How to make plant pots from newspaper

02/16/2013 12:00 AM

05/05/2014 1:32 PM

You already have the newspaper, so when you're finished reading it, why not recycle it for your garden? And The Sacramento Bee uses mostly nontoxic, soy-based inks, so you can transplant the whole pot into the garden if you choose. (Avoid using the full-color advertising inserts.)

There are several methods for round pots; we like the square ones because they nest together better in a tray.

Here's the easiest way to make one square pot:

From a stack of four pages of newspaper, cut a square at least 7 by 7 inches (for seedlings) up to 10 by 10 inches.

Fold the stack into thirds, as if you were folding a letter to mail (outer edges in).

Turn the stack and fold the pages into thirds again.

Unfold the stack. You'll have nine squares marked by the folds.

The center square should be flat. (Re-crease the folds if necessary.) Fold each of the four corner squares diagonally across the adjacent outer square.

Staple those folds down and there's your pot.

– Kathy Morrison

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