Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Grizzlies in the wild do not mix well with humans. After years in Alaska, there is no reason to bring them into California, one of the most populated states.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): It makes no sense to suggest we bring the grizzly back to California for three reasons.

Re "After controversial leader, Sacramento City Unified eyes low-profile replacement" (Our Region, July 17): I will give Jose Banda credit for being honest about why he wants the position of superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District. To quote the man himself: "It's an opportunity to get back into the retirement system that I spent almost my entire career in."

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): We seem to have a new brand of environmentalist who want to return nature to its original state. They lobby to stop stocking of trout in streams in favor of the return of wild trout and turn the sometimes useful catch and release to no catch to release.

Re "Return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Why force a disaster in the making on either the bears or humans? If this was such great habitat for grizzlies they would have stayed. If an animal that big wants something, who is going to stop them legally?

Re "Overwatering is a crime, but not for all Californians" (Editorials, July 17): It's absurd to claim farmers have been let off the hook during the drought. Before it adopted rules on urban use, the State Water Resources Control Board issued curtailment notices to thousands of water right holders -- mostly farmers -- requiring a complete cutoff of water, with fines of up to $1,000 a day for violations. Remember, farmers use water to grow food, a basic necessity. Despite this, farmers are typically the first to have their water cut back. This year, many received no water from surface reservoirs, leading to strains on groundwater that could be greatly relieved by investment in additional water storage. Farmers grow the crops that people want and need. During the Great Recession, farming was one economic sector that kept generating productivity and jobs. Now, it's suffering the most from drought, with 17,100 job losses and $2.2 billion in economic damage. Off the hook? Yeah, right.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): I disagree with Mariel Garza's contention that returning the grizzly bear to the Sierra Nevada environment, including the Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia parks would be a bad idea. I have backpacked on numerous occasions in all three areas, and the great majority of these areas are places where very few people go. The highly populated areas like the Yosemite Valley floor and the Pacific Crest Trail tend to be avoided by large predator and prey animals.

Re "Defense says drug-sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): I don't recall subscribing to one of the checkout tabloids, but thought maybe I had when I opened The Bee.

Re "Senate inaction on envoys hinders U.S. foreign policy" (Editorials, July 13): The Bee's editorial decrying Senate inaction on ambassadorial appointments may have overstated the consequences of an ambassador's absence from a U.S. embassy overseas.

Re "Indifference, the story of our time" (Forum, July 13): Gregory Favre is right about a culture of indifference. We prefer moral indignation and blame rather than working to bring significant healing to our community. We also choose powerlessness in the face of global hunger, terrorism and disease.

Re "Pensions aren't an investment" (Letters, July 17): Here's some Accounting 101 for the author of that letter: bankruptcies are caused by debt, and the debt to CalPERS isn't different than the debt to any other creditor. Debt is debt, plain and simple.

Re "Value of water conservation misunderstood" (Forum, July 13): This article should have been titled, "The value of water misunderstood." That's because we appear unwilling to allocate water in the manner that we allocate virtually every other scarce resources, i.e., using a market price. By allowing the market to set the price for water, there will never be any surplus or shortage, since markets ensure that the supply equals demand (absent spot shortages/surpluses).

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): I have hiked, camped and backpacked in the Sierra Nevada for over 50 years, and for much of that time I have brought my children. I have always felt safe and comfortable in the mountains. Black bears have gotten into my food a few times, but I have never felt personally threatened by them.

Re "Overwatering is a crime, but not for all Californians" (Editorials, July 17): With regards to allocating California's limited water resources to the most beneficial uses, this editorial piece promotes ornamental turf lawn irrigation over agricultural needs. Until the USDA includes lawn clippings in their dietary guidelines, this board's opinion is highly flawed.

Re "Defense says drug-sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): The Sacramento Bee has featured three reports on the front page about an alleged Folsom call girl. Surely that is enough newsprint to fill any narcissist's scrapbook.

Re "Defense says drug sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): I note with some disgust that the newspaper recently featured very large photos and extensive coverage of an alleged call girl murderess on the front page of your newspaper. On July 17, I got to see a more than half page color photo of this person on the front page, complete with other photos on later pages. I tried to find anything in the sports section about ladies' golf and naturally got a full dose of men's golf and Tiger Woods.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): You have got to be kidding. I've spent time up in the area of Yosemite and know how food would attract all bears. It's always a problem now with black bears.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): It's bad enough when black bears come into a camp and try to get into food or snuffle around the tent where you're sleeping. It's annoying, but not very frightening.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Fear and anxiety drives all kinds of crimes against humanity as it does against the natural world. Mariel Garza can be applauded for writing "Return of the grizzly," but her opinion that grizzlies should not be let loose in Yosemite, demonstrates that she totally misapprehends the larger issues.

Re "Criminal defense lawyers deserve some respect for their role in justice" (Viewpoints, July 17): Jeff Adachi makes a compelling case for the role of criminal defense lawyers and their role in our judicial system and wonders why they are so often vilified.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): I read the article with interest then asked myself, "Who benefits from this?" This is a competitive predator that will not remain in select areas, no matter what the experts say. We have had puma attacks in the Sacramento area. Wild animals don't respect the rules. Their numbers increase with proper range and prey, but at some juncture their numbers dictate that they move further out.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Bringing grizzly bears back to California is a bad idea.

Headlines regarding tragedies and persons with severe mental illness continue to splash across our newspapers, but what some may not realize is of the many silent tragedies that continue to happen each day in the lives of our most severely ill. Our mental health system is broken and our most severely and persistently ill are not getting the care they need or deserve. Tim Murphy has introduced HR 3717, or the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Paul Tonko recently introduced the Strengthening Mental Health in our Communities Act as a Democratic alternative.

Re "Defense says drug sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): A court appearance of a prostitute who shot heroin with a dead Silicon Valley executive took the whole front page again in The Bee today. How is this front page news? This is the second time The Bee has given this front page status, and buried in the second page of the Metro section was the story of the bank robbery in Stockton that impacted a lot more people in the Sacramento area than a family in Folsom.

Re "Israel sends troops into Gaza after cease-fire talks fail" (Nation/World, July 17): Egypt offered to broker a peace deal and a cease-fire, Israel took them up on the offer. Palestine's Gaza Shariah government-led Hamas, by contrast, rejected the cease-fire and continued firing rockets into Israel. That should tell you who wants peace and who does not.

Re "Hard work creates wealth" (Letters, July 10): David Halley's belief that hard work and sacrifice creates wealth is generally true- if you have a job offering advancement or money for investments. Ask the multimillions of middle class ex-workers who will never have a decent job again. Without a college education, money to invest, or a friend to give him a good job, let's see Halley find a job to make him wealthy.

Re "Return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Do I and most readers of The Bee care if Mariel Garza thinks the grizzly should be returned to California? The start of the conversation of a well-informed citizenry should be built upon a foundation of, well obviously, information and not opinion.

Re "Defense says drug sex romp was just a consensual affair" (Page A1, July 17): I've definitely been disappointed about certain articles that have been printed, but I have never been so compelled to write a letter to the editor about something that was ignored.

Re "Tim Draper submits signatures in bid to split California into six states" (Capitol & California, July 15): Splitting California should happen, but six ways is not practical. A split into East and West California makes sense.

Re "Families must step up and care for mentally ill" (Viewpoints, July 15): It's unnecessary to suggest that families take more responsibility for mentally ill loved ones. They struggle with the problem every day.

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