Katie Hursey went to Syracuse to compete in track, but she was a triathlete by the time she left.

It's hot. It's still summer weather. Why in the world should you think about snowy slopes right now?

Scripts in hand, production notes jotted down, kids circling around him like Weebles wobbling - Jeff Frank sometimes thinks about the First Stage academy's slogan on the T-shirts of his young actors:

Sometimes, the straight and narrow can be a long and winding road. And in the case of the Teens Run Modesto program, that road is 26.2 miles.

Seattle's numerous hills and frequent drizzles are a deterrent to many potential cyclists. But addressing those obstacles helped a local team win a national contest for designing a new urban bicycle.

When packing for an adventure, the key is always organization. Eagle Creek's Pack-It Specter Cube Set includes three different-sized packing cubes that open wide to accept a range of items and zip to maximize the space and ensure everything stays in the right place in your bag or luggage.

When Adrian Winchell surfaced from a dive and faced a powerboat 50 feet away going 60 mph, he did the only thing he could do.

Competing at high altitudes is no joke for endurance athletes.

Whether you're not doing something you should be or you're doing something that you shouldn't be, exercise mistakes result in one thing: A frustrating plateau. The problem is, not all fitness fails are obvious and, what's worse, some even disguise themselves as legitimate practices.

Emily Michog's work changed something about her recreation.

Tired of hearing your young ones cry "I'm bored"? Sometimes the greatest adventure is right in your own backyard, and you just need the right gear to experience it. Carson's BugView bug catcher is a simple little tool that makes it easy for little children to collect interesting specimens without having to touch them. Once the creature is caught, kids can view it under the included 5x magnifying lens and then humanely set it free when they're done.

There's no denying it: Living gluten-free has its hassles. And while many people with an actual sensitivity to gluten have special needs, eating gluten-free has a lot of health benefits for all interested. Cutting down on gluten means cutting down on the intake of a vast majority of carbohydrates, which in most cases is a good thing for weight loss and overall health.

The cold waters of Colorado's Yampa River can sooth your soul - and sore muscles - after a summer day of hard mountain biking or hiking.

The Outdoor Retailer show, held in both summer and winter in Salt Lake City, always predicts coming trends in activewear and gear. This year's summer show demonstrated a continuing trend: the melding of urban and outdoors life.

Michigan husband-and-wife restaurateurs Seth and Audrey Doherty - both experienced Great Lakes divers - spent a week's vacation in Key West last month hunting for ancient underwater treasure.

It's just a party.

Paddling his packraft deftly but quickly, Jared White appeared to be stuck between a rock and a hard current.

When the 19th-century Mormon pioneers came upon Zion Canyon and settled this area, they were self-consciously biblical in their outlook. Isaac Behunin, who is given credit for naming the gorge that runs through what is now a national park, declared, "A man can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as he can in any man-made church; this is Zion.".

In her early 20s, Jes Meiris of Colorado Springs fell into what she calls the "climber's vortex of addiction," when climbing became a daily pursuit.

On Lake Minnetonka, Rodney Jansen is used to the stares.

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