River Cats’ 2014 regular-season schedule

Published: Wednesday, Apr. 2, 2014 - 5:59 pm
Last Modified: Thursday, Apr. 3, 2014 - 9:28 am


Thur., April 3at Salt Lake5:35 p.m.
Fri., April 4 at Salt Lake5:35 p.m.
Sat., April 5 at Salt Lake5:35 p.m.
Sun., April 6 at Salt Lake5:35 p.m.
Mon., April 7at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Tues., April 8 at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Wed., April 9 at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Thur., April 10 at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Fri., April 11Salt Lake7:05 p.m.
Sat., April 12Salt Lake7:05 p.m.
Sun., April 13Salt Lake (DH)1:05 p.m.
Tues., April 15Fresno7:05 p.m.
Wed., April 16Fresno12:05 p.m.
Thur., April 17Fresno7:05 p.m.
Fri., April 18Fresno7:05 p.m.
Sat., April 19at Tacoma5:05 p.m.
Sun., April 20at Tacoma1:35 p.m.
Mon., April 21at Tacoma6:05 p.m.
Tues., April 22 at Tacoma6:05 p.m.
Thur., April 24El Paso7:05 p.m.
Fri., April 25 El Paso7:05 p.m.
Sat., April 26 El Paso7:05 p.m.
Sun., April 27El Paso1:05 p.m.
Mon., April 28Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Tues., April 29 Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Wed., April 30 Tacoma7:05 p.m.


Thur., May 1Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Fri., May 2at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Sat., May 3at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Sun., May 4at El Paso12:05 p.m.
Mon., May 5at El Paso5:35 p.m.
Tues., May 6at Albuquerque5:35 p.m.
Wed., May 7at Albuquerque5:35 p.m.
Thur., May 8at Albuquerque5:35 p.m.
Fri., May 9at Albuquerque6:05 p.m.
Sat., May 10Salt Lake7:05 p.m.
Sun., May 11Salt Lake1:05 p.m.
Mon., May 12Salt Lake7:05 p.m.
Tues., May 13Salt Lake12:05 p.m.
Thur., May 15Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Fri., May 16Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Sat., May 17Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Sun., May 18Tacoma1:05 p.m.
Mon., May 19El Paso7:05 p.m.
Tues., May 20El Paso7:05 p.m.
Wed., May 21El Paso12:05 p.m.
Thur., May 22El Paso7:05 p.m.
Fri., May 23at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Sat., May 24at Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Sun., May 25at Las Vegas12:05 p.m.
Mon., May 26at Las Vegas12:05 p.m.
Tues., May 27Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Wed., May 28Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Thur., May 29Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Fri., May 30Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Sat., May 31at Fresno7:05 p.m.


Sun., June 1at Fresno2:05 p.m.
Mon., June 2at Fresno7:05 p.m.
Tues., June 3at Fresno11:05 a.m.
Thur., June 5at Salt Lake6:05 p.m.
Fri., June 6at Salt Lake6:05 p.m.
Sat., June 7at Salt Lake6:05 p.m.
Sun., June 8at Salt Lake12:05 p.m.
Mon., June 9Omaha7:05 p.m.
Tues., June 10Omaha7:05 p.m.
Wed., June 11Omaha7:05 p.m.
Thur., June 12Omaha7:05 p.m.
Fri., June 13Iowa7:05 p.m.
Sat., June 14Iowa7:05 p.m.
Sun., June 15Iowa1:05 p.m.
Mon., June 16Iowa12:05 p.m.
Tues., June 17at Round Rock5:05 p.m.
Wed., June 18at Round Rock5:05 p.m.
Thur., June 19at Round Rock5:05 p.m.
Fri., June 20at Round Rock5:05 p.m.
Sat., June 21at New Orleans4 p.m.
Sun., June 22at New Orleans11 a.m.
Mon., June 23at New Orleans5 p.m.
Tues., June 24at New Orleans9 a.m.
Thur., June 26Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Fri., June 27Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Sat., June 28Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Sun., June 29Las Vegas5:05 p.m.
Mon., June 30Fresno7:05 p.m.


Tues., July 1Fresno7:05 p.m.
Wed., July 2Fresno7:05 p.m.
Thur., July 3Fresno7:05 p.m.
Fri., July 4at Reno6:35 p.m.
Sat., July 5at Reno7:05 p.m.
Sun., July 6at Reno6:05 p.m.
Mon., July 7at Fresno7:05 p.m.
Tues., July 8at Fresno7:05 p.m.
Wed., July 9at Fresno7:05 p.m.
Thur., July 10at Fresno7:05 p.m.
Fri., July 11Reno7:05 p.m.
Sat., July 12Reno7:05 p.m.
Sun., July 13Reno1:05 p.m.
July 14-16All-Star break
Thur., July 17at Albuquerque6:05 p.m.
Fri., July 18at Albuquerque6:05 p.m.
Sat., July 19at Albuquerque6:05 p.m.
Sun., July 20at Albuquerque5:05 p.m.
Mon., July 21at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Tues., July 22at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Wed., July 23at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Thur., July 24at El Paso6:05 p.m.
Fri., July 25at Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Sat., July 26at Tacoma7:05 p.m.
Sun., July 27at Tacoma1:35 p.m.
Mon., July 28at Tacoma11:35 a.m.
Tues., July 29Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Wed., July 30Albuquerque12:05 p.m.
Thur., July 31Albuquerque7:05 p.m.


Fri., Aug. 1Albuquerque7:05 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 2Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 3Las Vegas5:05 p.m.
Mon., Aug. 4Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Tues., Aug. 5Las Vegas7:05 p.m.
Thur., Aug. 7at Reno7:05 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 8at Reno7:05 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 9at Reno7:05 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 10at Reno6:05 p.m.
Mon., Aug. 11at Reno7:05 p.m.
Tues., Aug. 12Colorado Springs7:05 p.m.
Wed., Aug. 13Colorado Springs7:05 p.m.
Thur., Aug. 14Colorado Springs7:05 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 15Colorado Springs7:05 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 16Oklahoma City7:05 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 17Oklahoma City5:05 p.m.
Mon., Aug. 18Oklahoma City7:05 p.m.
Tues., Aug. 19Oklahoma City7:05 p.m.
Wed., Aug. 20at Memphis5:05 p.m.
Thur., Aug. 21at Memphis5:05 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 22at Memphis5:05 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 23at Memphis4:05 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 24at Nashville4:35 p.m.
Mon., Aug. 25at Nashville5:05 p.m.
Tues., Aug. 26at Nashville5:05 p.m.
Wed., Aug. 27at Nashville5:05 p.m.
Thur., Aug. 28Reno7:05 p.m.
Fri., Aug. 29Reno7:05 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 30Reno7:05 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 31Reno5:05 p.m.


Mon., Sept. 1Reno1:05 p.m.

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