Provisions: Delta Pop-Up Safety Video

12/23/2012 12:00 AM

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Delta Pop-Up Safety Video

Raise your hand if you pay close attention to those pre-flight safety videos that play before the plane taxis down the runway? Thought so. But Delta tried to enliven its obligatory instructions by putting snarky "pop-up" comment bubbles, as well as employing humor in the form of triplets and, of course, the lavatory.


Trigger Point Cold Roller


Foam rollers, used by endurance athletes to enhance muscle recovery, apparently are passé. Now, there is the cold roller. It's the same premise – myofascial release via pressure on the muscles – but with a device featuring frozen metal rather than foam. Consider it multitasking – icing and rolling at the same time. We're still waiting for studies showing whether it is effective.


Adventure Journal's 9 Best Chairlifts in North America

(Note: This is in alphabetical order, not by ranking)

Collins, Alta, Utah

Glacier Express, Blackcomb, B.C.

Sublette Quad, Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Single Chair, Mad River Glen, Vt.

Double, Silverton Mountain, Colo.

KT22 Express, Squaw Valley

Challenger, Sun Valley, Idaho

Peak Express, Whistler, B.C.


Outside Magazine's Survival Quiz


Think you know how to survive in the wild? Outside magazine's quiz might set you straight. Example: "Your Cessna pilot dies midflight and you take the controls. Which is your best option for a crash landing? (a) a lake; (b) a small clearing among old growth; (c) an orchard.

Answer: Orchard. "The small trees of an orchard will offer better shock absorption than water. And you won't drown if you get knocked out."

– Compiled by Sam McManis,


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