Ex-etiquette: For happier holidays, agree to deviate from court-order error

Q. My ex and I split up about four months ago and when we did, we agreed to a holiday schedule for the kids. I was to have Thanksgiving this year and she was to have Christmas. When the court papers came in the mail, both holidays were assigned to my ex this year. She said we have to stick to the court order and would not allow me to see the kids on Thanksgiving. Plus, she said she plans to stick to the court order for Christmas as well. What's good ex-etiquette?


Ask Mr. Dad: Affection could end sex-starved dad's famine

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm a new dad and love everything about fatherhood. But my marriage is fraying. Our baby's birth was uneventful and my wife's OB told us that we could have sex again after six weeks. He's eight months old now and my wife and I have had sex exactly one time since the birth. That's it. I've tried talking with her about this, and her response is that she simply has no sex drive anymore. I'm 27 and my sex drive is pretty healthy. I feel bad bugging her to do something she apparently doesn't feel like doing and I don't want our relationship to end over this. I'm trying to be as sympathetic as I can, but is it normal for women to lose their sex drive for this long after giving birth? Is there anything I can do to increase her sex drive?


The politics of faith

Jimmy Carter's cancer diagnosis has prompted a favorable re-evaluation of the former president's legacy from Democrats who spent much of the last two decades distancing themselves from his perceived liberal idealism. His personal integrity, commitment to human rights and peacemaking as president and ex-president have all been rightly lauded. Yet one standout Carter quality is still largely off-limits for those in his party: his very public religiosity.

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