Three to See: Victoria Vox picks up her ukulele

05/14/2014 4:00 PM

05/14/2014 1:26 PM

Victoria Vox


7 p.m. Friday

The Strum Shop

Stick a standard six-string acoustic guitar in Victoria Vox’s hands, and it stands to reason she’ll still do wonders with it. She has that moth-to-the-flame songwriting capability and radiating charm that most performers only dream about. She’ll sing in French when the mood strikes, fire off a little sass, or spout a delicately sweet tune that could double as a lullaby. But her first love is the ukulele, and she craftily coaxes the humble lil’ four-string instrument into singing along with her, so it makes sense she’s performing at a shop that specializes in ukes. 408 Roseville Square, Roseville. $20.

Dave Rocha’s Hardbop Quartet


8 p.m. Sunday

JB Lounge

The second time I wandered into downtown Oakland’s janky-hip Cafe Van Kleef after a show at the Fox Theatre, there was Dave Rocha, a “Golden Age” kind of trumpeter who can make a verbose and boozy Saturday night crowd turn to the stage and take notice. The impeccably skilled and endearingly inventive Rocha adds some thickness and thump to a bluesy brand of uptempo jazz without sacrificing the touch of character. 1401 Arden Way (Clarion Inn), Sacramento. $15.

The Cave Singers

Indie rock

7 p.m. Tuesday


If a band is leaping from Matador Records to Jagjaguwar, it’s a safe bet its destiny is that of a cultish fixture of off-the-beaten-path indie folk. So seems to be the journey of Seattle’s Cave Singers, which congealed from the remains of Pretty Girls Make Graves and other Pacific Northwest post-punk outfits. Like your Modest Mouses of the world, their gruffy and clever indie folk rock comes out simultaneously razor-sharp and jagged-edged. The group lands in Sac right into the middle of an absolutely loaded week at Harlow’s – seriously, check it out. Doors 6 p.m. 2708 J St. Sacramento. $15.

Looking ahead: Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang. June 6 at Ace of Spades

The always goofy bass-slapping madman of Primus trots out yet another new project, getting into some freak-fried country twang with guitarist Bryan Kehoe. 1417 R St., Sacramento. $28.

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