After 125 years as a house of worship, church becomes a home

A 125-year-old former United Brethren church in Oakdale, Calif. has started a new chapter as a home. Instead of a congregation and the sound of hymns reverberating from the 22-foot ceiling, there is a family of five and the sound children laughing and a toddler’s feet scurrying across the original hardwood floors.

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We see 'The Boss Baby' and talk with Alec Baldwin, other stars

Do you like really funny movies? Then you will love "The Boss Baby," starring Alec Baldwin as the boss baby and Miles Bakshi as Tim. We had the opportunity to preview the movie at the Sony Lincoln Square Theater in Manhattan and participate in the "blue" carpet event before the movie. We couldn't believe that so many of the stars met with us, and it was very exciting and a night we will all remember.


Parents @ Play: Fun additions to kids' Easter baskets

With Easter around the corner, it's time to start gathering items for your children's baskets. Since you probably still have plenty of candy left over from Halloween, you may be on the lookout for unsweetened, (vaguely) egg-shaped items to put inside. Here are a few surefire hits.


Product review: Gift 'ems, cute international collectibles make perfect presents

Gift 'ems (Jakks Pacific) are tiny dolls packaged in small gift boxes. Gift 'em dolls represent countries from around the world and are classified as rare, common, day girls, night girls, and ultra-rare. The Ultra-rare dolls come with little snowboards. The common ones have no extra accessories but still, come in a gift box. The rare ones have sparkles in their eyes. The night and day girls have sparkles on them but they peel off really easily.

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On Gardening: Banana Shrub, an heirloom of exotic fragrance

The past two months have been weeks of tantalizing fragrance that I am afraid not many children or families have experienced. This champion of aroma I am referring to is the banana shrub. The banana shrub is an heirloom from the 1800s and produces extremely sweet aromatic blossoms for months. It is one of the more amazing scents in the plant world.

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Answer man: Should you be concerned about the mercury in those curly-Q light bulbs?

Q: Given the toxicity of mercury, why in the world would light-bulb manufacturers have chosen to use this in the CFL light bulbs that replaced the incandescents? Soon after these new bulbs were developed, they then started to tout the wonders of the LED. Why wouldn't they have done this in the first place, and was the EPA on vacation when they were developing these bulbs with mercury in them? By the way, the new lights are a pain and costly.


Top French air team to perform at Mather Airport

The top French Air Force team "Patrouille de France" will fly over Rancho Cordova during an April 15 demonstration.
Patrouille de France
Top French air team to perform at Mather Airport 2:24

Top French air team to perform at Mather Airport

Grant gets new pool 0:46

Grant gets new pool

Troika walks with three legs after fence-jumping mishap 0:39

Troika walks with three legs after fence-jumping mishap

How to do pushups the right way 3:22

How to do pushups the right way