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  • GJ0314Q02.3
    Mohinder Singh Rye, 78, was a longtime Sacramento businessman and a leader in the Indian community. Read his story here.
    Family photo
  • GQ230SKBE.3
    William “Bill” Hegg, 83, was a banker with a steady hand who led Sacramento Savings Bank to be one of the most successful thrift institutions in the country. Read his story here.
    UC Regents
  • GHS315IRK.2
    Peter Schaafsma, 62, was an analyst of governmental finances for the Legislature, the state treasurer’s office and private clients for nearly 40 years. Read his story here.
  • GS12VPJ5E.3
    Randy Sturgeon, 62, was a longtime runner who was widely influential in the sport as a coach, race director and publisher. Read his story here.
    Carla Kehoe
  • GQ230UCSQ.3
    Ed Popejoy, 84, was an early Sacramento TV news cameraman who later filmed public works projects for the state. Read his story here.
    Greg Popejoy
  • RB Caballo
    Miguel Unzueta, 88, was the owner and founder of Caballo Blanco restaurant in south Sacramento. Read his story here.
    Randall Benton | Sacramento Bee file
  • GLG30657H.2
    John Francis Foran, 84, was a fixture in San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento politics for more than 40 years. Read his story here.
    Courtesy of Nossaman, LLP
  • G0Q2VIJC2.3
    Mary “Marilou” Kehoe, 81, was a homemaker who volunteered with youth programs and served on the boards of the California State Fair and the Sacramento County Fair. Read her story here.
    Kehoe family photo | Kehoe family
  • G3M2V9SKJ.3
    Lawrence A. Schei, 99, was a prominent lawyer, civic leader and driving force in philanthropic groups and institutions, including a Shriners hospital and language center for children. Read his story here.
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  • G2D2U4C2K.3
    Dean Adraktas, 49, was a broadcast journalist who was a news reporter at KFBK until his voice on the air was silenced by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Read his story here.
    Family photo
  • GEI2T8TTP.3
    Margaret Relles, 97, was a former teacher who raised five children with a florist and helped start one of Sacramento’s most prominent family-owned businesses. Read her story here.
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  • G5D2T29QU.3
    Elva Reichenberger, 75, was a school nurse who was instrumental in screening thousands of disadvantaged children for medical conditions. Read her story here.
    Reichenberger family photos
  • G092SH7P7.5
    William “Herb” Hartman, 91, was an innovative electronics expert and visionary broadcast engineer at KCRA who oversaw construction of a landmark transmission tower in Walnut Grove. Read his story here.
    Family photo
  • G3R2S4IIO.5
    Burl Waits, 83, was a high school dropout who became a decorated Marine, lawyer and civic activist. Read his story here.
  • GC22RSS58.5
    William “Bill” Underwood, 79, was a widely respected civic leader and fundraiser in the volunteer community who served 23 years as executive director of United Way in Sacramento. Read his story here.
    Joint Agency Trust
    Grantland Johnson, 65, was a trailblazing Sacramento politician who rose in rank while staying in touch with his community roots as a city councilman, county supervisor and top health official in state and federal government. Read his story here.
    Leilani Hu | Sacramento Bee file
  • GUB2R857R.3
    Elaine Corum, 94, was a homemaker and world traveler who proudly served in the Women’s Army Corps in World War II and protested U.S. military actions from Vietnam to Iraq. Read her story here.
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  • GD52QR5RB.3
    Robert Earl Lynch, 90, was a longtime Sacramento teacher who was injured in a deadly mine explosion on one of the most attacked destroyers in the Pacific during World War II. Read his story here.
    Lorraine Akins
  • Harry Sweet
    Harry Sweet, 93, was a pioneering Northern California television news photographer with great foresight who kept all his footage and went on to donate more than a quarter-century of Sacramento history on film to local archives. Read his story here:
  • Jean Dahl
    Jean Dahl, 90, was a devoted wife and mother who nurtured a love of acting and stepped into the spotlight in later years as a member of a Carmichael theater group. Read her story here:
  • Wesley K. "Danny" Daniels
    Wesley K. "Danny" Daniels, 89, was a humble scratch golfer and proud World War II veteran who was captured by the enemy after being forced twice to bail out of a B-24 over Europe. Read his story here:
  • Mary Healy
    Mary Healy, 61, was executive director and chief executive officer of the Sacramento Zoo for almost 15 years. Read her story here:
  • Mearene Jordan
    Mearene Jordan, 92, was a Sacramento beautician who wrote a fascinating memoir about her life as a longtime personal assistant and close friend to legendary Hollywood movie star Ava Gardner. Read her story here:
  • GQR2NK62G.6
    Richard B. Hastings, 83, was an architect and archaeologist who was a pivotal figure in the movement to protect Sacramento's historical buildings as the city's first preservation director. Read his story here:
  • G7S2MM6EE.3
    Daniel J. Frye, 58, was a metal artisan and widely respected teacher as an art professor at California State University, Sacramento. Read his story here:
    Catherine Turrill
  • GUH2O71HV.5
    David Middlesworth, 75, was a retired corporate executive and dedicated vegan who founded a vegan dog food company. Read his story here:
    Courtesy of Linda Middlesworth
  • GS72O24HF.3
    Mary Scott, 84, was an accomplished artist and well-known antiques dealer in Fair Oaks. Read her story here:
    Family photo
  • G6K2M91MT.3
    Chris Iwahashi, 58, was a University of California, Davis, scientist and elite Northern California runner who participated in more than 160 official marathons and inspired many back-of-the-pack participants across the finish line. Read her story here:
    George Parrott
  • G2P2LNGMJ.3
    W. Arnold Kessler, 89, was a prominent Galt dairyman whose champion Guernsey cows have appeared at the California State Fair for more than 50 years. Read his story here:
    Kessler family
  • Michael Edward Staley
    Michael Edward Staley, 59, was a state emergency management official who led efforts to organize and prepare local volunteers to respond to disasters. Read his story here:
  • Bishop Stanley E. Olson
    Bishop Stanley E. Olson, 87, was a retired Lutheran leader who was an early champion for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members in the church. Read his story here:
  • Richard Dunnigan
    Richard Dunnigan, 101, was a venerable figure in the real estate community who sold homes in Sacramento before World War II and founded one of the capital's oldest property firms. Read his story here:
  • GAS2K1DHQ.3
    Jim “Digger” Williams, 79, was a longtime Folsom resident and widely respected volunteer who helped run the town’s signature Fourth of July rodeo for more than 50 years. Read his story here.
