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One of the great wonders of the modern era is the fact that we can pretty much reach anyone at any time, regardless of distance, time or necessity. This is both blessing and burden.

You never want somebody else's face to pop up on a video call from your daughter's cell number.

The entire family was here recently, 14 in all including six crumb-crunchers under the age of 5. We had a joint birthday party for two of the grands with pink princess cupcakes and chocolate train cupcakes.

When Mary Kaye Richter's son was diagnosed, she could only find a few paragraphs about hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which inhibits the growth of teeth, hair and sweat glands. To learn more, she converted a storage room of a church in Mascoutah, Ill., into the headquarters for a foundation that she established.

Q: I've been living with my girlfriend and her two kids for about six months. Everything is okay between us, however, it really bothers me that she refers to her ex as, "the a------". She calls him that to friends, family, and in front of her kids. Her phone ID says "A------"when he calls. She's also drinking way more than she used to and she makes comments in front of the kids that are way out of line. I want to talk to her about it, but I'm not sure how.What's good ex-etiquette?

For the record, I don't make it a habit to hang out in bars alone. Not that there's anything wrong in that. I'm old enough to do as I please, thank you.

The Wall Street Journal says there's no difference between a child whose primary interest is reading and a child who uses social media obsessively. In WSJ's March 22-23 "Mind and Matter" column, Alison Gopnik recounts, in fable form, her childhood obsession with "The Device," which turns out to be books. She then claims to know of research supporting the notion that reading books "hijacks" large portions of a child's brain, portions "that had originally been designed for other purposes."

A boy. A dad. A mid-April hike.

Q: Your 10-year-old daughter's BFF is moving away. How do you help her cope?

Now that spring is here and the weather is warmer, with longer days, our older children will probably enjoy walking home from school. Pick a route that is easy for your child to remember even if it may take a little longer. Turning one corner is easier for your child to remember than having to turn five. Walk the path home with them physically a number of times, and a few times walking behind without them knowing. When you walk the route with your child, focus on the things your child will notice, especially within their dominant sensory mode.

"Patience." It's a simple word, but a hard one to embrace when you're stretched thin as a parent who is caring for both your children and your parents or in-laws.

If you have a child old enough to speak, I bet you have heard these words: "I am bored."

You have to deal with varicose veins, weight gain and sore feet. Why not enjoy a few perks? Here's how some of you used your bump to your advantage.

I took a day off work recently to knock off 20 or so items from my to-do list. I knocked off two.

I'm sure your kids are just as clean, neat and organized as mine are, right? Ha! Just like everyone else, I suffer from nonstop annoyance over all my kids' stuff. They have so much. Toys here, there and everywhere, seemingly reproducing overnight. I put it all away in the evening and the next morning it magically reappears in almost the same place, as if it came alive around midnight and decided to mess with me.

Cutting through babyGap at the mall on our way to GapKids, my youngest son pinches a pair of tiny jeans, holds them up, and says, "What is this, some kinda doll sale?" I stare at the bitsy britches. And like it was yesterday, I remember the first thing I ever bought my firstborn - a tiny, powder blue zip-up bodysuit that I still have.

If your family's Easter celebration included colored eggs or spiral-sliced ham, you might be wondering what to do with all of your leftovers. Fear not. By adding some simple seasonal produce and pantry staples, we've put together a week's worth of balanced meals that will have your fridge emptied faster than you can say Peter Cottontail.

In the mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome, most of the deities had shared lineages, dominions and attributes - but not appellations. I thought it might be fun to pit the names of the two cultures against each other and let you see if your taste ran more to the Greek or Roman. The one major exception to this rule is Apollo - recently chosen by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale - whose name stayed the same.

That old baseball axiom is wrong, Stefan Klein argues: Nice guys don't finish last. Klein makes his case in "Survival of the Nicest: How Altruism Made Us Human and Why it Pays to Get Along" (The Experiment).

One of the never-ending chores busy parents face is battling the mountain of laundry that gets generated each week. How much time do you spend each week fighting stains, hunting down missing socks and sorting clothes?

Working moms and dads, have you given any thought to what your occupation may mean for the job choices of your children?

Extech Instruments' Big Digit Hydro-Thermometer displays its digital readings with numbers that are an inch in height, great for children who are building basic skills in simple instrumentation and scientific principles. In addition to temperature, the thermometer displays a room's relative humidity, another basic concept for children, particularly those who live in a dry environment, to understand.

Two years ago, Bluffton, S.C., resident Kylie Ferguson found herself alone and pregnant.

Hollywood is going green!

I recently sat on a panel about Multiculturalism, International Education and Career Paths in the Professional World at the Lycee Francaise in New York City. While the focus of the panel was on the value that international students bring to U.S. campuses with their diverse language skills and cultural backgrounds, the focus quickly shifted to American students and the fact that our universities are graduating American students in the masses who lack these skills.

Finding productive and educational ways for kids to spend their summer vacations can be frustrating for parents and boring for their children. Bizainy Activity Kits now give young ones the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills with start-up materials that come in a box.

Simon Alexander Garcia lived only one brief hour. But somewhere a little girl's heart is beating today because of him.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Emily Fox had her moment of inspiration for Forget the Frock while shopping for Easter outfits.

Q: My boyfriend of two years and I broke up for a short while, but we have reconciled and I moved back in about two months ago. His ex-wife, who is constantly causing trouble with the kids, continues to ask him out for coffee, for dinner, to join her skiing. It's really maddening and she won't stop! What's good ex-etiquette?

A family meeting is called to rein in expenses using a family budget while also trying to keep the 23-year-old and 28-year-old financially afloat.

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