June 1, 2014

Provisions: Travel stuff you need

New to fly fishing? This is the rod for you.


•  Mino Running Shoe Tracker


Runners are numbers-obsessed, but this high-tech gizmo may be taking it to extremes: You can put it in your shoe to determine whether your shoes are worn out and need to be replaced. Mino, a wafer-thin device you slip in one of your running shoes, near the heel, will start the odometer to tell you how much “life” you have left in your shoes. When you reach 400 miles – the chip counts 600 “compressions” for a mile – your shoes self-destruct. No, seriously, it alerts you that they are on their last legs. Of course, you could just look at the sole, for free, to see if it’s worn.


•  Echo Carbon 4-Weight Fly Rod


New to fly fishing? This is the rod for you. So says Outside magazine (, which says it has a “cult” following. What’s so good about it? Writes Outside’s Jonah Ogles: “It was ideal for making soft casts with small dries onto a small meadow stream, and had just enough backbone to toss big dry/dropper rigs at distance.”


• “Incredible and True Fishing Stories,” by Shaun Morey

$10.95; Workman Publishing; 210 pages

True fishing stories? Yeah, right. Like the guy who jumped from a helicopter and rode the back of a marlin like a rodeo cowboy. Or the angler who wrestled a Pacific salmon for 37 hours. Or the father and daughter fishing in Alaska who hooked a bear instead of a salmon. The publisher swears these and other stories are true. Uh-huh.


• 8 Top Places to Boat and Fish

Here are the California bodies of water that cracked the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation Top 100 U.S. list:

1. Lake Berryessa, Pleasure Cove Resort and Marina, Napa Valley

7. Lake Chabot Regional Park, Castro Valley

11. Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area, Livermore

13. Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas

17. Clear Lake State Park, Kelseyville

28. Dockweiler State Beach, Los Angeles

33. Echo Park, Los Angeles

75. Millerton Lake State Recreation Area, Friant


@NiallM79: “Still laughing to myself about the lad who wasn’t allowed on the Megabus with a backpack full of frozen food. #travelfail.”

— Compiled by Sam McManis,

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