    Folsom Tourism Bureau
  • GF42JJSG8.3
    Dr. Peter Marler, 86, was a distinguished UC Davis animal behaviorist whose pioneering research into the trills and whistles of birds influenced modern scientific understanding of learning and communication skills in animals. Read his story here.
    Bethany Daniels
  • GA32J6CQ1.3
    Richard Mellon Scaife (pictured right), 82, was a conservative billionaire activist who once owned the former Sacramento Union newspaper and championed it as a voice for conservative viewpoints. Read his story here.
    Sacramento Bee file
  • G0L2J1QTG.4
    Gerald D. Cresci, 92, was a retired college administrator who was well known in the wine community as a grower and competition judge. Read his story here.
    Courtesy Nellie and Gerald Cresci
  • Robert V. Clements
    Dr. Robert V. Clements, 90, was a retired brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve and longtime family dentist in Carmichael. Read his story here:
  • Ken Payton
    Ken Payton, 87, was a newspaperman and outdoorsman who covered the Lake Tahoe area and Sierra Nevada foothills as a longtime reporter for The Sacramento Bee. Read his story here:
  • Michael Zito
    Michael Zito, 60, was a career state worker who was dedicated to creating and running effective public programs for children in need. Read his story here:
  • Donald W. Bailey
    Donald W. Bailey, 74, was an enterprising businessman who left the corporate world to start his own company filming events and producing videos for the Sacramento Kings, NASA and other major clients. Read his story here:
  • Jerry Graham
    Jerry Graham, 81, was an ex-convict who shared his story of redemption as an author, prison minister and founder of a Sacramento farm for troubled youngsters. Read his story here:
  • Virgil Petrocchi
    Virgil Petrocchi, 98, was a retired Sacramento County regulator who protected consumers against being shortchanged when buying gas, groceries and other products sold by weight or volume. Read his story here:
  • GCK2GERH4.3
    Dr. Ralph M. Isola, 88, was an ophthalmologist in Sacramento for almost four decades and an active member of Italian-American organizations. Read his story here.
  • GCQ2G6B80.3
    Jim Wrightson, 93, was a veteran journalist who covered three decades of California politics as a reporter, columnist and editorial writer for McClatchy Newspapers. Read his story here.
    Wrightson family
  • GD12FTA11.3
    Truitt Cunningham, 83, was a veteran Western swing musician who performed as one of Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys and later with his own group, the San Antone Rose Band. Read his story here.
  • G9V2FNN0G.3
    Maria Alquilar, 86, was a prominent artist and influential dealer who founded the renowned Jennifer Pauls Gallery in Sacramento. Read her story here.
  • John T. Collentine
    John T. Collentine, 93, was a World War II veteran and peace advocate with a love of art who led popular tours of public sculptures and murals on the streets of Sacramento. Read his story here:
  • Elnor Tillson
    Elnor Tillson, 81, was often the last hope for needy families, homeless people and others with nowhere else to turn as the head of Travelers Aid - Emergency Assistance Agency. Read her story here:
  • Mark A. Smith
    Mark A. Smith, 87, was a world-class adventurer and 4x4 motorsports pioneer who organized the first gathering of Jeep owners for an off-road trek along the torturous Rubicon Trail over the Sierra Nevada. Read his story here:
  • Bert A. Betts
    Bert A. Betts, 90, was a former state treasurer who was elected to the post in 1958 and served two terms while Pat Brown was governor. Read his story here:
  • Belton Mouras Sr.
    Belton Mouras Sr., 90, was a hardened combat veteran with a soft spot for animals who co-founded two national humane groups based in Sacramento. Read his story here:
  • GMI2C47DD.6
    Leonard “Bud” Meyer Jr., 89, flew midnight bombing missions over the Pacific in World War II, earned two Bronze Stars after a tour in Korea and, as an Olympic swimming official, once disqualified Olympic great Mark Spitz in a race. He was the father of Olympic gold medalist Debbie Meyer. Read his story here.
    Courtesy of Debbie Meyer | Courtesy of Debbie Meyer
  • GAF2BV2E2.3
    Longtime Sacramento Zoo veterinarian Murray E. Fowler, 85, was an international expert at UC Davis on the care of zoo animals. Read his story here.
  • GCQ2B225H.3
    Betty Jo Rivers, 88, was an adventurous woman who mingled with intellectuals in post-war Paris and recorded stories of American slaves, pioneers and indigenous people on archaeological projects at California state parks. Read her story here.
