Perhaps averting another standoff with Democrats, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives took a small step earlier this week by allocating an additional $10 billion to continue to paying for freeway projects nationwide.

New rules make overwatering a crime – for everyone but the agriculture industry. That’s not fair.

Proposition 49 is a cynical measure that will clutter the November ballot.

Presidential rivals agree to abide by result of an internationally supervised audit.

She now plans to recuse herself on Mather Field votes, but Fair Political Practices Commission should look at her past votes.

Citigroup pays a $7 billion settlement and its stock rises, of course.

Dealing with mentally ill people is counterintuitive to much of the standard cop training. An officers’ most persuasive tool for most people, the threat of force, can incite someone who has broken with reality.

El Papa is urging “the international community to pay attention to this challenge” and to provide protection for the some 50,000 kids from Mexico and Central America detained by U.S.

California’s $300 billion public employee pension fund reported the upbeat news that its rate of return exceeded 18 percent in the fiscal year that ended last month. But happy days are hardly here again for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, or for taxpayers who must make good on government pensions.

Violators don’t face serious consequences. State water officials are proposing to change that. It’s about time.

U.S. Senate needs to leave petty politics out of international relations.

Banda comes to Sacramento for the wrong reasons. But perhaps he will stay and fight for the right ones.

The changes made so far are nice, but they amount to little more than tinkering at the edges.

Neglect of California parks system must end.

Congress should leave Ex-Im bank alone.

Sacramento police agree to contribute to their retirement accounts, but get a pay raise in return.

Fans in the cheap seats have supported the team during some rather lean times. Their loyalty shouldn’t be cast aside now.

Incident points to the lack of training given to law enforcement officers, even though officers all too often are society’s front-line mental health care providers.

The current setup is confusing and favors candidates who can raise more cash.

San Francisco’s vote should inspire other counties to support intensive care for mentally ill people.

House Republican Speaker John Boehner says he’s so upset about President Barack Obama’s use of signing statements to challenge laws he and his GOP majority pass that he’s planning to sue the president for overstepping his bounds.

California is the only state in the western United States that does not regulate groundwater at the state level. Worse, the state also is unique in the West with a wrongheaded, outdated 1951 law that makes well logs and drillers reports confidential information and not available to the public. That makes real groundwater management impossible.

Manipulation of loopholes allows public equity firms to unfairly avoid paying taxes and to nickel-and-dime their investors, which increasingly include public pension funds like CalPERS.

Ever so slowly, Sacramento County officials are preparing to enter the Internet age, to the benefit of the electorate. It can’t come soon enough.

Key decisions coming this year for trolley line linking Sacramento and West Sacramento.

There is only one correct way to view the estimated 52,000 unaccompanied minors who have streamed through the United States-Mexico border over the past year and who are now crowding federal detention facilities: children fleeing desperate, dangerous places who need our help.

In and around Sacramento’s K Street, the prospect of a new downtown arena has captured the bulk of attention. But much more is happening – and should be happening.

Since county officials can’t get along, grand jury goes to extremes to recommend getting rid of a bunch of elected positions.

The date is etched in our collective consciousness, and 238 years have passed since that day in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

The Brandathon’s “In Season” concept misses the mark in capturing the identity of the six-county Sacramento region.

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