What are your best time-saving travel tips?

Traveling can take a lot of time, whether you're flying or driving. Time-saving tips can help you to save minutes here and there, which add up to more time enjoying your trip. We asked well-traveled agents to provide their best time-saving travel tips:

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This is what our readers think is missing from every home. Do you agree?

Raise your hand if your home is missing a certain je ne sais quoi. In your space, do you ever wonder how you could make it better - what you could subtract to make it feel fresh, balanced and new? When looking at our own decor with little perspective, it can be hard to decipher the missing piece to the puzzle - the one thing that's stopping our space from looking and feeling just right. Is the sofa too small? What should I add to that wall? Why does my place feel a little sterile? If you've ever asked yourself these types of questions, you're not alone.

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App review: Tongo Music, a wonderful introduction to classical music for preschoolers and families

Parents need to know that Tongo Music - for kids and families introduces kids to instruments, music structure, and classical music. In all, kids can hear 15 short samples of musical masterpieces from Mozart to Tchaikovsky, played with 12 different musical instruments. And, kids can try their own hand at creating music with a digital keyboard, a collection of percussion instruments, and more. Because there's a lot of music in the app, it may take a long time to open the first time after downloading. Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your information is collected and shared.


10 books to help kids understand the immigrant experience

Captivating stories of the immigrant and refugee experience can help kids understand what people go through when they move to a new country and start new lives. These novels and memoirs for kids 10 and under can help build empathy among readers, and kids from immigrant families can see reflections of their own struggles and triumphs.

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Game review: 'Horizon Zero Dawn,' exhilarating, 5-Star adventure with strong female protagonist

Parents need to know that "Horizon Zero Dawn" is a vast role-playing game (RPG) with moderate violence. Players assume the role of a female warrior who was cast out of her tribe at birth. She's clever, capable, and just, eventually respected by most people she meets. Fights - involving weapons such as bows and arrows, tripwire traps, and some unusual looking guns - are fast and frenetic, but most are against machines rather than living creatures. When players battle humans and animals, they see small splashes of blood with each successful hit. Parents should also note that spoken dialogue includes infrequent instances of mild profanity as well as occasional references to drinking and smoking.