    Courtesy of Cezanne Totton
  • Hada Eva Martin
    Hada Eva Martin, 91, was a colorful fixture on the Sacramento music scene who was celebrated at her son's shows as the "original producer" of blues musician Mick Martin. Read her story here:
  • Brooks Truitt
    Longtime midtown Sacramento resident Brooks Truitt, 89, was an influential civic watchdog and a vocal advocate for historical preservation. Read his story here:
  • Evelyn Marie Brown
    Evelyn Marie Brown, 84, pursued dreams of college and a nursing career as an African American woman in an era of racial barriers. Read her story here:
  • Jim Henley
    Jim Henley, 69, was a visionary Sacramento historian and a driving force in the preservation, restoration and public celebration of the city's storied past. Read his story here:
  • James Williams
    James Williams, 78, was an inspirational professor at American River College and a leader in the Sacramento NAACP. Read his story here:
  • Virginia Crespo
    Virginia Crespo, 62, was a prominent El Dorado County activist and a leader in political and civic groups. Read her story here:
  • Jackie Lynn Taylor Fries
    Jackie Lynn Taylor Fries, 88, was a pioneering TV personality and a show business veteran who was one of the Little Rascals in the beloved "Our Gang" comedy films. Read her story here:
  • George Bruno
    George Bruno, 89, was a former teacher and popular big-band leader who was devoted to performing and preserving the music of America's "greatest generation." Read his story here:
  • Wynne DuBray
    Dr. Wynne DuBray, 82, was a retired Sacramento State professor who advocated for American Indians and multicultural perspectives in social work and psychotherapy. Read her story here:
  • Ted Crail
    Ted Crail, 85, was a newspaper veteran and prolific writer who schmoozed with entertainment legends and advocated for wildlife protection. Read his story here:
  • Jackie Lynn Taylor Fries
    Jackie Lynn Taylor Fries, 88, was a pioneering TV personality and a show business veteran who was one of the Little Rascals in the beloved "Our Gang" comedy films. Read her story here:
  • John "Jack" O'Camb
    John "Jack" O'Camb, 76, was a popular El Dorado County volunteer who was the "voice of the Bruins" as a longtime football announcer for Ponderosa High School. Read his story here:
  • Marino Pierucci
    Marino Pierucci, 91, was a lifelong West Sacramento resident, veteran educator and a leader in the early days of the Washington Unified School District. Read his story here:
  • Kevin Sharp
    Kevin Sharp, 43, was a country music artist whose battle with cancer helped launch his rise to stardom and inspired those who heard him speak. Read his story here:
  • Ken Gimblin
    Ken Gimblin, 76, was an influential teacher and sports journalist who covered Northern California teams for many radio and TV stations. Read his story here:
  • Cal Bollwinkle
    Cal Bollwinkel, 88, was a popular broadcaster who was widely recognized as "the face of Channel 40" for his signature on-air editorials at KTXL. Read his story here:
  • Tom Myers
    Tom Myers, 88, was a Sacramento photographer whose vivid images of animals, places and people in California and the West have appeared in national magazines, books and on greeting cards. Read his story here:
  • Jon Herr
    Jon Herr, 60, was a small-business owner in Woodland who made a big difference in many lives as a foster parent for more than 120 children. Read his story here:
  • William "Bill" Behnk
    William "Bill" Behnk, 87, was a pioneering computer expert who helped develop and implement information technology systems for the California Legislature. Read his story here:
  • Sister Mary Eileen Brannigan
    Sister Mary Eileen Brannigan, 91, was a talented musician who played several instruments, expertly led religious and secular choirs, and taught generations of Northern California schoolchildren. Read her story here:
  • Robert "Bob" Fowler
    Robert "Bob" Fowler, 85, was an expert on fruit trees who co-owned his family's landmark nursery in Newcastle. Read his story here:
  • James H. Smith
    James H. Smith, 91, was a former Sacramento Bee general manager who was an executive at newspapers around the country. Read his story here:
  • John S. Perez
    John S. Perez, 85, was a former Isleton mayor and businessman who was a leader in efforts to revitalize the sleepy Delta town. Read his story here:
  • Elvie Watts
    Elvie C. Watts, 97, was a teacher and administrator who drew on lessons from her childhood in the segregated South as a prominent leader in preschool education in Sacramento. Read her story here:
  • John Jungerman
    John A. Jungerman, 92, was a pioneering UC Davis physics professor who worked on the top-secret team that developed the atomic bomb in World War II and witnessed the dramatic first test explosion. Read his story here:
  • Doris Pike
    Doris C. Pike, 95, was a homemaker who embarked on a diligent search for her family history and helped establish the first public genealogy library in Sacramento County, died March 24 of colon cancer complications. Read her story here:
  • James Jeffers
    James O. Jeffers Sr., 82, was a prominent athlete who became a popular teacher and coach with important life lessons after a car crash left him paralyzed from the neck down. Read his story here:
  • Margie A. Younger
    Margie A. Younger, 92, was a lively retiree who acted in local theater, wrote a Placer County newspaper column and appeared in Chia Pet ads on national TV. Read her story here:
  • Ella J. Lively
    Ella J. Lively, 90, was a World War II veteran, community volunteer and fearless activist who devoted herself to peace and justice issues from civil rights to the war in Iraq. Read her story here:
  • Virginia L. Young
    Virginia L. Young, 94, was an influential advocate for mental health care in Sacramento who preached as a child with famed evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. Read her story here:
  • Shirley Fahn
    Shirley Fahn, 87, was the matriarch of a prominent family in the Sacramento business and Jewish communities. Read her story here:
  • Dr. Franklin J. Chinn Sr.
    Dr. Franklin J. Chinn Sr., 88, cared for generations of Sacramento residents while raising an accomplished family of medical and educational professionals. Read his story here:
  • JoEllen "Joey" Franklin
    JoEllen "Joey" Franklin, 83, profiled the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and many other local merchants as a business columnist for The Sacramento Bee's Neighbors section. Read her story here:
  • E.J. Dolner
    E.J. Dolner, 88, was a top auto racer, owner and mechanic for more than seven decades. Read his story here:
  • Irene P. Ramseth
    Irene P. Ramseth, 95, was a resourceful Sacramento homemaker who earned patents on clever household inventions. Read her story here:
  • Edith-Adele Bellmer
    Edith-Adele Bellmer, 95, grew up with strong ties to Sacramento history in her family's grand Heilbron House mansion. Read her story here:
  • William Hauck
    William Hauck, 73, was a prominent figure at the state Capitol for decades and a longtime California State University trustee. Read his story here:
  • Rosmarie Blood
    Rosmarie Blood, 89, was a professional dog breeder and judge who was president of the Sacramento Kennel Club. Read her story here:
  • Richard A. Evers
    The Rev. Richard A. Evers, 82, was a visionary pastor who took his ministry outdoors as the founder of a Sacramento drive-in church. Read his story here:
  • Maj. Kurt Chew-Een Lee
    Maj. Kurt Chew-Een Lee, 88, grew up in Sacramento to become the first Asian American officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a decorated Korean War hero. Read his story here:
  • Evelyn W. Michell
    Evelyn W. Michell, 88, was a woman of many talents who found reward as a homemaker, community agency worker, artist and traveler. Read her story here:
  • Eugene Peter Barone
    Eugene Peter Barone, 93, was a Sacramento bakery driver who fought in some of the bloodiest battles in Europe during World War II. Read his story here:
  • Dr. Turan Gonen
    Dr. Turan Gonen, 72, was a leading expert and popular professor of electrical engineering at California State University, Sacramento. Read his story here:
  • Joseph Dear
    Joseph Dear, 62, was a politically savvy chief investment officer who helped steer CalPERS through the aftermath of the stock market crash and a bribery scandal. Read his story here:
  • Janet R. Baker
    Janet R. Baker, 64, was a veteran Sacramento parks official who struggled with deep budget cuts that reduced services in the popular American River Parkway and at other recreation sites. Read her story here:
  • Kourtney gets her degree
    Kourtney Lampedecchio, 33, was a UC Davis graduated who pursued her dream as a set designer while fighting a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Read her story here:
    Lezlie Sterling |
  • John C. Worsley Sr.
