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Trail runner as prey for hunters

As if bears, skunks, rattlesnakes and the rare threat of mountain lions isn't enough to freak out a trail runner, Reno ultrarunner Jennifer Benna blogs about being shot at by hunters before fleeing for safer ground while on a run with a friend and her dog.

"Right in the nick of time, we found a raised dirt hill and jumped behind it. We crawled on our hands and knees to lowest undulation that we could find. Then the bullets began piercing the air above our heads. I could feel the electricity of the bullet, one by one as they buzzed overhead. My dog Luna, Eric and I stayed still, screaming for them to stop."

The trio made it out safely; the hunters were never identified.


Flatulence at 30,000 Feet

At first, this report, published recently in the New Zealand Medical Journal, smells like another entry from the satiric newspaper, the Onion.

Apparently, though, it checks out. Danish researchers report that flatulence on airline flights abound. The reason: changes in air pressure at altitude result in the gut producing more gas.


Chinese official who missed plane flips out

We've all wanted to reach over the partition and destroy the computer of an airport worker. This guy, Yan Linkun, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, went nuts after missing a flight at Kunming Changshui International Airport. According to published news reports, he and his family missed the flight the day before and were rebooked, but then missed boarding announcements because they had gone to eat breakfast.


10 travel fashion faux pas

SmarterTravel's Caroline Morse thinks traveling is no excuse for poor outfit choices.

1. Sandals with socks

2. Fanny packs

3. Souvenir shirts you just bought

4. Bright white athletic shoes

5. Track suits

6. Giant camera

7. Crocs

8. Oversize daypacks

9. Rival jerseys

10. Indecent clothing


@VinceFang: "It is never good when your bus driver is perplexed by all the buttons in front of him. #travelfail."

– Compiled by Sam McManis,


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