Family watch: 'The Purge' violence over the top

06/07/2013 12:00 AM

06/24/2013 1:18 PM

Current films are reviewed each week to provide parents a guide to decide what may be appropriate to younger viewers.


Rating: R for strong, disturbing violence and some language

What it's about: One night a year, murder and mayhem are allowed as America's means of purging itself of its violent urges.

The kid-attractor factor: Horror that has no supernatural element. And kids love satire, right?

Good lessons/bad lessons: It isn't our violence that makes us human. It's our compassion.

Violence: Grim, gory and personal

Language: Some profanity

Sex: Almost

Drugs: Wine

Parents' advisory: Over-the-top violent, entirely too grisly for younger kids. OK for 16-and-up.


Rating: PG-13 for sexuality, some crude humor, partying and language

What it's about: A couple of middle-aged office workers lose their jobs and take on Google company internships as a last resort.

The kid-attractor factor: Seeing high-tech-impaired Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go through what a lot of kids' parents are going through.

Good lessons/bad lessons: "Sometimes the long shots pay off the biggest."

Violence: A strip-club brawl

Language: Profanity here and there

Sex: Lap dancing, played for crude laughs

Drugs: Many tequila shots are consumed, pot is joked about.

Parents' advisory: A lot milder than "Wedding Crashers," with teen-friendly gags – suitable for 13-and-up.


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