    John C. Worsley Sr., 94, was a former California state architect who led efforts to restore the state Capitol to its historic grandeur. Read his story here:
  • Tom Sullivan
    Tom Sullivan, 71, was a dedicated public servant who advocated for treatment services as mental health director for El Dorado and Sacramento counties. Read his story here:
  • Jon Bruscia
    Jon Bruscia, 66, was a businessman with a sharp eye for collectibles who ran a popular antiques store in Old Sacramento for 40 years. Read his story here:
  • Ted Leung
    Ted Leung, 95, was a retired grocer who stayed young at heart delivering meals to seniors for more than 30 years. Read his story here:
  • G1A1NKKNK.3
    Terry Cochran, 74, was a business executive and veteran trustee of the Los Rios Community College District. Read his story here:
  • G5U1LQ4IU.3
    Betty Simonsma, 88, was a model of traditional family values who championed unpopular views about religion in society as a leading Sacramento atheist . Read her story here.
  • G2U1L9NTS.3
    Sandy Guzzardo, 70, was prominent in golfing as a top LPGA instructor. Read her story here.
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  • GDR1KTN4A.3
    Pedro E. “Pete” Montalvo, 75, was a Sacramento bowling fan who promoted the sport among Mexican Americans as a social activity that grew into an international competition. Read his story here.
  • G511KLTKV.3
    Orville L. Abbott, 91, was an influential California water official and World War II aviator who survived a harrowing crash in the Pacific Ocean. Read his story here.
  • G5A1JVQIL.3
    Farris N. Salamy, 84, was a former Sacramento County public defender who represented some of the capital’s most notorious killers. Read his story here.
    Greg Hatfield, 65, was a community activist who had a strong understanding of how local government works as a former manager at Sacramento City Hall. Read his story here.
  • GG11IVGNS.3
    Dr. Richard M. Ikeda, 81, was a Sacramento physician who was committed to providing medical care for disadvantaged people as the founder of a community-based health organization. Read his story here.
  • G8R1I0VDI.3
    Joe Mott, 82, was a Wilton firefighter and Korean War veteran who returned to active duty 40 years later in the Gulf War. Read his story here.
  • GTO1HM2SS.4
    Dagmar Thompson, 67, was an artist whose upbringing in a well-known Sacramento political family informed her talent as an illustrator and graphic designer for California Journal magazine. Read her story here.
  • Morrie Turner
    Morrie Turner, 90, was a pioneering cartoonist whose multicultural "Wee Pals" comic strip has appeared in The Sacramento Bee and many other U.S. newspapers for almost half a century. Read his story here:
  • GAK1H8HJ2.6
    John A. Tosney, 62, was a prominent and prolific Northern California bankruptcy lawyer. Read his story here:
  • Ann Shelton
    Ann Shelton, 84, was a chef whose traditional French regional dishes helped make Wulff's a landmark Sacramento restaurant for almost 20 years. Read her story here:
  • Jim Bickford
    Jim Bickford, 96, was an innovative Northern California cattleman who sold his family's Placer Countyranch for development. Read his story here:
  • GMV1F80I5.3
    Ray Hines, 59, was a devoted family man and business owner who served doughnuts to regulars ranging from cops to competitive runners at his popular Sacramento store. Read his story here:
  • G781CR5AF.3
    Daniel M. “Dan” Russell, 61, was a cattleman and heir of a historic Folsom family ranching and rodeo livestock operation. Read his story here.
    Courtesy photo
  • G2H1DNASJ.3
    Henry “Hank” Belluomini, 89, was a son of immigrants who reached out to schoolchildren of diverse cultures as a Sacramento teacher and administrator. Read his story here.
  • GNI1F0NCK.3
    Emma Gunterman, 98, was a peace activist who fought for disadvantaged people as a respected lobbyist at the state Capitol. Read her story here.
  • G9K1DCRPD.3
    Robert “Bob” Cornwell, 87, was a veteran high school counselor who prepared generations of young people for college with academic advice, life lessons and more than $61,000 in scholarship money. Read his story here.
  • GMV1F80I5.3
    Ray Hines, 59, was a family man and Sacramento business owner who served doughnuts to cops, competitive runners and other regulars at his Yum Yum Donuts shop on Franklin Boulevard. Read his story here.
  • KMBT_C284-20140123144441
    Ann Shelton, 84, was a chef whose traditional French regional dishes helped make Wulff’s a landmark Sacramento restaurant for almost 20 years. Read her story here.
  • G841BR91F.3
    Nat Consulo, 80, was a dedicated insurance agent who played nightclubs and dance halls as a western swing musician and band leader. Read his story here.
    Consulo family
  • GU81BGOBB.5
    Helen Jurich, 82, was an irrepressible free spirit with a love of people and a flair for wearing playful costumes that won her lifelong friends and local celebrity as the “chicken lady of Fair Oaks.” Read her story here.
    Randy Pench |
  • G7K1B7E2O.5
    Tom Elkin, 71, was a visionary California Public Employees’ Retirement System executive who was widely credited with forcing health care providers to lower costs. Read his story here.
