Re "Time to get smart about public transportation" (Bruce Maiman, April 22): Maiman decries our area's lack of light rail and that more people don't use regional transit. Has he ever tried it? To go from my area of Foothill Farms to downtown takes two buses, a train and two hours. The return trip fails at the RT station as the bus from there stops running at 4:30.

Re "City sued in girl's death" (Our Region, April 19): I am saddened by the death of 13-year-old Natalie Giorgi from anaphylactic food allergy. As a school nurse, I have created many Emergency Health Care Plans for children such as Natalie. In the case of suspected food allergen ingestion, staff is instructed to administer the Epipen injection immediately and call 911. Do not wait.

Re "Drivers ask: What's the best way to go?" (April 21, Page A1): The Bee's coverage of the Fix50 project and all the grief it will bring commuters ignores the people who actually live in downtown Sacramento.

Re "Workers should pay more" (Letters, April 20) Even well-meaning public employees don't get it or are ignoring it, Joe. You stated you wouldn't want your retirement plan at the mercy of the stock market. Your pension manager's (CalPERS or STRS) investments are actually at the mercy of the stock market, the real-estate market and the rest of the marketplace.

Re "On 49ers: Aldon Smith should get tough love instead of contract extension" (Sports, April 20): I totally agree with Barrows' point. Smith shouldn't be getting a contract extension for all the negative press he has put on himself, which inevitably makes his team look unprofessional.

Re "Liberals' lack of logic clear" (Letters, April 21) Edward Thomas' letter criticizing another letter writer, by name, in his attempt to make his point is an example of the kind of ad hominem attacks we routinely see from conservatives. It is entirely unnecessary to his apparent argument to attack the author of an opposing viewpoint in such a personal manner, but Thomas' style is in keeping with a pattern: conservative criticism is routinely personal.

Re Students failing to finish (Our Region, April 21): I'm blessed to teach for the Los Rios Community College District for the past 8 1/2 years. LRCCD is a dynamic, tremendous resource for our community and our workforce, much of which is irrelevant to finishing.

Re Herbalife discloses investigation in Illinois (Business, April 17): News that the New York and Illinois Attorney Generals are both launching separate investigations into Herbalife is encouraging, especially now that the FBI, Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are too. As a victim of Herbalife's get-rich-quick promises, I've wondered who is going to protect people from the company. Like 80 percent of distributors, I didn't make a dime. In fact, I ended up losing thousands that I invested into products, but product sales can't even get you to the top of Herbalife's pyramid. Only recruiting others will, but I found there was no one else to recruit. I came to this realization years ago. Distributors today must be faring even worse. I just wonder if California officials see this as a problem, given that the federal government and Illinois and New York officials clearly do.

Re "Religious freedom lasts past Sunday" (Letters, April 20) As a retired U.S. English teacher, I'm puzzled by people who apparently are unable to understand that free exercise of religion does not mean freedom to force others to conform to your religion.

Re "Neighbors say charity could add to burden" (Page A1, April 21): Kevin Johnson wants Sacramento to be a world class city. It looks more like Detroit to me: dirty with homeless people lounging everywhere. Now, Loaves and Fishes wants to expand. Their presence already depresses property values in the area. Why not relocate the charity to the undeveloped open land between South Sacramento and Elk Grove?

Re "Warning of 'liberal takeover' McClintock raising cash against GOP opponent" (March 11): After Republican Art Moore filed to run in District 4, Congressman Tom McClintock sent out an email pleading for money and claiming a well-funded conspiracy. His story is ridiculous. McClintock has over half a million dollars in campaign funds as of the March 31 filing, 17 times more than his challenger.

Re "Admission rates fall at UC campuses" (Page A1, April 19): My daughter was not admitted to any of the four UCs to which she applied. Her qualifications: Full International Baccalaureate candidate at Laguna Creek High School with a 4.16 GPA, scores of 29 and 1980 on her ACT and SAT, respectively, four years of marching band and two years of soccer. The vision of the founders of the UC system included a young adult such as she.

Re "Students failing to finish" (Our Region, April 21): Is it possible that many of the students who enroll in classes at community colleges don't intend to finish the semester in the first place?


Re "Supervisor's trial has El Dorado political world seething" (April 18): Sacramento Bee journalist Peter Hecht has spotlighted El Dorado County's long-simmering political climate. We live with blatant corruption and cronyism. Hopefully, this may now be coming to a head with the Trial of Supervisor Ray Nutting on felony abuse of paperwork. Both sides are accusing the other of political motivations and personal agendas.

Re "Fix50 poses some serious questions; here are some answers" (April 20): Fix50 is Sacramento's wake up call to prepare for more than just gridlock. Is there a way we can cut the projected 250,000 cars down to 200,000 in a month?

Re "Students failing to finish" (Our Region, April 21): I am one of the students who entered community college during the time period discussed. The reason I dropped out was because I was unable to get the classes I needed for the certificate I wanted.

Re "Grim message for co-op" (Our Region, April 21): I have always wondered who the people are holding the picket signs in front of construction sites or retail stores. They usually are protesting the use of non-union labor, pointing out the harmful effects of hiring workers that do not pay union dues or get union salaries.

I recently received news from the county followed by a bill for $2,000.00 that I would need to pay double sewage, drainage and trash because of the accessory building I have on my property. There are two people on the entire property, and the utilities are not separate from the house. Yet I was denied an exemption, apparently because I rent the place. The county's own guidelines stipulate that a 60 gallon can is plenty for two people.

Re "Chili-sauce struggle puts state in hot spot" (Editorial, April 18): The Editorial Board was spot-on about defending Sriracha against a handful of harassers in Irwindale. However, odor rules are grossly subjective and no air district has the stomach to change them.

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