Pack the tent! National Parks celebrate 100th birthday with free admission

Thursday marks the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, founded by president Woodrow Wilson in 1916. In honor of the occasion, the service has waived admission to all 412 National Park Service sites through Sunday.


Parents @ Play: The last gasp of summer

But summer definitely isn't over yet, which means that if they hunker down and finish up their homework, there are still plenty of well-lit hours in the day to play outside before bedtime. Here are some of our late-summer outdoor favorites.


Living with Children: Step-parenting rules of engagement

Q: In a recent column, you advise that stepparents have complete disciplinary authority over all children who live in or visit the home, but do you feel the same policy should apply when the stepparent joins the family when the kids are teenagers instead of younger children?


Ex-etiquette: Set clear boundaries for relationship with ex

Q: My ex has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and he's fine when he takes his meds, but when he doesn't, he's extremely unpredictable and he scares me a little. That's the reason we broke up - I never knew what to expect. Lately he's been contacting me again with a lot of "remember whens" and I sort of feel like he's stalking me. I don't want to go back to him, but I'm afraid to tell him. What's good ex-etiquette?


Lori Borgman: Give kids a break and start school later

There was a time you could tell when school was starting by the school supply aisles at the big box stores. They looked like the aftermath of a tornado - shell-shocked parents, binders strewn across floors, backpacks upended, and pencils driven straight through the display of crayons and markers. But now the school supply shelves are neat. There is no whirlwind rush for supplies, because there is no single "back-to-school" date.


Ask Mr. Dad: Stepping into a blended family

Dear Mr. Dad: I'm divorced and have three children from that marriage. I'm engaged to a great guy and we're very happy. The one trouble area is that he never seems quite comfortable around my kids (he doesn't have any of his own) and often tells me that he doesn't feel like he truly belongs. How can I help him feel like a real member of the family?


Apps to help kids get ready for kindergarten

There is no shortage of apps geared for pre-K kids heading into their first year of school. The trick is finding high-quality educational programs that help build important literacy, math, and concentration skills and using them with your kid to model engaged thinking and lifelong learning.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Kubo and the Two Strings,' deeply affecting epic adventure may be too scary for young kids

Parents need to know that "Kubo and the Two Strings" is an adventure from LAIKA Animation, the studio behind "Coraline," "ParaNorman," "The Boxtrolls," and "Corpse Bride." Like those films, it has more darkness and edge than many average kids' movies and is best suited for tweens and older, rather than the preschool and early-elementary set. It has scary characters and epic battles that can be quite intense and that lead to character injuries, an entire village burning (though the villagers survive), and even deaths. Language is limited to a few insults ("stupid," "idiot," etc.) and romance to a couple of embraces and references to a past love story. Despite the peril, this epic adventure set in an alternative fantasy Japan has strong themes of courage and teamwork. And at heart, it's a mother-and-son love story, as well as the tale of a young artist learning how to be a hero.


Radio personality, wife bring home "rainbow baby" after stillbirth

In August 2016, Gavin and Stacy Ferguson brought home Theo Jonas, whom they call a "rainbow baby" because he's their first child since they had a stillborn baby last year. Gavin is a radio personality on 107.9 The End.
Sammy Caiola
Radio personality, wife bring home 2:00

Radio personality, wife bring home "rainbow baby" after stillbirth

Two Sac State grads help parents find activities for kids 2:01

Two Sac State grads help parents find activities for kids

Bear and cat enjoy each other's company at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary 0:37

Bear and cat enjoy each other's company at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Folsom Pro Rodeo continues annual Fourth of July tradition 1:03

Folsom Pro Rodeo continues annual Fourth of July tradition