  • GMA1ASQ3L.6
    Bob McCafferty, 76, was a longtime Northern California TV newsman and public relations executive who served in the administrations of three governors. Read his story here.
    Tony Myers, 53, was a California psychiatric technician who rose through the ranks to lead his profession’s state labor union for more than a dozen years. Read his story here.
    Courtesy photo | California Association of Psychiatric Technicians
  • GTR18AKDO.6
    Del Beutler, 93, wasn an enterprising sheet metal worker who founded one of the country’s biggest heating and air conditioning contractors. Read his story here.
  • GSU183783.5
    Louise Shaffrath, 90, was a prominent Sacramento organizer and fundraiser for arts, civic and medical groups for almost 50 years. Read her story here.
  • GBI177VEG.3
    Wayne Saunders, 74, was a businessman who invested in friendships as a longtime salon owner, real estate agent and volunteer. Read his story here.
  • GS716UNIJ.4
    Peggy Grenz, a dynamic businesswoman and civic activist who was a leader in the real estate industry, died Dec. 7, her family said. She was 77. Read her story here.
  • Dolores E. Lewis, a woman with deep Southern roots who co-founded a prominent African American civic group in Sacramento, died Dec. 11 of breast cancer, her family said. She was 80. Read her story here.
    family photo
  • GQR14EKNG.5
    Marvin L. “Buzz” Oates, who built a $2,000 investment in a locksmith shop into one of the nation’s great fortunes through building and commercial development, died Dec. 7, 2013. Read his story here.
    Carl Costas |
  • GNU12ADGQ.6
    Lois F. Warren, 89, was a prominent Sacramento artist and an influential modernist jewelry maker and teacher. Read her story here.
    Family photo
  • GGA12H24A.5
    William M. Gallagher, 93, was a veteran Sacramento Superior Court judge whose decisions in major cases stirred controversy. Read his story here.
  • GG913FODR.4
    Patricia Ann Macdonald, 87, was a Sacramento homemaker who fought for social justice as a political activist. Read her story here.
  • GPT10HHEA.3
    Ausha Holly, 17, was an enthusiastic student at Rio Cazadero High School who wanted to be an actress. Read her story here:
  • Leo Robert French
    Leo Robert French, 83, pictured with his wife, Eileen French, was a business executive who founded Placer Title Co. Read his story here:
  • GSE10U7ML.6
    Larry Anapolsky, 63, was a co-owner of California Loan and Jewelry, the city's oldest pawnshop. Read his story here:
  • GE4V569T.3
    Frank J. Boutin Sr., a surgeon known to many of his colleagues as the “father of orthopedics” in Sacramento, died at age 93. Read his story here.
  • GU3TNCFN.4
    Robert N. Zarick, a retired Sacramento Superior Court judge who was a founding faculty member of Lincoln Law School, died Oct. 28. Read his story here.
  • GG1TINNN.5
    William “Bill” Whiteneck, a Sacramento high school teacher and coach who served students statewide as a California education official and Capitol consultant, died Oct. 26 of Parkinson’s disease. Read his story here.
  • Stephen H. Runyon
    Stephen H. Runyon, 64, was a Courtland pear rancher who was active in the Sacramento running community. Read his story here:
  • GHVSHUB6.6
    William J. "Bill" Ceccarelli, 79, was a veteran El Dorado County educator who was widely influential as a teacher, administrator and accreditation official. Read his story here:
    Joseph Baratta, 81, was a fitness buff and businessman who opened one of the first health clubs in California and hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger and other big-name bodybuilders in Sacramento. Read his story here:
  • GD0RQELG.5
    The Rev. Jack Risner, 84, was a visionary pastor who established a prominent church in the Antelope community. Read his story here:
  • The Rev. John "Jack" Folme
    The Rev. John "Jack" Folmer, 71, was an intellectual Catholic who served the church as a compassionate priest, lawyer and educator. Read his story here:
    funeral notices
  • GBUQQ2FP.5
    Ralph M. Scurfield, 85, was a longtime Sacramento businessman and civic leader who was influential in the racetrack industry as chairman of the California Horse Racing Board . Read his story here:
  • GPBQGIO9.6
    Jerry Faszer Jr., 60, was a visionary architect who broke the cookie-cutter mold of many Sacramento-area subdivisions with cutting-edge designs for homes. Read his story here:
  • GS2QAK7A.5
    Evans "Red" Clark, 91, was a Sacramento title insurance executive and musician who led a big-band orchestra for many years. Read his story here:
  • TEH - TEM (Not: Teller A-Z; Temple, Shirley)
    Henry Teichert, a pillar of the Sacramento business establishment who cofounded an influential law firm before guiding his family’s pioneering construction company to prominence in the building industry, died at age 96. Read his story here.
    Erhardt Krause | The Sacramento Bee
  • Obit
    Maryanne B. Ingemanson, a world-class concert pianist who founded a Sacramento land-development company and led a successful property-tax revolt in Nevada, died Oct. 2 of cancer, her family said. She was 80. Read her story here:
    Family photo
  • obit
    Josephine Moore, a 1930s Hollywood starlet and model who was active in Los Angeles social circles as the wife of a close associate of Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, died Sept.29 at 98, her family said. Read her story here:
    Provided by the family
  • Obit
    Anne Gladwill, an artist and former illustrator for The Bee whose popular works depicted idyllic scenes of El Dorado County, died Sept. 24 of a natural causes, her family said. She was 84. Read her story here:
  • obit
    Edith James, a noted volunteer who was active for many years as a leader in organizations serving women, died Sept. 23 with Alzheimer’s disease, her family said. She was 95. Read her story here:
    Family photo
  • obit
    Dr. Major A. Nilson, a prominent Carmichael resident who served the community as a longtime veterinarian and volunteer in civic, faith and youth groups, died Sept. 24 of shingles complications, his family said. He was 88. Read his story here:
  • G6QNOAME.4
    Jose Montoya, 81, was an influential Chicano artist, activist, poet and professor at California State University, Sacramento. Read his story here:.
