August 28, 2012

Pet Connection Q&A: Consistent training is key to good behavior

How can I get my dog to stop begging?

How can I get my dog to stop begging?

– via Facebook

If you never want your dog to stick her nose in your plate, put her head on your knee or paw at your arm, then don't ever reward her with food when she does.

What if it's too late for that? With patience and consistency, you can change your dog's behavior by never rewarding the begging again. When your dog finally becomes convinced that she will never again see another piece of food delivered from off your plate, she'll stop asking. You can also have her practice a behavior that's incompatible with having her nose on your knee – a down-stay on the other side of the room while you're eating.

But be warned: If you're inconsistent, you'll make the problem worse. Occasionally rewarding a behavior is called random reinforcement, and it's a powerful motivator. In fact, it's what keeps the gambling industry afloat. Even though gamblers know the house always wins, they keep pulling the handle on those slot machines because they get a little back now and then, and because sometimes they hit the jackpot. Dog trainers use these principles to instill good behaviors in dogs, but many pet lovers inadvertently use them to teach a dog bad habits – like begging.

Preventing a problem is always easier than fixing one. When you get a dog, think about the house rules you want, and insist on them from Day One. If you have a beggar on your hands, realize the fault is yours – and be determined to be consistent in turning the situation around.

– Gina Spadafori

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– Gina Spadafori

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