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The Sacramento Bee hosts a network of high-quality news providers and bloggers in the Sacramento region. Here is a sampling of the best of the current Home & Garden blogs. Check out the full postings:

•  Sacramento mom Pam Farley, a.k.a. The Brown Thumb Mama, makes the case for four essential kitchen tools no cook should be without (especially during the hectic holidays):

“To paraphrase Aristotle and Alton Brown, Kitchens abhor unitaskers.’ Which, loosely translated, means ‘Don’t buy unnecessary gadgets.’

“I enjoy cooking and sometimes it’s nice to have a tool that does a specific job very well. (For example), I use my mandoline slicer to: slice onions for crockpot carmelized onions or french onion soup; julienne jicama and carrot for zesty jicama-carrot slaw; and cut potatoes for homemade oven fries.”

Read more (and see recipes) at:

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