What happened to the CSUS student and her lady friend who killed her husband? Are the two still in jail?

The radiant smiles of children lit up the night after they received scooters or skateboards at a Dec. 14 Christmas party hosted by Friends-CARE. The nonprofit organization provides services, educational workshops, support and resources for children and families of the incarcerated. The children’s wishes were fulfilled, thanks to the generosity of Book of Dreams readers.

Kimberly Kaufman screamed and jumped up and down when her eyes spied the check from Book of Dreams.

For the 147 children who attended the Friends-CARE Christmas party, this holiday season will prove to be an active one.

Tina Godina gets by on spirit.

Dasko is both Kevin Cameron's own service dog and a prime example of the work that Cameron's organization, Alpha K9, can do for others in the community.

Book of Dreams readers have been asked to help purchase a storage shed for donated shoes set to be distributed to those in need.

Five grandchildren gather on the overstuffed sofa in Angela Murchison’s Del Paso Heights home, their knees knocking one another as they wiggle into comfortable spots.

Brianna Montelongo listened to her favorite band, Ghost Town, as the haze of anesthesia wore off from her open heart surgery.

Linda Tiefenthaler used to spend much of her day on her sofa, reading and avoiding the financial, physical and mental hardships facing her.

Lena Rodrigues hovers in the back of the church hall, straightening already perfect rows of knit hats and gloves.

The inviting aroma of garlic and Italian herbs wafted down the long hallways of the home as eggplant parmesan and chicken baked in the oven.

Ned Hammad has only strummed two chords on his guitar, and already the mood in the room shifts dramatically. Wheelchairs begin jiggling slightly as their occupants wiggle and move. Several students begin clapping along.

The week before her death, 2-year-old Khya Polk-Thompson lay on her sister Nesha’s lap and brushed her fingers on Nesha’s hand, her way of showing affection.

Sometimes the needs are simple and basic, such as a bed for a child or parent. Sometimes they are more specialized, like the request for an electronic “page turner” that would allow Priscilla Wong to read a book by herself despite her physical limitations. Whatever the need, The Sacramento Bee’s annual Book of Dreams allows all of you to help those in need in our community during this holiday season.

The organization works with 32 congregations throughout the Sacramento region to provide shelter and meals for up to four families per night.

For years, The Sacramento Bee's holiday drive has sought to help those in need in the capital region. Today, we start a new series of tales of hope and generosity.

Late-afternoon sunshine filtered through the windows of the quaint bungalow in old Roseville, casting a calming glow through the yoga studio where a handful of women perched on folded blankets atop exercise mats.

Choose which dreams you would like help come true.

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