Vet makes a 3-D leg for Pete the parrot

It was Pete's screams that first alerted Benjamin Spalding to a crisis in backyard. A fox had grabbed the 34-year-old Mealy Amazon parrot as he was climbing up the side of his aviary and tore off his left foot.


Using birth control before starting a family

Dear Mayo Clinic: My husband and I are both in our early 20s and would like to wait about five years to begin our family. What type of birth control would you recommend? Does using birth control for a long time make it harder to conceive down the road?


Snooping couple can't let the past go

Q: I'm seeing this man who I met online and everything's good, but I caught him looking through my phone and, when I confronted him about it, he flipped out. I then told him he had to leave, which he did. That was two weeks ago, and then out of the blue he showed up at my house, begging for me to take him back, which I did. My friends all say I'm an idiot but I love him. Here's my question: Now I'm the one who's being jealous. He has photos of him with his ex on Facebook. I asked him to take them down but he won't because his kids are in the photos. How do I handle this?


Living with Children: Control the controller, defeat the addiction

Have you ever heard of an addict who was cured of his or her addiction because someone limited, but did not eliminate, their access to the substance or behavior in question? No, you have not. Is an addiction to gambling less harmful if the addict is only allowed to gamble five hours a week? No, it is not. The proposition is absurd.


5 ways to save money at the hair salon

Haircuts, color and products can add up quickly at the salon, and while you may not want to cut corners when it comes to your hair, it's possible to cut costs while keeping your cut fantastic. We reached out to salon experts across the country to learn the behind-the-scene secrets to savings at the salon.


Ex-etiquette: Discuss family traditions before wedding

Question: My husband recently took his son on a backpacking trip. It's a family tradition that I thought was going to stop now that we are married. When they returned, I found out that my husband's ex-wife's father and brother also went along. I feel uncomfortable with my husband continuing to associate with his ex's family. I feel like they are always comparing me to my husband's ex and what they really want is for them to reconcile. This infuriates me! I want my husband to stop! What's good ex-etiquette?


6 stark truths I learned from tracking absolutely everything for 30 days

Paying attention to numbers has never been my specialty. (Hence why I chose journalism rather than finance as a career.) That preference applies to my eating and exercise habits, too. While I generally know which foods are healthy and I enjoy challenging workouts, I like to rely on my body – and taste buds – as my guide, instead of counting calories or strapping on a heart-rate monitor.


The most stunning mountain destinations in the US

Not all of us have the pleasure of living in major U.S. cities like Seattle, Denver and Los Angeles, where mountain views are a part of the daily routine. Most of us will have to travel to get our fill of these scenic natural creations, which were formed as a result of Earth's tectonic plates smashing together. Mountain views that rise abruptly against a flat landscape can provide inspiration, a respite from everyday life, a feast for the eyes, and not to mention, a wide variety of outdoor activities. With that in mind, here are the best mountain getaways in the U.S. when remoteness and even a little bit of inaccessibility beckon. But don't worry – they all come with great towns to base oneself in order to catch some local culture and dining as well.


Cheapo Travel: Get your national parks pass now, before the price goes up

How would you like to get into national parks and federal recreation sites for the rest of your life for free? Not bad, right? But here's a warning: Right now, anyone 62 or older can pay $10 and get a lifetime pass for entrance to all national parks, forests and national monuments. However, the feds have announced that the price will go up to $80 on Aug. 28, as a result of congressional action. Thanks, Congress. And every time the regular annual pass goes up, the price of the senior pass will go up, too. You can get this pass at any federal recreation site, generally at the ranger station. You can also order by mail if you pay a $10 processing fee. Applicants must provide documentation of age and residency or citizenship. You might also get 50 percent off some amenity fees such as camping and boating. It depends on the location. If you can't scrape up $80 after Aug. 28, you can buy an annual senior pass for $20 but it must be renewed. Important: If you have an existing senior pass, it won't be affected. You can continue to use it. Learn more here:


Cornhole is coming to the State Fair

Adam Chollet and Dustin Miller explain the finer points of playing cornhole at Der Biergarten, on K and 24th Street in Sacramento.
Jose Luis Villegas The Sacramento Bee
Cornhole is coming to the State Fair 1:39

Cornhole is coming to the State Fair

Kitten survives freeway trip stuck in vehicle's shocks 0:28

Kitten survives freeway trip stuck in vehicle's shocks

Where Sacramento residents go when they leave California 1:29

Where Sacramento residents go when they leave California

Yoga in the park, with friends 1:24

Yoga in the park, with friends