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Letters from 1944: War in Europe, Japanese internment, women recruits

Published: Friday, Jun. 6, 2014 - 12:00 am

June 7, 1944

A Frenchman Speaks

I am a Frenchman, born in Le Havre, where our boys are fighting today. I was trained for military service in the western part of France. Today with all my heart I want to say thank you to all the men risking their lives over there. I know the cost of life, as I fought the German invasion in World War I.

My mother lives in Le Havre. All my family is there. I never have a word from any of them.

I love America. I think all Americans should be happy and show their gratitude. That is the way I feel. Once I thought France was the best, yet the military rule under the government of France was hard. America has everything. If one state is not the way you like it, you always can go to some other state. If America is not the country you love, then get out and stay out.

... I say this: God protect those boys as You protected me in the first World War.

GEORGES H. BOUGON, 3151/2 Twentieth Street, Sacramento

Truth Must Prevail

The controversy over the Japanese within America seems to have become more a matter of airing one’s personal likes and dislikes than an attempt to sensibly and justly settle a question which affects all Americans.

Personal hatred and selfishness never are instruments with which to approach the settlement of any problem. They may for a time become dominant, but ultimately truth and reasons become the arbitrators.

Those of the Japanese who are not American citizens, our government should and will deport. Those who are citizens of the United States have rights equal with all citizens. 

JOHN F. FISCHER, White Horse

June 10, 1944

Need Prayers Too

We can not lose this war because we have the forces of righteousness on our side, because we have the prayers of our people to bolster us. But we can lose the peace which follows by illadvised and unChristian intolerance toward those who were so misguided and misled by the tyrants. Let us not, therefore, be guilty of persecution toward those among us of Japanese descent.

By accident of birth, of geography, of biology, the Japanese were created and have equal rights to their inheritance and of the earth’s surface. They are a benighted people, and as such must be educated to our standards of freedom. Moreover, it is doubtful if the truck gardeners, the small shopkeepers, the small artisans among the Japanese here in California had much to do with Japan’s warmongering. 

REV. O.H. [illegible], Sixth Street, Sacramento

Wants to Serve

I read in The Bee of June 6th where the marine corps is appealing for more women recruits from the ages of 20 to 36 years. I am only 18, but there are many girls like myself who aren’t quite old enough at the present time to serve our country. If they need women so badly why don’t they reduce the age limit so we young girls can have the privilege to serve our country too? ...


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