Looking for summer love, cicada makes a brief appearance.

Princess flower makes a showy display in summer garden.

Mild weather leads to powdery mildew infestations. It may be too late to do anything about it now, but prevent more problems next year.

Bings are particular about their pollinizers. Choose the right combination of cherry varieties to get fruit.

Wire mesh most effective way to keep gophers out of raised beds.

Pruning may help to renew this tropical plant.

Pokeweed boasts shiny purple berries, but this perennial can be toxic if eaten raw.

Tree’s rootstock may produce weird, cantaloupe-size fruit, but it’s not a Eureka.

Pesky weed takes over his lawn – and keeps coming back.

Overwatering leads to problems for this shallow-rooted shrub.

The tree could be a victim of gophers, spider mites or just planted too deep.

Long chains of sweet-smelling flowers give some clues, but is it right for Sacramento?

It’s possible to lift the sod and fill the hole underneath.

These popular trees come in various sizes from 3 feet to 30 feet when mature. Save yourself work by planting what will be the right size tree for the right spot.

Northern willowherb can be a bane to nurseries — and gardeners.

Pruning at the wrong time — or the wrong branches — likely cost spring color.

Dieback may be result of drought – or just old age.

This common pest can be stopped with a homemade trap using vinegar, molasses, ammonia and water.

After leaves die back, let the tubers rest during summer.

Trees drop baby fruit or refuse to set due to high spring temperatures.

An Italian variety of arum is the likely suspect, but watch out — it’s invasive and toxic.

Compost makes her earthworms happy, but wood chips benefit many trees, too.

Wasps hunt for insects in turf, but other food attracts them, too.

Sub-tropical tree with distinct blue flowers can take some chill –but not too much.

Potential harm to bees and pollinators makes soap and water a more attractive alternative.

Mexican evening primrose has taken over her new landscape.

Several good choices of roses are available; see them in local public gardens.

Fingerlike growth on citrus may have been a result of bud mites.

There are lots of usual suspects, but this may be a case of black vine weevil.

Living fossil has changed little in 60 million years, but a male sago will never produce a female flower.

Water drains into planting hole and drowns tree roots.

Many reasons can impact fruit production for this California favorite.

Moist peat moss packed around the canes can help bring dead-looking bush back to life.

Citrus slow to mature, but still need water and TLC.

Look at the rootstock for troublesome suckers.

Slime flux disease looks awful but shouldn’t harm the tree.

A little aluminum can boost blues while pinks prefer more alkaline soil.

Wilt also can cause these popular street trees to decline.

Dead tree may have been victim of verticillium wilt and that fungal disease can linger in the soil.

These hard-to-see green critters can be spotted easily with ultraviolet tool.

Indian hawthorn proves a pretty and versatile volunteer shrub.

Propagation technique can create more plants in winter or summer.

Tips for transplanting and pruning these spring-flowering favorites.

In pupae stage, this future moth is easy to spot in the soil, but don’t let it mature.

Try dropping the temperature to trick a moth orchid into a new flower cycle.

Pesky weed takes effort to remove from lawn and garden.

Apples fall victim to hungry larvae, but they can be controlled with homemade traps.

Unusual hooded ‘flower’ pops up all over her garden — but is it poisonous?

Confused with pesky brown stink bugs, these true bugs attack tomatoes, but will drown in soapy water.

Dodder can be a real pain, according to UC Cooperative Extension master gardeners.

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