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08/10/2014 12:00 AM

08/09/2014 6:53 PM


• Lechal “smart shoes”

$100-$150 (available in September);

Are you one of those trendsetters who wear those “minimalist,” glovelike running shoes and use a Bluetooth? This product’s for you: The Wall Street Journal reported that an Indian company, Ducere Technologies, this fall will market a pair of shoes tied to a Bluetooth app and GPS to make sure you won’t get lost. Yup, at every turn, either your right or left shoe will vibrate, your cue to make the turn. Good news for people who don’t want to look like a goober in glove shoes: You can remove the insoles/app and put them in a real pair of shoes.


• Jelt Belt


The thing about belts is that they’re often too bulky, which is anathema when you’re vacationing and need to travel light. But, you know, we also need to keep our pants from falling in a puddle at our feet. The Jelt Belt is perfect for fashion mavens due to its unobstrusive, sleek design, and the fact that there’s no metal. Yup, it’s TSA-friendly. The elastic belt actually is a throwback to the 1970s, according to company founder Jennifer Perry, of that fashion capital, Bozeman, Mont.


• “Gold Rush Ghosts of Placerville, Coloma & Georgetown,” by Linda J. Bottjer

$191.99; The History Press, 175 pages

Get ready for Halloween early as Linda Bottjer, the owner of the tour company Gold Rush Tales, puts in book form the past lives still haunting the gold country. Yeah, the hangman of Placerville is explained, but you know that one. How about James Marshall’s ghost still haunting Coloma? Bet you didn’t know that one.


• “6 Bear Safety Tips for Trail Runners”

Trail Runner magazine tips – which hold for hikers, too – do not include what comes naturally. Namely, running away from the bear. Here’s what the magazine recommends – and, by the way, I’ve violated suggestions 2 and 3 but am still alive, as of this writing:

1. Make noise.

2. Go where the bears are not (In other words, avoid dawn and dusk runs).

3. Don’t run alone.

4. Leash your dog.

5. Stay aware of your surroundings.

6. Should you see a bear, stop running immediately. (Stand tall, wave arms.)


Chictopia (@chictopia): “A striped tee and boyfriend jeans is a no-fail travel outfit.”

Compiled by Sam McManis,


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