Zoo invites residents to name that Wolf's guenon monkey

04/26/2013 12:00 AM

04/28/2013 9:44 AM

The public is invited to help choose a name for one of the Sacramento Zoo's newest arrivals, a Wolf's guenon monkey born Jan. 26.

Voting began Thursday on the zoo's website, www.saczoo.org, and will continue until noon May 10.

This is one election in which people are invited to vote many times.

The baby's gender is still unknown, so the five proposed names are gender-neutral. The choices:

Zuri, which means "good, nice, pretty, lovely and cute" in Swahili.

Noki, meaning "love" and "to fall in love" in Swahili.

Wali, short for Walikale, a city near the Wolf's guenon's native habitat, mined for precious metals that coincide with the color of an adult Wolf's guenon.

Kamari, meaning "moonlight" in Swahili.

Ayo, or "joy" in Yoruba.

Wolf's guenons are native to central Africa, where they live in forests and forage for fruits, seeds and an occasional insect, according to zoo officials.

They form loose family groups in the wild and are known to spend time with other primate species, including bonobos, colobus monkeys and other guenons.

The larger, mixed-species groups may provide protection against predators, zoo officials said, noting that many guenons have learned to recognize other monkeys' alarm calls.

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