Re "Hamas didn't break peace" (Letters, July 24): Barbara Candy believes thousands of rockets and mortars launched at Israel since August 2013 were peace overtures. There's been no peace since Hamas took over Gaza. Virtually every day since 2001, there have been rockets and mortar shells launched at Israel.

All the news regarding Israel and Palestine has such a clear pro-Israel bias. And why not? We have swallowed the lines "doesn't poor little Israel have a right to exist?," "If only big bad Hamas would stop shelling our innocent citizens Israel would stop fighting" and "Israel only wants peace."

Re "Hamas didn't break peace" (Letters, July 24): I doubt whether the person who wrote this letter exonerating Hamas of responsibility in the current crisis is familiar with the Hamas Charter, which clearly calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews worldwide.

Re "Netanyahu meets Kerry" (Page A9, July 24): The U.S. supplies Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars in aid--much of it for its defense, including the dome that is protecting its women and children from Hamas. So when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spurns our call for a cease fire and accuses us of cowardice for banning commercial flights into Israel, we must consider the wisdom of continuing to fund his activities. Otherwise we will be as responsible as Israel and Hamas for the murder of innocent Palestinian children in Gaza (166 and counting).

Re "Arizona execution takes two hours" (Page A1, July 24): It took 197 minutes to kill Joseph Wood in the execution chamber in Arizona yesterday, 100 minutes of which he was gasping and snorting. It took 83 minutes to kill Clayton Lockett in the execution chamber in Oklahoma in April. He was writhing, shaking and eventually cried out "Man!" All the while, prison officials determined him unconscious.

Re "Hamas didn't break peace" and "Column lets U.S. responsibility for violence off the hook" (Letters, July 24): Finally, people some people examine the crisis in Gaza and speak the truth. Print and broadcast generally report one side of the conflict which usually is in support of bombing Gaza. A letter last week asked why Hamas did not build an Iron Dome. It is because the U.S. has not given them close to a billion dollars for the construction as it has given Israel.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Being an avid outdoorsman, the last critter I want to encounter out there is a hungry grizzly bear. There are certainly plenty of black and brown bears which are only a threat to our food. So, no on bringing in the Grizzlies.

Re "A call to mandatory national service" (Forum, July 20): In proposing a two-year stint of mandatory national service, Gerald Haslam believes he knows how to dispose of your life better than you. Although he personally made the voluntary choice to enter the military, he is not prepared to leave that same decision to others.

Re "U.S. once shot down innocents" (Letters, July 23): The letter writer omitted that the USS Vincennes was at general quarters and fully engaged in combat with Iranian gun boats at the time Iran Air 655 was shot down.

Re "Arts commission has crucial tests on its palette" (Editorials, July 24): Sacramento has more than $2 billion in long-term debt we don't know how to pay. Yet, almost $6 million will go to public art in the new arena. Typical.

"Commission scans tower proposal" (Our Region, July 25): The Sacramento Commons project brings to mind Dwight Eisenhower's warning to the nation about the growing danger of the military industrial complex.

That's it, I am done with going to the Crocker Art Museum.

Re "U.S. once shot down innocents", (Letters, July 23): Letter writer William Blackburn attempts to equate the Flight 17 incident with the 1988 takedown of an Iranian airliner by the USS Vincennes, but omits some inconvenient facts. The Iranian airliner was aimed directly at the Vincennes, at a low altitude, failed to respond to warnings and was coming from the direction of an Iranian military base - exactly the flight profile expected of a hostile aircraft.

Re "49ers' green stadium gets them gold status" (Sports, July 22): Hopefully, the new stadium will have a few more rules to make things more family friendly.

Re "Missing from Family Vacations? Magic Fingers " (Forum, Jack Ohman, July 20): I loved Jack Ohman's article about his long-ago vacations with his brother and parents and always being on the lookout for a motel with a pool and magic finger beds.

I called the city's 311 telephone exchange on July 17 to report a dead dog lying on the sidewalk at the corner of American and Wilson around 9:30 am. I was told that someone would come and take care of it.

