May 18, 2014

Provisions: Items for travel and adventure



• Skirtweight


May being Bike Month and all, here’s a solution for women – and cross-dressing men – who bike in skirts. An outfit from New York is marketing a set of oval weights that clip onto the hem of a skirt so it doesn’t fly up and give passers-by a free show. Sounds interesting, but wouldn’t the weight hit against your knees as you pedal? The makers tout other uses for the weight: “walking down gusty streets” and “standing on windy subway platforms.” Imagine if Marilyn Monroe had had skirtweights in “The Seven Year Itch.”


• Zume Badminton


You know, we were just thinking: Why isn’t there a convenient, no-muss-or-fuss badminton set that we can tote along with us on our next outing? Turns out, there’s this. It’s a complete badminton set in, essentially, a suitcase. And you use the case itself as weight to keep the net up. Brilliant. And economical, too. It might actually force us to play badminton once in a while.


• Rock-Climbing Bears

It’s a video of bears rock climbing. What else needs to be said?


• Backpacker Magazine’s “9 Signs You’re an Old-School Backpacker”

1. Your pack has an external frame.

2. You hiked a long trail before it was cool (example: Pacific Crest Trail).

3. You’ve never taken your smartphone with you on a hike.

4. Your boots are practically antiques.

5. You knew REI back when it was the Recreational Equipment Cooperative.

6. Your sleeping bag is 35 years old.

7. Tree branches = Nature’s trekking poles.

8. You only use a canteen. Nalgenes are for suckers.

9. Glamping … what’s that?


Carilyn Johnson (@CarilynJohnson): “When I get too uppity, I think how much time I spend running around in circles, eating stuff called GU, wearing clown shoes. #ultrarunning.”

– Compiled by Sam McManis,

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