Phil Jackson will be residing in midtown Manhattan during his tenure with the New York Knicks. The legendary Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls coach turned NBA executive recently paid $4.85 million for a co-op at the Osborne, a historic brownstone building on West 57th Street.

A reporter once asked me, "If you could convince all garden centers to sell one perennial, what would it be?" The answer at that time was simple for me: the Joe Pye weed. I've since fallen for a few other native weeds too, especially when I see the way they bring in bees and butterflies.

The phone rings. The voice on the other line informs you that your PC is infected with a virus that, fortunately for you, the caller's well-known company can eliminate. Hmm, you think, that's odd, since our family only uses Macs.

Despite years of financial crisis, Europeans still leave town in August.

LOS ANGELES-Michael C. Hall has listed a property in Los Feliz at $4.5 million. Considering that the "Dexter" star and serial home buyer and seller purchased the place a year ago at $3.825 million, he may not make much of a killing after improvements and commissions.

When I was in high school, I learned about the law of diminishing returns. Basically it states that the more you have of something, the less valued it becomes. The example our teacher gave (while keeping the age of his audience in mind) was of an ice-cold Coke. If you're hot and thirsty, that first can is heaven. But if you had an unlimited supply, there would be a point where you didn't want another one at all. It no longer had the value the first did. In fact, it would become undesirable.

A century ago, every woman in rural America had a hope chest and a Mason jar collection. These coveted jars were brought into use over the August and September harvest season when the farm yielded its bounty. Early on she worked over a wood cook stove, but now a gas or electric range with air conditioning makes this job more fun in these dog days of summer.

I have a teeny tiny room in my home that needed a big, bold touch. Instead of covering the walls in wallpaper, which we know is such a pain to remove, I opted for lovely blue and white watercolor print from my home decor fabric collection, California Dreaming. It has a great linen texture and makes the room feel so rich and cozy. This project is the perfect solution for a dorm room or a rental apartment. Covering a wall in fabric is easy to do - and when the time comes, easy to undo!

Q: Ed, my wife and I want to turn an unused bedroom into a full master bathroom. Since we have extra space, we would like a beautiful bathtub installed in the middle of the bathroom area away from the walls. What basic bathing options do we have to explore to plan for our bathtub centerpiece?

Trying to maneuver through the rules of the design world can sometimes feel like walking across a mine field. We want to categorize every product as traditional, contemporary, rustic, lodge, industrial, modern or French country. We are so concerned about those labels that we often second-guess our design decisions.

Q: We are replacing our windows and are considering a triple pane window over a double pane. Is there a major difference?

Dear Helaine and Joe:

My favorite season of the year is just weeks away: Fall! I start pulling out my fall decor when it's still beastly hot in Kansas because I just can't wait to fill my home with all the colors, textures and aromas of autumn. If you want to celebrate this glorious season in your home decor as well, the perfect place to start is your fireplace mantel, one of the most visible spots in your home. Here are three beautiful looks we created to inspire you.

What do you get when you spend $600,000 on a remodeling job? For starters, an addition that doubles the size of the existing home. This whole-house remodel in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis is one of nine spendy projects on Midwest Home magazine's first Luxury Remodeling Tour.

Be kind to your vegetables. Watch for wilt. We're all trying to save water, but keep an eye on tomatoes during hot weather. They can wilt easily when the temperature hits triple digits.

There are many reasons to downsize.

It strikes every year, afflicting thousands of once-earnest gardeners: midsummer malaise. We start the year with a pent-up need to plant, to bring fresh life from a landscape that was buried under deep snow for so very, very long.

It's hard to get excited about organizing when you're staring down an aisle of bland plastic bins or wire closet systems. But if you've got some basic tools and a little time, you can make your own organizing solutions that are fabulous as well as functional.

It's hard to get excited about organizing when you're staring down an aisle of bland plastic bins or wire closet systems. But if you've got some basic tools and a little time, you can make your own organizing solutions that are fabulous as well as functional.

Dear Angie: What type of service provider should I hire to remove cigarette smoke smell and residue from a house? A relative smoked in the basement apartment of my house; I want to get rid of as much of the smell as possible.

Heidi Klum is statuesque, but she isn't one to stand still for long. The supermodel and television producer sold her gated estate in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A. for $24 million in an all-cash deal that closed in 29 days.

Hall of Fame basketball player Chris Mullin has put his condominium in Coronado, near San Diego, up for sale at $1.55 million.

Upstairs, the master bathroom has a spa built for him and her modeled after a five-star resort, with dual showers and porcelain tile. Downstairs, there's another spa, but this one is strictly for paws and fur.

As online reviews become an increasingly common tool to help consumers make everyday decisions, from where to eat to which roofer to hire, it's important to keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

Question: My townhouse is built on a slab, and I have ceramic tile in the kitchen. A few of the tiles have chips where items were dropped.

,If you have been hoping to light up your garden with dazzling foliage, then you need a little Sunshine. Actually a little is good but a lot of Sunshine is better. The Sunshine I am referring to is one of the hottest shrubs anywhere and that is the Sunshine ligustrum

Is there such a thing as a low-maintenance garden?

A Midwestern garden lover got me thinking about daisies. His small yard has been transformed into a miniature version of the tallgrass prairie that once cloaked the deep loam where his house stands now. "The bees just don't go to the Shasta daisies," he said. "They flock to the coneflowers, black-eyed Susans and blanket flowers, but leave the Shastas alone. I'm going to pull them all out."

Q: We had a leak in our kitchen sink sewer pipe in our one-story house that evidently got bigger for over a year, and recently a plumber replaced the pipe with the hole in it. The smell is quite bad but we have installed a fan in the subspace which makes it tolerable. Can we leave it as is for a long time or do we need to do something where the water pooled?

You can use a menu board to jot down your menu for the evening, but it can also just be a great place to communicate between family members.

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