    Dick Schmidt | The Sacramento Bee
  • GSENP0N1.4Senior Photojournalist
    Bishop Sherwood C. Carthen, 54, was a prominent Sacramento church and community leader whose influence reached beyond the pulpit to city streets. Read his story here:
    Renée C. Byer | The Sacramento Bee
  • GFCNDSG7.5
    Rafael "Ray" Gosovich, 88, was a longtime business owner and humanitarian who shared teenage adventures with legendary character actor Don Knotts. Read his story here:
    Michael A. Jones | The Sacramento Bee
  • x
    Beverly Czoberek Roach, a self-made woman in a man's world who was a longtime Sacramento redevelopment official, died Aug. 30, 2013, at 91. Read her story here.
    Cal Worthington, a legendary car salesman who rose from poverty to own more than two dozenauto dealerships in the western United States with a folksy grin, a catchy jingle and ubiquitous TV ads featuring his “dog” Spot, died Sept. 8, 2013, at 92. Read his story here.
    Courtesy of the Worthington family
    David Gilhooly, a prominent Northern California sculptor of fanciful frogs who was a founder of the Bay Area funk art movement at UC Davis in the early 1960s, died Aug. 21 , 2013, at 70. Read his story here.
    David Gilhooly
    Catherine Dawn Arlett, a generous woman who cared for rescued camels at her El Dorado County ranch, died Aug. 25 , 2013, at 73. Read her story here.
    Sister Sheila Walsh, believed to be the nation's first Catholic nun to become a registered lobbyist and a tireless advocate for people living in poverty, died Aug. 15, 2013, at 83. Read her story here.
  • 5M2PECK
    Ellie Enriquez Peck, a veteran Democratic activist who was influential in California as a mentor for Latino youths and an advocate for seniors, died July 30, 2013, at 80. Read her story here:
    Bob Garrison, a Newcastle Boy Scout volunteer who was a nationally recognized leader in creating programs to educate people about wildlife and habitats, died July 21, 2013, at 55. Read his story here:
    Dr. Robert S. Burgerman, a neurologist who was a leader in the treatment of seizure disorders at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, died July 12 , 2013, at 54. Read his story here:a
    Betty Mae Vickery, a retired state worker who sang for and entertained homesick troops shipping out to World War II, died July 9 , 2013, at 90. Read her story here:
    Joseph L. Ganaway, who led a Sacramento substance-abuse treatment agency and was a noted singer and theater performer, died July 8, 2013, at 77. Read his story here:
  • 6M13CULP
    Dr. Neil Culp, a battlefield physician in Vietnam who was instrumental in establishing Sacramento cancer and hospice programs, died July 7, 2013, at 80. Read his story here:
  • 2M25INGLIS
    Dr. Sid Inglis, a teacher who helped shape public policy as a California education expert and an active member of local government advisory boards, died June 13, 2013, at 85. Read his story here.
    Ann E. Gershenzon, an octogenarian tap dancer who entertained and inspired others with her enthusiasm for staying active, died June 25, 2013, at 89. Read her story here.
    Sue Morrow |
  • 4M20HERO
    Eliseo Garcia, a Korean War hero who marched at age 17 at the head of a Veterans Day parade that drew more than 50,000 people in Sacramento to honor him in 1951, died June 10, 2013, at 79. Read his story here.
  • 5M21MIX
    Claire Mix, a beloved musician, composer and music teacher who nurtured children and their creativity through singing, died June 12, 2013, at 52. Read her story here.
    Brian Baer | Bee file, 2001
    Lloyd Snelson, a retired high school principal who was known as "Mr. Hornet" for his diehard support of Sacramento State's football team, died June 23, 2013, at 78. Read his story here.
  • 3W15SLATER
    Norman B. Slater Jr., a longtime Clarksburg farmer and community volunteer, died May 4 , 2013, at 94, his family said. Read his story here.
  • 5M10BAUER
    Dr. Herbert Bauer, a longtime Davis resident and pioneering public health leader in Yolo County, died May 7, 2013, at 103. Read his story here.
    Susan L. Mogull, a teacher and influential advocate for accurate portrayals of Jews and Judaism in education, died April 24, 2013, at 72. Read her story here.
    José Luis Villegas | Bee file, 2001
  • 4M18MCEVOY
    Jean C. McEvoy, an attorney and leader in the Sacramento legal community who was a champion for women and social justice, died April 14, 2013, at 69 . Read her story here.
  • 5M12LEFSON
    Leon Lefson, a longtime political activist who was an influential figure in the progressive community, died in his sleep April 5, 2013, at 98. Read his story here.
    Lezlie Sterling | Bee file, 2005
    Patrick Russell Tatro, a Sacramento businessman who modeled values for young people as a dynamic leader in church and civic groups, died March 19, 2013, at 58. Read his story here.
    Wayne Boulding, a retired school superintendent who was a leader on the Sacramento City College basketball team that won the 1946 national championship, died March 26, 2013, at 86. Read his story here.
  • 7M24DYER
    Terry Dyer, who investigated high-profile murders as a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy and later as a private detective, died March 17, 2013, at 78. Read his story here.
    Russell Kletzing, a former state water resources official who was a forceful voice for social justice as a leader of organizations for blind people, died Feb. 18, 2013, at 87. Read his story here.
    Michael A. Jones | Bee file, 1995
    Steven Earl Robinson, founder and volunteer executive director of the Mountain Meadows Conservancy, died Feb. 16, 2013 at 66. Read his story here.
    Dr. Martyn Rosa, a dentist and sports fan who cared for the teeth of San Francisco 49ers as well as generations of Sacramento families, died Feb. 26, 2013, at 73. Read his story here.
    Cathy J. Runnels, a Folsom Cordova school district administrator who was a vocal advocate for cancer screenings and treatment, died Feb. 20, 2103, at 58. Read her story here.
    The Rev. Colin Macdonald, a Catholic priest who led a fast-growing Roseville parish and oversaw construction of one of the biggest churches in the Sacramento Diocese, died Feb. 22, 2013, at 75. Read his story here.
    Jay Mather | Bee file, 2002
    Jack Wallace, a military veteran who served Roseville as a civic advocate, neighborhood leader and teacher, died Feb. 18, 2013, at 82. Read his story here.
