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California rains brought super bloom – and toxic invaders

Nonnative plants like carnation spurge and Volutaria are targeted by environmentally minded volunteers in Southern California wild areas, Santa Monica Mountains and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park near Borrego Springs. Heavy California rains caused colorful super blooms and “bad blooms” of invasive plants.

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Three enjoyable workouts for people who hate working out

Danielle Acoff is a professional dancer, model, actress and yoga instructor with a passion for holistic health. She has worked in entertainment for 12 years and uses yoga, meditation and her love of all things movement to keep her balanced in a high-pressure industry. Keep an eye out for her articles about everything from self-care to developing a home practice to fitness tips and more.


App review: Headspace: Wellness app makes mediation accessible, practical, pricey

Parents need to know that Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness is a meditation app for adults and kids. The app's beginner course is free, but the other content requires a paid subscription. The meditations created for kids include very brief, one- to nine-minute meditations, while longer meditations are available for teens and adults. Created by a former Buddhist monk, this app presents meditation in very straightforward ways and for specific circumstances, including walking, sleeping, kindness, and focus. It also includes reminders, rewards, and ways to connect with friends for motivation. It's compatible with the Apple Health app and Apple Watch. Though there's a free trial, you can't see much without a subscription, which is $12.99/month.

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It's OK to be empowered by powerlifting

At her other gym, longtime runner Louise Vogel didn't feel anything like a power lifter. She would venture into the weightlifting area, hoodie pulled over her head, the cover of darkness hiding her small frame, and grab a barbell, the only woman among 50 guys.

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How to stay in shape when you're traveling

Whether you're on the road for work or vacationing with friends and family, keeping up with fitness goals can prove rather difficult when you're traveling. But that doesn't mean you should let all your hard work go to waste just because you are on the go. To help you maintain your fitness regimen while entertaining a busy schedule and living out of a hotel room, we asked Edwin Santiago, body architect at Anatomy at 1220 in Miami, for some quick and effective workout tips for traveling.


Woman says abortion reversal procedure saved her baby

Some doctors say they can undo medical abortions, but many physician groups say the procedure is unproven and possibly unsafe.
Sammy Caiola The Sacramento Bee
Woman says abortion reversal procedure saved her baby 1:46

Woman says abortion reversal procedure saved her baby

How your body’s inner clock controls your day 1:42

How your body’s inner clock controls your day

How to declutter your life 3:02

How to declutter your life

Grant Union High School opens $6.2 million stainless-steel pool 0:46

Grant Union High School opens $6.2 million stainless-steel pool