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02/02/2014 12:00 AM

02/02/2014 12:14 AM


• Thermoplastic Elastomer Unibody snowshoes


Norwegians know their snowshoes, so if they are offering a pair that’s twice as expensive as, say, the top-of-the-line running shoe, it must be good, right? Well, no less a source than Outside magazine has raved about this lightweight snowshoe, 39 ounces in all. It’s made from the same material as automobile shock absorbers and has a honeycombed pattern that sheds snow well.


• Beardo Original Foldaway Beard Hat


Those of us who have tried valiantly over the years to grow a beard to burnish our hipster credentials, but time and again failed miserably, now can don a beard with a beanie. It may be the greatest combination since chocolate and peanut butter. You can get “beard hats” that detach or stay in place. And, yes, there are women’s models.


• Backpacker Magazine’s “Ask the Expert”

There are no stupid questions, apparently, when it comes to outdoor orienteering. Backpacker magazine is there to answer them, including what to do when your dog rolls around in poison oak.


• 11 tips for traveling during cold and flu season

The travel website, just a tad obsessive-compulsive, plays doctor:

1. Get a flu shot

2. Use antibacterial wipes

3. Pack a first aid kit

4. See a doctor

5. Buy travel insurance

6. Get plenty of rest

7. Don’t spread your germs

8. Wear a surgical mask (popular in Japan)

9. Use antibacterial wipes again

10. Drink lots of liquid

11. Change your plane ticket if feeling ill


Paul Bassett Davies (@thewritertype): So embarrassing when you offer a pregnant woman your bus seat and find you’re not on a bus and she’s the flight attendant and you’re drunk.”

— Compiled by Sam McManis,

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