Furnishing the dorm kitchen

08/08/2012 12:00 AM

08/08/2012 8:33 AM

Most universities limit the appliances that students can use in their dorm rooms.

University of California, Davis

You can bring:

Refrigerators with a maximum size of 4.5 cubic feet and a maximum height of 35 inches

Microwaves with a maximum power of 800 watts

Only one coffee maker can be used at a time in each room

Don't bring:

Hot plates, burners, hot-air popcorn poppers, toasters, toaster ovens, slow cookers, waffle irons, rice cookers

California State University, Sacramento

You can bring:

One refrigerator per room with a maximum size of 4.4 cubic feet and drawing no more than 1.5 amps of power

One microwave per room with a maximum power of 800 watts

Don't bring:

Hot plates, electric skillets, burners, percolators, oil popcorn poppers, hot oil fryers, rice cookers, toaster ovens


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