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Meet the high school dropout who started an education company

As a high school student in McKinney, Gautam (pronounced like Goth-am) Bhargava, now 20 years old, found himself dissatisfied and unmotivated at school. When he turned age 18, he dropped out of school to start an education startup. The company, Peeyr, provides tutoring to students across subject areas and grade levels, from elementary school to college. Its tutors are high school and college students.

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Game tips: 'Splatoon 2': How to upgrade all weapons

Nintendo Switch players making their way through "Splatoon 2's" single player campaign will eventually stumble across a series of alternate Hero weapons that serve as stand-ins for the game's traditional arsenal. Through persistence, players can eventually unlock these Hero weapons for use in the game's multiplayer mode as well as increase their stats in single-player mode through various upgrades. Keep reading to learn all of the items needed to upgrade damage, range, and other Hero weapon statistics in "Splatoon 2."


Fun family-friendly ways to share the eclipse

On Aug. 21, families in the United States can view a solar eclipse – either total or partial – in most of the country. This event is a chance for you to explore the science of eclipses, astronomy, and physics. Don't miss the opportunity to see it! Folks in the United States won't get another look until 2024.


Ex-etiquette: Play nice, even when ex is holding dogs as ransom

Q. I always laughed when people shared their animals after a breakup. It seemed so silly to me to share a dog, but here I am three months after my breakup with my longtime girlfriend and I miss my dogs. She kept them because I didn't immediately have a place to stay, but now I do and I'd like to adjust our agreement. She won't hear of it and says, "Suffer! You left, the dogs stay with me. You come back, you can see the dogs." She's holding my dogs for ransom! What's good ex-etiquette?


Chris Erskine: Where the past is present

We are just off the plane when things start to get complicated. At the rental counter I'm dizzy as a two-headed calf, trying to solve the chronic riddle of whether we will return our car with the tank empty or full, which involves a lot of instant calculus regarding local gas prices.


Living with Children: Take away pot-smoking son's car

Q: A few months after he got his driver's license, we found a bag of marijuana in our 16-year-old son's car. He swore it wasn't his and that he didn't know whose it was and that he's never used pot, but then he failed to pass a drug test. Now he admits that he's smoked pot, but he says he only tried it once and didn't like it. He still maintains that the pot we found in the glove box of his car belonged to someone else, but he still maintains that he doesn't know who. We think he's lying to us, but we don't know what to do. Pot is legal in our state now, which only contributes to our dilemma. Can you help us out?


Ask Mr. Dad: 4 ways be a role model in challenging times

Dear Mr. Dad: Everyone says that as parents, we're supposed to be good role models for our kids. That sounds like a great idea, but why do so many parents (and other people) behave in such awful ways? The phrase "good role model" seems easy enough to understand, but maybe it's not. In your view, what, exactly is a "good role model" supposed to do?


App review: Sarahah, popular anonymous commenting tool, ready-made for cyberbullying

Parents need to know that Sarahah – an Arabic word that means roughly, "honesty" – is a free social media app popular with teens that enables them to link the app to their Snapchat account and send anonymous messages to other users. It allows you to gather comments from other users, take screenshots of the comments, and share them on Snapchat. It also allows you to send anonymous and totally un-moderated comments to any other user, whether you know them or not. Many users report abusive comments and glitches with the app itself. The app store says Sarahah is rated Teen, but also says users must be over 17 to use it. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.


See dancers get down 'Ducky' style at the Festa Italiana

Members of the Balliamo dance group and festival goers at the Festa Italiana perform the Ducky dance Sunday in Sacramento.
Renee C. Byer
See dancers get down 'Ducky' style at the Festa Italiana 1:47

See dancers get down 'Ducky' style at the Festa Italiana

Cute, fuzzy, maybe a bit clumsy: Baby flamingos at the Sacramento Zoo 0:22

Cute, fuzzy, maybe a bit clumsy: Baby flamingos at the Sacramento Zoo

Watch adorable new flamingo chicks at Sacramento Zoo get used to the world 1:09

Watch adorable new flamingo chicks at Sacramento Zoo get used to the world

Cornhole is coming to the State Fair 1:39

Cornhole is coming to the State Fair