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09/29/2013 12:00 AM

09/26/2013 1:48 PM


• Revolight for bike tires


Know what you’re thinking: This is an awfully steep price to pay for a bike light. But for those who ride a lot in the dark and worry about safety, it seems a reasonable price to pay. This product, founded by Bay Area entrepreneurs and initially funded by Kickstarter, features a ring of LED lights installed around the front and back tires. It’s powered by lithium-ion battery packs (recharagble, via USB). Believe me, when you’ve got this setup, there isn’t a driver on the road who won’t see you. The eight lights give off 16 lumens and has 360-degree visibility.


• Light clip for iPhone


Say you are camping in one of the darkest places around — how about the Anza-Borrego Desert? — and you don’t want the harshness of a flashlight to harsh your mellow. What to do? There’s a bulb-shaped product that you clip to your iPhone eyehole that will filter whatever free flashlight app you use. It might not be strong enough to read by, but it’s a decent night light. It comes in red and purple, if you’re into that.


• Overseas tourism statistics

Call me a travel nerd, but I love poring over statistics and seeing where our fair state ranks. This compilation of overseas visitation travel numbers shows that California ranks third (after New York and Florida) for number of foreign tourists. Five California destinations made the top 20 of most-visited cities for foreign tourists — Los Angeles (3); San Francisco (5), San Diego (11), Anaheim (17), San Jose (18).


• 9 Cave villages to visit

The Huffington Post tallied recommendations from the travel website and compiled a list of cave dwellings that travelers can visit. Don’t expect a mint on the pillow or turn-down service.

1. Göreme, Turkey

2. Petra, Jordan

3. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

4. Myra, Turkey

5. Vardzia, Georgia

6. Bandiagara Cliffs, Mali

7. Guadix, Spain

8. Lalibela, Ethiopia

9. Uçhisar, Turkey


Sarcastic Runner (@RunningSarcasm): “Football is the hardest fall sport? Tell me again where the hills are on the football field...#XC #Hills”

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