Midcentury modern style is now firmly planted in the home décor landscape. And one of its elements, pop art, is cultivating a 21st century following.

Got too many tomatoes? Cucumbers piling up? Overloaded with peaches? It’s time to can it – and we know some folks willing to help.

Early California history in spotlight at weekend event featuring maps, stamps, scrapbooks, photos and more.

Taste a variety of melons, attend Farmer Fred’s University, take a self-guided farm and garden tour, live music, and food.

Fallen fruit creates a haven for bad bugs and plant disease.

Goodwin Creek Grey lavender can take the heat while attracting birds, bees and butterflies.

Smoothies are a nutritious way to stir things up in the kitchen, especially if the ingredients come from your garden.

Save 1.2 gallons per day per person with this simple attachment on the bathroom faucet.

Pokeweed boasts shiny purple berries, but this perennial can be toxic if eaten raw.

The easy Heloise way is to hang them upside down somewhere that has air circulation, but is not hot or in sunlight.

If you have been hoping to light up your garden with dazzling foliage, then you need a little Sunshine. Actually a little is good but a lot of Sunshine is better. The Sunshine I am referring to is one of the hottest shrubs anywhere and that is the Sunshine ligustrum.

Deciding where everything will find its year-long home in an average dorm room’s 10-by-15-foot space can be harder than you expect.

Tomatoes and fruit are at risk from two pests: brown marmorated stink bugs and leaffooted bugs.

Time of day important when irrigating tomatoes.

Help remove spent blooms from the many rosebushes in the Historic Rose Garden. Tools and training will be provided. Coffee and pastries will be served. 7:30 a.m. Historic City Cemetery, 1000 Broadway, Sacramento. Free. 916-715-7294.

DEAR READERS: Here’s how I use the stems of broccoli (why toss edible food out?), and it’s tasty too. I use a vegetable peeler to strip off the thick skin, then cut up the now-softer stems into small slivers. I add them to salads, soup or other veggies that I’m cooking. You even can add them to tuna salad, etc., for a little crunch.

Little lavender flowers attract birds, too.

Tree’s rootstock may produce weird, cantaloupe-size fruit, but it’s not a Eureka.

You can save 25 gallons by just watering when the temperatures are cooler.

DIYers get into upholstery and learn how to create a professional look, step by step.

Drought shades annual garden party with lots of water-wise information.

Pick summer crops while planning for fall replacements.

DEAR HELOISE: I saw a recent newspaper article about not using fabric softeners when washing bath towels because it reduces the towels’ absorbency when too much liquid softener is used, or when dryer sheets are used every time. I have been using fabric softener for some time, and I have noticed the problem and wondered why.

Skip the disposal and save a lot of water.

Pesky weed takes over his lawn – and keeps coming back.

This hummingbird favorite adds color and charm to low-water gardens.

Nursery opens its doors to four-legged friends for annual garden party.

Collector of rarities loves bromeliads for their rainbow colors; see them this weekend at Sacramento show and sale.

Some tips for water conservation never get old, but how far can you push your plants to survive with less water?

Annual showcase wraps up its 2014 run this weekend.

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