    George W. Porter, an American patriot who fought for his country in World War II while battling racism at home as a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, died Feb. 9, 2013, at 91. Read his story here.
    PAUL KITAGAKI JR. | Bee file, 2007
  • 6M16OBTRUE
    Chester W. True, a former Sacramento housing official and amateur genealogist who uncovered a direct family link to a notorious episode in Colonial American history, died Feb. 7, 2103, at 77. Read his story here.
    Tom Y. Fujimoto, who served his country as an Army translator and preserved his cultural heritage as a leader in Japanese American groups, died Feb. 11, 2013, at 87. Read his story here.
    Pat Derby, who co-founded the Performing Animal Welfare Society and created a world-renowned sanctuary for retired circus and movie animals, died Feb. 15, 2013, at 69. Read her story here.
    Laura Chun | Bee file, 1997
  • 4M21OBIT
    Dr. Richard Barsaleau, a veterinarian and noted equestrian who championed care for horses as a competitive rider, teacher and poet, died Feb. 13, 2013, at 87. Read his story here.
    Barsaleau family
    William "Bill" Carnazzo, a top lawyer at Sacramento City Hall who was a noted fly fisherman, died Jan. 15, 2013, at 71. Read his story here.
    The Rev. Demetrius T. Dogias, who shepherded a growing flock in Northern California as pastor of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Sacramento, died Feb. 4, 2013, at 73. Read his story here.
  • 3M6WALKER2
    Michelle Walker, a former professional dancer who championed the arts in everyday life and all communities as an influential Sacramento arts administrator, died Jan. 29, 2013, at 53. Read her story here.
    Dr. Jerry Kaneko, a longtime Davis resident who bridged town and gown as a City Council member and noted veterinary professor, died Jan. 18, 2013, at 88. Read his story here.
    Shpritz Anthony, a beloved member of the theater community for who was a former general manager of the Sacramento Theater Company, died Jan. 5, 2013, at 47. Read his story here.
    Marilyn Hilliard Geraty, 83, a Sacramento philanthropist and educator who championed education and development programs for children, died Jan. 26, 2013, at 83. Read her story here.
    Sister Maryanne Beeler, a Sacramento native who worked various jobs before answering a call at age 36 to be a Catholic nun, died Jan. 19, 2013, at 60. Read her story here.
    Judith C. Kelleher, a former Sacramento nurse who was a visionary leader in the practice of emergency nursing, died Jan. 24, 2013, at 89. Read her story here.
    Donald D. Ingoglia, former chief executive officer of a major food distribution business in West Sacramento, died Jan. 23, 2013, at 73. Read his story here.
    Ingoglia family
    Lewis Allen, an Air Force veteran and career civil servant who raised money for college scholarships, died Jan. 23, 2013, at 78. Read his story here.
    The Rev. Elwyn Gibbs, who ministered to a tough Sacramento neighborhood as a pastor and community activist, died Jan. 18 following health problems from falls and various ailments, his family said. He was 76. Read his story here.
  • 5M18HIGH
    Jan High, an educator and pioneer in women's sports who coached top teams at Sacramento City College, died Jan. 9 of cancer, her family said. She was 76. Read her story here.
  • 5M25AGONIA
    Henry R. Agonia, a career administrator who oversaw California state parks, died Jan. 18 of leukemia, his family said. He was 70. Read his story here.
  • 4M17LUM
    Jessica Lum, a journalist who combined multimedia skills with enthusiasm for telling stories to report news and share her personal struggle with cancer on Facebook, died Jan. 13, 2013, at 25. Read her story here.
    Bill Griffith, a wildlife biologist and paddling enthusiast who competed in every Eppie's Great Race since 1976, died Dec. 27, 2012, at 85. Read his story here.
    Anne Chadwick Williams | Bee file, 2003
    Judith Waegell, a Sacramento County ranching family matriarch who made classical music as a professional cellist, died Dec. 7, 2012. She was 74. Read her story here.
  • 2R11GARZA
    Jennifer Garza, a journalist with boundless curiosity about life and deep faith in God who found her calling as a features and religion reporter for The Bee, died Dec. 10, 2012. She was 50. Read her story here.
    Randy Pench |
    Morton L. Friedman, whose drive and vision as a lawyer, businessman and philanthropist shaped the culture in Sacramento from law and medicine to the arts and retailing, died Dec. 5, 2012. He was 80. Read his story here.
    Andy Alfaro | Bee file, 2010
    Creighton Sanders, a fixture on Sacramento television for more than 30 years as a sportscaster with KXTV Channel 10 and KCRA Channel 3, died Nov. 25, 2012, at 85. Read his story here.
    James G. "Jim" Van Maren, a fourth-generation Citrus Heights resident who was a longtime agriculture industry lobbyist, died Nov. 12, 2012, at 84. Read his story here
  • 2M13HOWE.JPG
    Tim Howe, a lobbyist and political consultant who was a top aide to Democratic lawmakers, died Nov. 9, 2012, at 66. Read his story here.
    Nick Trujillo, a popular communications professor and leading scholar on culture, sports and media at California State University, Sacramento, died Oct. 29, 2012, at 56. Read his story here.
    Autumn Payne | Bee file, 2008
    Joe Ramsey, a prominent Sacramento lawyer who served as a longtime advocate and leader of the Humane Society of the United States, died Sept. 24, 2012, at 75. Read his story here.
    Courtesy Ramsey family
    Perla Warren, a noted choral conductor and former music teacher at American River College, died July 29, 2012, at 76. Read her story here.
    Myron Piper, a retired history teacher who was recognized nationally for his innovative approach to bringing the past to life for young people, died Sept. 8, 2012, at 63. Read his story here.
    Autumn Cruz | Autumn Cruz Sacramento Bee file, 2007
    Marilou Lords, a Sacramento restaurateur who co-owned and ran the Broiler Steakhouse, died Aug. 23, 2012, at 67. Read her story here.
    Dean Owen O'Brien, a longtime North Highlands activist who served on boards of local fire districts, died Aug. 17, 2012, at 79. Read his story here.
