Parents @ Play: Unplugged play

Whether you're searching for something to do as a family, or something that will keep the kids busy, it's often hard to find activities or games that don't have screens, need batteries, or have to be plugged in. Fortunately, there are still plenty of non-screen, non-electronic options out there.


Chris Erskine: This Father's Day, let's just play ball

Mother's Day is sort of astral, all violins and choirs, fancy brunches and armfuls of flowers. That's OK, because mothers are God's greatest work. Sunsets, mountain lakes and Willie Mays are right up there. But to see where God got it pixel perfect, just look at your average mama – a masterpiece in yoga pants and a sweater she probably bought on sale.


Ex-etiquette: His ex does not believe in co-parenting

Q: I met the perfect man and his 4 kids about six years ago. His ex does not believe in co-parenting and has told us many times to leave HER kids alone, but that's impossible because they share the kids' time equally – one week with us, one week with her.


As Father's Day approaches, a vintage Old Spice bottle sheds new light on my departed dad

Old Spice, the de facto scent profile of American dadness, turns 80 this year, which makes it, well, old. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise since the men's grooming brand, with its memorable nautical-themed advertising campaigns, buoy-shaped fragrance bottles and assorted soaps-on-a-rope (shapes over the years included a compass rose and a scrimshaw-decorated whale tooth), always seemed to register at least a generation older than its target demographic.


Lori Borgman: When life hands you lemons, call Legal-Ade

The sour incidents commenced full-bore about seven years ago. Prior to that time, they had been resolved quietly for the most part. No attorneys, no fines, nobody telling somebody to go suck a lemon. But then, they began drawing the ire of city officials. Police were dispatched.


Living with Children: Should 15-year-old daughter get private time with 20-year-old boyfriend? NO!

Q: Our 15-year-old daughter has told us she's in love with a 20-year-old guy who is in the Army and intending to make the Army his career. We've met him, and he is extremely respectful and well-mannered, and has told us he's in love with her. We've made it clear to both of them that for the time being at least, they may meet in our home, when we are home, and nowhere else. He is fine with that, he says, and seems sincere. Our daughter, however, is not fine with that. She wants the freedom to see him whenever and wherever. She says we don't trust her, which is only half-true. Even though he says he doesn't want physical intimacy until he's married, we know from personal experience how easy it is for young people to get carried away. Her emotionality over this (along with the fact that we actually like him) is causing us to think that perhaps we should allow some meetings away from our home. What are your thoughts?

Rocklin’s quarry adventure park to open in July. Our drone shows what it looks like now

Quarry Park Adventures is a 5.5-acre adventure park being constructed in the old quarry that provided granite for the California state Capitol. The park will offer zip lines, rope courses, rappelling, rock climbing and other activities.