As a teenager, he was pushing it

When the long-running Yosemite Firefall was nearing its end, seasonal hotel employee Randy Cofer was tasked with pushing the embers off Glacier Point. A half-century later, he shares his experiences.


Making the most of the best in the world

If you’re visiting Florence, Italy, you’ve got to see the world-famous Uffizi Gallery. But why? Because that’s what one does in Florence? Because you feel compelled to post a selfie in front of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”?

Health & Fitness

Five exercises to keep you Zen while traveling

The notion of traveling across the globe induces an exhilarating thrill. Hopping on a plane, soaring through the sky, and landing at your dream destination - what a concept. However, the reality of traveling is far less glamorous and much more exhausting. While there is certainly nothing Zen about long TSA lines or sitting between two selfie queens, there are ways to manage your stress level.

Business & Real Estate

Cecil the lion's death has triggered changes in the safari hunt industry

In the summer of 2015, social media turned an obscure series of hunting violations into a global cause celebre. The frenzied reporting last August about the killing of a lion was the catalyst behind changes in international laws and trophy transport, African hunting regulations, corporate policies and social awareness that have advanced the protection of African wildlife yet stalled the growth of a conservation model that was taking hold on the continent.


Cheapo Travel: 10 national park freebies

It's been 100 years since the National Park Service was founded, and most other countries agree that it was one of America's best ideas: The concept's been copied around the world from Costa Rica to Kenya.


Product Pick: Eddie Bauer rolling duffel bag

Frequent travelers know the value of a high-quality carry-on bag. One of our testers travels quite a bit for work and swears by this Eddie Bauer rolling duffel bag. She describes it as the most durable carry-on she's ever owned.


Tim Beach: Celebrating the glorious first 100 years of our national parks

At 250 feet, Temple IV of the ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala was the tallest building in the Americas before skyscrapers arose in the late 1800s. The ancient city is intertwined with a verdant rainforest that gives it an unearthly beauty, so much so that "Star Wars Episode IV" used it as the backdrop for the landing of the Millennium Falcon at the rebel base.


Serious street riding in Italy

A word, please, about Italian drivers. They were weaned on Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and Lamborghinis. They are expert operators, generally, who seem to think every trip to the supermarket is a Formula One event.


Beat the crowds at Yosemite

Crowds are flocking to Yosemite this summer. See how to beat them.
Brad Branan The Sacramento Bee
Beat the crowds at Yosemite 1:16

Beat the crowds at Yosemite

Immersed in beauty in the Japanese Tea Garden 1:02

Immersed in beauty in the Japanese Tea Garden

It's time to play in Golden Gate Park 0:59

It's time to play in Golden Gate Park

Paddling with the ducks on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park 1:00

Paddling with the ducks on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park