Three to see: Country rock, rockabilly and jazz

07/30/2014 12:50 PM

07/31/2014 12:56 PM

Joey Hyde

Country rock

10 p.m. Friday


It’s officially opening weekend for Goldfield Trading Post, a new country saloon-themed music joint at the former site of Hamburger Patties (nee Hamburger Mary’s) and Sam’s Hofbrau, and managed by the Ace of Spades/Assembly booking team of Bret Bair and Eric Rushing, as well as Tyler Williams of Tank House. Goldfield is slated to feature regular live music on weekends, plus open mic on Mondays, line dancing Tuesdays and live band country karaoke on Thursdays. Joey Hyde, the country-themed rock ruffian behind the single “Get it On,” will make this his second show of the night after opening up for Jon Pardi over at Ace of Spades. 1630 J St., Sacramento. Free.

The Phenomenauts


7 p.m. Saturday

Cafe Colonial

“The greatest place to be on the planet of our birth is Oakland, the capital of Earth” goes the lyrics to “Theme for Oakland,” the Phenomenauts’ new tribute to the town they’ve called home (and proclaimed “Earth’s capital”) for the past 14 years. From holding their stuff-of-legend live shows in warehouses to touring the country, this fearless band is a galactic supernova of punk-tinged rock, rockabilly, and the occasional doo-wop, spinning tails of interstellar missions, rockets, robots, and odes to all mankind. With the O’Mulligans, Mos Likely and Final Decay. 3520 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento. $10.

Snarky Puppy

Jazz/rock/funk fusion

8 p.m. Thursday


Snarky Puppy feels like one of those bands that Harlow’s was specifically built for before it morphed into a rock club. The sprawling multiple-man collective hailing from Brooklyn and Texas is founded on jazz, with bandleader Michael League guiding his platoon through the historical landscape of a homegrown American musical style. But he’s not afraid to turn them loose and allow them to channel rock and funk fusion, delivered with refined grit, surgical precision and a nod of approval from a Boston Terrier (the unofficial Snarky mascot). Doors 7 p.m. 2708 J St., Sacramento. $25.

Looking ahead: Scott Pemberton. Aug. 19 at Torch Club

An emerging force on the festival circuit, Pemberton plays jazzy funk rock much like the vibe of his native Portland: freaky, fun and just the right amount of weird. 904 15th St., Sacramento.


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