December 30, 2012

Provisions: A guide for what you need

A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience.


ThermaCELL Heated Insoles


OK, so we all hate to have cold feet, especially for prolonged periods out of doors. But are you willing to pay $129.99 for a pair of heated insoles for your shoes? Wouldn't just a thick pair of merino wool socks suffice? Apparently not. These are the most high-tech insoles on the market. It features a cordless, remote-control heat setting from a small device that you can strap to your belt, keychain or just put in your pocket.


"The Complete Nutrition Guide of Triathletes," by Dr. Jamie A. Cooper

$18.95, Falcon Guides, 196 pages

Because triathletes spend about 12 to 20 hours a week exercising in their three disciplines, they also need to spend quality time refueling. Cooper, an assistant professor of sports nutrition at Texas Tech University and a triathlon coach, breaks down what to eat during training, plus before, during and after triathlons. And she does it in language the lay person can understand.


Ethical Traveler's Top 10 Best Ethical Travel Destinations

The Berkeley-based organization annually looks at developing countries and bases its picks by environmental protection, social welfare and human rights.

1. Barbados

2. Cape Verde

3. Costa Rica

4. Ghana

5. Latvia

6. Lithuania

7. Mauritius

8. Palau

9. Samoa

10. Uruguay


From Tsang Kwok-fung, union representative from Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific Airlines, about contract- negotiation tactics contemplated by flight attendants: "This could include not smiling at passengers, not providing certain types of beverages – such as alcohol – or stop serving meals."

Comment: Sounds like your average U.S. flight.

– Compiled by Sam McManis,

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