"Commission scans tower proposal" (Our Region, July 25): Downtown development, historic preservation and respect for community should not be a zero-sum game. Beverly Hills developer Kennedy Wilson has positioned the Sacramento Commons Project into a take it or leave it proposition. No concessions to current property owners. No concessions to preserving the tree canopy. No concessions to the award-winning mid-century "Towers in the Park" architectural design that created the existing, high-density housing. Not even an acknowledgment that the proposed footprints bulldoze over deeded easements owned by others.

Re "Commission scans tower proposal" (Our Region, July 25): Thousand Oaks lost 200 oak trees to developer greed. In Sacramento, Kennedy Wilson, an investment firm, wants city permission to destroy more than 200 large trees, public green space and 206 two-story apartments at Capitol Towers and Villas. If approved, this speculative project of super-size, high-rise and mid-rise apartments and parking garages, is likely to result in giant holes, land vacant for years and negative effects on neighboring residential buildings.

Re "Child migrant surge shifts politics of immigration" (Nation/World, July 18): As we seek solutions for this surge of migrant children, we should take a hard look at how we want our actions to reflect on our nation.

Re "Homeless group files suit to block panhandling ban" (Our Region, July 18): Aggressive or unsafe panhandling is already against the law, it's just not enforced. We do not need another ordinance or law, just enforce the ones we have. We have more important things to do with our resources than to chase after panhandlers.

Re "California-Mexico bonds will grow" (Viewpoints, July 23): Gov. Jerry Brown, for your forthcoming visit to Mexico to strengthen trade and investment with California, you should start the meeting with Jose Antonio Meade, Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, by stating that Mexico has 12 hours to release Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi or we are completely closing down the border.

Re "Prop. 49 lets citizens have a voice," (Another View, July 23): Michele Sutter and Derek Cressman have it right. Proposition 49 will enable the public to advise Congress on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. However, what does The Bee editorial board have to say? A constitutional convention would be required. Nonsense.

Re "Australia scuttles tax on carbon emissions" (Page A9, July 18): This is a defeat for efforts to combat climate change. What happened? This was not a simple carbon tax where all revenue collected was returned to Australian households.Thus, the average Australian saw increased energy costs with no direct compensation for these costs. Also, The tax was strongly opposed by the conservative party and when it returned to power it immediately sought the repeal of the tax.

Re "Arizona drug execution takes 2 hours" (Page A1, July 24): Two hours is too long for a convicted murderer to wait to die after lethal injection. I agree with his attorneys on this, but not because I feel sorry for the criminal, because I am sure he did not care how long it took his victims to die, or care how they suffered.

Re "Casualty numbers raise questions about Gaza war" (Nation/World, July 23): The Bee need not take Israel's word on Hamas storing rockets in civilian centers. Already, the U.N. -- no friend of the Jewish state -- has twice discovered missiles stored in schools. Tragically, the U.N. returned these tools of terror to Hamas. Indeed, one can find footage on YouTube of Hamas rockets fired from crowds of onlooking children and apartment rooftops. One can see images of an Israeli kindergarten leveled by Hamas rockets and tours of tunnels built to murder Israeli civilians.

Re "Israelis in front row for Gaza bombing" (Page A1, July 23): Golda Meir, Israeli prime minister in 1969, said "We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us." It is true that if Hamas laid down their weapons, there would be no more war. If Israel laid down its weapons, there would be no more Israel.

Re "Bullet train lives, still lacks funds" (Capitol & California, June 18): A bullet train? Seriously?

Re "A view of Delta tunnels from south state" (Forum, July 20): The Southern California water expert acknowledges that larger freshwater withdrawals via Jerry Brown's tunnel follies would devastate Delta farming industry, yet I read how Brown's cap-and-trade would help farmers receive cash credits.

Re "Evil ones inhabit death row" (Marcos Breton, July 23): The legal manipulations Marcos Breton considers to "make the death penalty system flawed" are, in fact, teams of death penalty appeals specialists and defense attorneys zealously guarding the rights of their clients. That is how our justice system works. If it takes too long, then find a way to fix it without comprising defendants' rights.

Re "Israelis in front row for Gaza bombing" (Page A1, July 23): The article states that the residents of Sderot "have to dash to bomb shelters throughout the day." My question is, do the Palestinian residents of Gaza have bomb shelters they can dash to when Israel bombs start falling?

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