Deniece Schofield

Organize: Everybody has a catch-all cabinet in their kitchen. Make it work harder for you by being more organized, said expert Deniece Schofield. This is the cabinet after its transformation into a mixing center. “This cabinet was converted into a ‘mixing center’ so you can stand in one spot and fix whatever you need to fix without having to take a lot of steps back and forth,” she said. “Prepackaged food (i.e. crackers, instant oatmeal, etc.) were removed and placed in the pantry area. Food used frequently was transferred into square or rectangular labeled containers (to save space and make the products easier to access). Measuring spoons and cups were hung on the inside of the cabinet door. Wire racks were installed to the inside of the door which uses up the few wasted inches on the front of the shelf. Now, it’s easy to grab what is needed with one motion and replace things with one motion without having to shuffle and move things around to find what is needed.”

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