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Plenty of Pliny the Younger on tap for Sacramento Beer Week

01/22/2014 1:59 PM

01/22/2014 2:00 PM

We’re still in the thick of Sacramento Bacon Fest, but hey, why not start thinking ahead to the next gut buster of a festival?

Sacramento Beer Week is on tap for Feb. 27 through March 9, and we’re hearing about some very choice tastings scheduled for our city’s burgeoning craft brew scene. And one of the biggest brew ha-has is the availability of Pliny the Younger, a Triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Co., which arrives during our beloved Beer Week.

So where can you find some Pliny the Younger during Sacramento Beer Week? We hear from a reliable source that it’ll definitely maybe be available at a midtown watering hole that rhymes with “Your Mouse.”

Yes, it sounds pretty goofy to be all cryptic about the location, but the Russian River Brewing folks tend to play very tight with its Pliny the Younger release information. Most brewhouses don’t even want to advertise they received a keg in order to keep the lookieloos away.

After all, a tasting of Pliny the Younger basically results in Black Friday for craft beer enthusiasts - you know, standing in line for hours, maybe the occasional pushing and shoving. All the fuss is for one of the world’s highest rated beers ( currently #2 behind Heady Topper by BeerAdvocate) that’s produced in such limited amounts that a beer loving economics student write a related paper about supply-and-demand.

Like Ling-Wong, the rare San Diego Zoo panda in “Anchorman,” we’ll continue our “Pliny Watch” with more information as it unfurls. Just prepare to give yourself plenty of time and keep your fingers crossed. Some folks have waited in line for more than two hours, only to see a keg of Pliny all tapped out within 20 minutes.

*Insert sad trombone sound*


* Beer fans line up for the limited Pliny the Younger


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