Family Watch: ‘Heaven’ is for all; ‘Rio 2’ aimed at youngest kids

04/17/2014 4:00 PM

04/16/2014 2:59 PM

Current films are reviewed each week to provide parents a guide to decide what may be appropriate to younger viewers

Heaven Is For Real

Rating: PG thematic material including some medical situations.

What it’s about: A child shocks his parents with hints of what heaven is like after a near-death experience.

The kid attractor factor: A kid makes funny song requests to an angelic choir.

Good lessons / bad lessons: “We don’t ever have to be scared.”

Violence: A gruesome injury, a child’s battle with appendicitis.

Language: Quite clean.

Sex: Hinted.

Drugs: None.

Parents’ advisory: A faith-based movie that the faithful may find comforting and that doubters will at least find welcoming.

Rio 2

Rating: G, suitable for all audiences

What it’s about: The birds of the Amazon and their human friends try to stop illegal logging to save habitat that the macaws and parrots need to survive.

The kid attractor factor: Joking, singing and dancing birds.

Good lessons / bad lessons: “SA happy wife means a happy life!”

Violence: Bird brawls, attempted poisoning, and a jaw-dropping suicide joke.

Language: Well, the odd poop and fart joke.

Sex: A little flirtation, an exchanged love song or two.

Drugs: None.

Parents’ advisory: Suitable for all ages, though this one aims at a younger, 6-and-under crowd, in spite of the suicide joke.


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