Autumn Payne/ Sacramento Bee file

Aaron Negrete and his mother Juanita Garcia cuddle in their Citrus Heights home in December 2009. Aaron was born with no arms and no legs. His mother, his teachers, and his mother’s vehicle mechanic are asking people to vote for him on a website so that he can win a new van with a wheelchair lift. His mother, Juanita Garcia, a pharmacy technician and a house cleaner on the weekends, said her mechanic is “constantly fixing” the family’s 1995 Dodge van. Garcia, a single mother, can’t afford a new van with a lift, a rig that can run $50,000. She lifts her now 100-pound son in and out of the van. The contest in which he is entered gives lift-equipped vans to the four highest vote-getters. The entrants win by getting votes on the website and then clicking on “local heroes.”

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