January 22, 2013

Teen Talk: Teenagers share their New Year's resolutions

I received so many wonderful replies to my recent question about New Year's resolutions. Thanks to all the teens who took the time to share.


Read a portion of Teen Talk's Kelly Richardson's online chat with readers concerning over-the-top teen behavior.

DEAR READERS: I received so many wonderful replies to my recent question about New Year's resolutions. Thanks to all the teens who took the time to share. By far the most common answers by teenagers were to avoid procrastination, earn better grades and become healthier. Here are some I thought were good to share:

I want to finally get serious about moving on from the eating disorder that I still allow to rule me despite being in "recovery" last year. I want to let myself heal, forgive and be happy. I want to appreciate my life more fully, and go out and do things with friends instead of staying home because of anxiety. I want to live, and I want to love living.

– A Little Girl With a Big Future

I have always been one to avoid confrontation and I often have trouble communicating. I am so worried about displeasing someone that I allow my own ideas to be trampled. By avoiding conflict, I perpetuate the problem instead of solving it. It is my goal to open up and communicate to people my concerns. I need to realize that voicing my opinions is important, not disrespectful.


My NYR is to cut down on being so distracted when I am trying to do something productive. Whenever I am in the zone studying, I always seem to get distracted by my phone, computer or TV. If I can be successful with this, my grades will go up and my parents will be happier.

– CS

My NYR is to visit my grandmother more. She is the only grandparent I have, and I want to know her better and spend more time with her. I want to know more about my heritage.

– BW

My NYR is to lose at least 70 pounds. I weigh close to 300 pounds and I am only 16 years old. I want to lose weight because I like a guy and he might like me, too. I figured if I lose the pounds, it can work. Even if it doesn't, I still have other reasons to lose the weight. I want to lose the weight so I can be healthier and have higher self-confidence.

– RG

My NYR is to be more optimistic about things in life. I'm often negative about the things that happen to me when I should be more grateful. So many people in the world are suffering and I need to be thankful for the things I have in my life.

– BV

I would like to be less concentrated on social media websites and make homework my priority. I spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., before I do my homework. I'm not going to take a big leap and delete my accounts, but I am going to limit the time I do spend on them.

– JC

What I really want to do this year is conquer and put my eating disorder behind me. I don't want it to completely take over my life. I am at a vulnerable point right now, but my close friends are being really supportive and encouraging. I am hoping to be better and in a stronger state of mind.

– Stunna

My resolution is to keep a journal. At the end of each year it is hard to remember what you accomplished or what you're even doing with your life. My journal will help me remember all the fun memories I had in high school.

– VH

Sophomore year is crucial for college and I know that a good fresh start is exactly what I need in order to follow through with my new resolution. My grades last semester didn't reflect what I'm fully capable of, and it showed. This year I am going to work twice as hard.

– N.A.G.

I hope to break my bad habit of procrastination. It is rare for me to complete an assignment any day but the day before it is due. Usually this leads to a night of little sleep and subsequently a rough next day. I feel like my life would be significantly less stressful if I could break this bad habit.

– KR

My resolution is to learn how to cook better so I don't starve when I go away to college.

– BS

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