November 18, 2012

Provisions: A guide for what you need

A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience

A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience


Brubar energy bars

$24 (box of 12);

Are you tired of energy bars that taste either too sickly sweet or like cardboard? A Davis company has ramped up production on Brubar, an all-natural, vegan bar inspired from beer (hence the name) but without the bitter hops. First marketed in late 2010, Brubar now can be found that various locations in the area (check website) or bought via the Web. The Original Malt bar is 220 calories and consists of malt extract, rolled oats, dates, almonds, coconut, olive oil, vanilla, baking soda and cinnamon.

Chapul energy bar

$30.99 (box of 12);

On the other end of the energy-bar spectrum, we present Chapul bars, in which the main protein source is crickets. The Denver-based company calls crickets "one of the planet's most amazing, energy-efficient creatures." Don't worry, you won't be noshing on spindly cricket legs. The crickets are milled to a fine "flour," and each bar contains the equivalent of two to three crickets. The company's Chaco bar does sound yummy – dates, peanuts, dark chocolate, agave nectar and, of course, crickets.


Cliff Jumping App

99 cents; app/cliff-jumping/id459348254?mt=8

It's getting a little chilly now for cliff jumping – although you hard-core types will keep it up – but this app will help next summer when, say, you're in the Lake Tahoe area and want to find the perfect spot to fling your body into a (hopefully) deep body of water. The app gives hundreds of jumping spots, information such as height and directions to the spot. We liked this disclaimer the best: "Cliff jumping is very dangerous and should be done on your own free will. Never let anyone force you to do it. If you think it's a bad idea do not do it." Words to live by.


Top 5 Destinations for Photography

Of all the photogenic places in the world, these are the five that made Lonely Planet's list:

1. Rajasthan, India

2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

3. Venice, Italy

4. Hong Kong, China

5. Ladakh, India


From ultrarunner Carilyn Johnson, a three-time U.S. National 24-Hour Run team member: "With all the new diets around on the Internet, I'm often asked if I eat 'Paleo,' 'Vegan,' 'Raw,' or 'High Carb.' The answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. And, Yes. In short, I eat everything."

– Sam McManis,

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