    Emogene Marjorie Turtle, who taught music in Sacramento after an exciting but demanding career as an opera singer, died Aug. 13, 2012, at 90. Read her story here.
    Gordon Styler, a veteran broadcaster who was a disc jockey at KZAP during the heyday of free-form rock radio in Sacramento, died June 18, 2012, at 65. Read his story here.
    UC Davis
    Jeff Lustig, a noted California studies scholar who taught government and was a faculty leader at California State University, Sacramento, died June 14, 2012, at 69. Read his story here.
    California State University, Sacramento
    Marya Welch, a pioneering professor and leader in collegiate sports who established women's athletics at the University of California, Davis, died June 24, 2012, at 95. Read her story here.
    Florence Low | Bee file, 2005
    Ernest Lee Black, a longtime Sacramento resident and general contractor who built many homes in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, died June 2, 2012, at 88. Read his story here.
    Velma L. Stokley Flournoy, a Sacramento activist who helped raise and award thousands of dollars in scholarships as founder of a pageant for African American women, died May 30, 2012, at 87. Read her story here.
    Courtesy of Angel Stewart
    Bill Pierce, a retired college librarian and well-known master gardener who answered hundreds of horticulture questions in The Bee's Home & Garden section, died April 26, 2012, at age 80. Read his story here.
    Florence Low | Bee file, 2002
    Rex Babin, a Sacramento Bee political cartoonist whose sharp observations touched people by stirring them to anger and outrage and making them laugh and think, died March 30, 2012, at age 49. Read his story here.
  • 5M30TOWE.JPG
    Edward Towe, a former Montana banker whose unrivaled collection of classic Ford cars and trucks became the centerpiece of a major Sacramento automobile museum, died March 13, 2012, at age 97. Read his story here.
    California Automobile Museum
    Don Saner, a retired insurance executive and Sacramento sports figure who played baseball for the Cleveland Indians organization, died March 18, 2012, at age 78. Read his story here.
    Della Davidson, a UC Davis dance professor and innovative choreographer who merged body movements with narrative elements to tell multimedia stories onstage, died March 13, 2012, at age 60. Read her story here.
    Debbie Aldridge | UC Davis file, 2004
    Newton Steve Ekpo, a civic volunteer and pioneering leader in Sacramento's Nigerian community, died Feb. 26, 2012, at age 60. Read his story here.
    By Randy Pench | Bee file, 2000
    The Rev. James E. Straukamp, a retired California State University, Sacramento, history professor who preached social justice as a Catholic priest before joining the Episcopal Church, died March 4, 2012, at age 84. Read his story here.
    Eva Rutland, a noted Sacramento author who wrote about her hopes and fears as an African American mother raising children amid racial discrimination in post-war California, died March 15 2012, at age 95. Read her story here.
    PAUL KITAGAKI JR. | Bee file, 2007
    Steve Schofer, a veteran musician who played bass for Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers, died Feb. 27, 2012, at age 64. Read his story here.
    Susan Pressley
    Thomas M. Bolton Jr., right, former president and chief executive officer of Merchants National Bank of Sacramento, died Feb. 22, 2012, at age 91. Read his story here.
    Michael A. Jones | Bee file, 1999
  • 3M15COLE.JPG
    The Rev. Glen D. Cole, an influential pastor and forceful advocate for traditional values who built the Capital Christian Center into the first megachurch in the Sacramento region, died Feb. 14, 2012, at age 78. Read his story here.
    Lezlie Sterling | Bee file, 2004
    Tom Chinn, a veteran Sacramento political figure and Asian community leader who served on the City Council from 1983 to 1992, died Jan. 21, 2012, at age 85. Read his story here.
    Kenneth Potter, an internationally renowned artist in Fair Oaks who was a leading exponent of the California Style of watercolor painting, died Dec. 27, 2011, at age 85. Read his story here.
    Norma Jean Hamlin, a tenacious Orangevale activist who led a 13-year battle to preserve a scenic wilderness area overlooking Lake Natoma, died Dec. 10, 2011, at age 82. Read her story here.
  • 4M22OBIT.JPG
    Karen Engelen Schulke, a Granite Bay resident who was a leader in the Northern California grocery industry, died Dec. 17, 2011, at age 73. Read her story here.
    Georgana Elliott, a firm believer in healthy living and a pioneering businesswoman who co-founded one of the first natural foods stores in Sacramento almost 60 years ago, died Nov. 19, 2011, at age 92. Read her story here.
    owen brewer | Bee file, 1997
    Willard James Green Sr., an internationally renowned rocket builder who was a top aerospace engineer at Aerojet for 28 years, died Oct. 29, 2011, at age 78. Read his story here.
    Edward Rivera, a noted Sacramento painter and leader in the Chicano art movement who was a police officer for almost 30 years, died Oct. 31, 2011, at age 68. Read his story here.
    BRYAN PATRICK | Bee file, 1998
    The Rev. Marcia Engblom, rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church in Fair Oaks, died Oct. 28, 2011, at age 57. Read her story here.
    Engblom family
    Wendell W. Echols, a humble Grant Union High School janitor who was a revered community leader and mentor in Del Paso Heights, died Oct. 20, 2011, at age 85. Read his story here.
    Michael A. Jones | Bee file, 2003
    Robb Deignan, an avid cyclist and former state Senate staff member who spent more than two decades working in state government, died Oct. 15, 2011, at age 65. Read his story here.
    Bill C. Maynard, a World War II hero who landed in Normandy on D-Day as one of the Army paratroopers portrayed in the book and TV show "Band of Brothers," died Sept. 23, 2011, at age 89. Read his story here.
    Hector Amezcua | Bee file, 2004
    Anthony Nick Ivanovich, a disabled Sacramento resident who defined himself by his many abilities as a public servant, volunteer, hobbyist and family man, died Oct. 1, 2011, at age 88. Read his story here.
This gallery of news obituaries features staff-written stories of people in the Sacramento region who were well known, made community contributions, or had unique or unusual life experiences. See The Bee's obituaries page for more.
This gallery will be updated occasionally.
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