Data Center: See where students get suspended most often in Sacramento

Published: Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 - 9:12 am
Last Modified: Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 - 9:31 am

Schools in the Sacramento region suspended about 17,000 middle and high school students last year - about one of every 10 pupils, new state data show.

Suspension rates vary widely by school. Behavior plays a large role but so does a school's philosophy toward correcting students. Some schools take a "tough" approach to discipline and suspend students more often than others.

In the recent past, several local school districts suspended black students at a much higher rate than white students. Many districts are working to reduce suspensions, saying they want students in class learning as much as possible.

This map shows the percent of students suspended in each of the region's middle and high schools with more than 400 students.

Source: California Department of Education

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