled Lamb and Tzatziki Sauce from

    One of Cristina Dayton's culinary resolutions was to experiment with the flavors of Greece, India and Spain. In this recipe, the lamb is marinated in basil, oregano, mint, chives, olive oil, lemon zest, black pepper, white pepper and salt before grilling. Get the recipe here.

    Grilled Lamb Chops with Tomatillo Chutney

    Lamb is unexplored territory for many home cooks, but you'll be happy you took the culinary detour. This recipe of simple ingredients comes from chef Tim Love of the Lonesome Dove Bistro in Fort Worth, Texas. Get the recipe here.

    A.Tambunan |
  • food7

    Grilled Vidalia with Melted Blue Cheese from

    This grilled onion recipe was inspired by Hatteras Restaurant in New Jersey, where blogger Bree Hester worked during college. The onions are thick-cut and grilled before the crumbled cheese and breadcrumbs are melted on top. Find the recipe here.

  • food8

    Grilled Portobello Tacos with Salsa Verde from

    This recipe for grilled mushroom tacos is easy and quick: only 20 minutes and dinner is on the table. If you prefer a milder salsa verde, substitute a green pepper for the poblano. Find the recipe here.

    Asian Flavor Baby Back Ribs

    With summer grilling season in high gear, it's time to consider perhaps the mother of all barbecue meats: ribs -- a juicy, perfectly smoked slab that's as messy as it is tasty. This flavorful recipe comes from Steve Raichlen, author of "How to Grill." Find the recipe here.

    BOB FILA | Chicago Tribune

    Caribbean Baby Back Ribs with Guava Glaze

    This kind of barbecue bliss isn't easy. Plenty of patience is required -- we're talking several hours over indirect low heat. This recipe, from "Weber's Time to Grill," gives you an excuse to buy a new tool for the grill: a rib rack. Find the recipe here.

  • food6

    Grilled Vegetables with Romesco Sauce from

    Tapas are a great change-up for a weeknight dinner and are a fabulous focus for a cocktail party. Grilled Vegetables with Romesco Sauce is one of Adrienne Capp's favorite recipes because you can use whatever is in season for the grilled vegetables. Find the recipe here.
  • food5

    Grilled Zucchini Torta from

    This recipe for a grilled zucchini torta, or Mexican grilled sandwich, is inspired by Rick Bayless' grilled skirt steak torta and is complemented with homemade chipotle steak sauce. Find the recipe here.
  • food3

    Marinated Grilled Steak from

    This is one of blogger Bree Hester's favorite marinades: "You know that you love a recipe when you pull it out of your binder and there are soy sauce spots all over it." Easy to make, the flavors are enhanced with sherry and a tablespoon of Creole seasoning. Find the recipe here.

  • food2

    Taco Salad with Grilled Lime Chicken from Pretty Yummy Foods

    Melissa Vanni's family loves taco salad night just as much as they love taco night. The marinated chicken can be cooked on a traditional grill, cast-iron grill or a skillet. Find the recipe here.

    Pretty Yummy Foods
  • food1

    Grilled Pepper Salad with Blue Cheese and Fresh Basil from

    This pepper salad from Bree Hester is beautiful and simple to prepare. The cut peppers are lightly grilled, then drizzled in a slightly sweet dressing. Add crumbled goat or blue cheese, torn fresh basil and it's ready. Find the recipe here.


    Garlic Mojo Hot Dogs

    Here's a Cuban-style twist on the good ol' American hot dog. The citrus mojo sauce in this recipe, from Bon Appetit magazine, can also be used for beef, pork and other meats. Find the recipe here.

    Larry Crowe | Associated Press

    'Hot' Dogs

    This recipe is from "How To Grill" by Steven Raichlen, who was inspired to create this hot dog recipe after seeing grillers in Brazil cut small notches in their frankfurters and stuff them with peppers, onions and garlic. This method adds a nice, spicy kick and cheesy goodness to the typical dog. Find the recipe here.

    Greg Schneider
  • food11

    Homemade Barbecue Sauce from

    Bree Hester uses her homemade barbecue sauce on grilled chicken, steak and even French fries. Bree's version, from an Ina Garten recipe, is sweet, tangy, mustardy and has a little heat. She often makes a double batch to have one to give away. Find the recipe here.

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