Re "Legislature shouldn't favor old" (Viewpoints, Aug. 20): While Barbara O'Connor, former professor and writer for hire, does her best to portray Uber and Lyft as some new business model, when it is just a version of the taxi services in third world countries except with a modern twist.

Re "Government workers waste time" (Letters, Aug. 20): I'm not sure why Sally Worthing of Granite Bay wrote. As an actual citizen of Sacramento, I've had nothing but exceptional service from its workers. So much so that I just mailed a letter to our mayor commending his City 311, Code Compliance, and Zoning Departments' staff. Only one day after my complaint was filed, these workers investigated and shut down a neighbor who was disturbing the peace and running an illegal business from his garage.

Re "Friends Mourn Animal Rescuer" (Our Region, Aug. 20): Thank you for the article on Elaine Greenberg. I did not know Greenberg and never heard of her until the story about the seizure of her dogs.

Re "West Sac may limit gun sales" (Our Region, Aug. 19): I don't recall ever buying a gun in West Sacramento and have no intentions of doing so, but I read the article with a great deal of interest. The question that came to my mind was "Why?"

Re "Kaiser South Sacramento testing patient for possible Ebola" (Page A1, Aug. 20): Three cheers to The Bee for its level-headed, fact-based reporting on Ebola, unlike other news agencies and online phishing efforts that sensationalize and worry the populous to their gain.

Re "Missouri Calls in the Troops" (Page A1, Aug. 19) Ferguson in 2014 looks like Birmingham in 1963 on steroids.

Re "Hansen takes a risk in opposing Johnson on 'strong mayor'" (Our Region, Aug. 19): I have one question for the proponents of Sacramento's strong mayor initiative: why?

Re "McDonald's seeks recipe to move past fast food image" (Business, Aug. 18): If McDonald's wants to change its menu with the times, it would be to have vegan options.

We need to get President Obama to address the West Coast drought issue, please go visit the petition at We need as many signatures as possible. Thank you.

Re "Mo'ne Davis inspires girls to dream with Little League star-power" (, Aug. 20): Someone once asked "When do you think we'll see a woman ordained as a priest in the Catholic Church?" A cynical answer was "About the same time we see a girl pitch a shutout against some of the nation's best boy players in the Little League World Series."

Re "Gov. signs off on court-ordered pay raise for engineers'/scientists' managers" (The State Worker, Aug. 20): California's court has correctly ruled in favor of state engineer/scientists' managers, who sought wage increase parity with the employees they supervise. Equal compensation for equal work is a hallmark of state civil service.

Re "Davis acquires mine-resistant war vehicle while some complain of militarization of police" (, Aug. 20): Davis Mayor Dan Wolk had an opportunity to demonstrate real leadership by rejecting the Davis Police Department's acquisition of an armored military vehicle. Instead, we see a bit of lip service to please critics of militarization without actually taking any action: "I hope it stays in the garage."

Re "Hansen takes a risk in opposing Johnson on 'strong mayor'" (Our Region, Aug. 19): Shouldn't priority within municipal government be given toward funding adequate fire and police protection? How about assisting the indigent, public libraries and schools and providing affordable access to parks and recreation for all? Steve Hansen stepped away from the parade of adulation that marches for Mayor Kevin Johnson, he should not be subject to potential political payback.

I generally support the president, but his rush to play golf after delivering the James Foley condolence message was unseemly and actually disgusting. Has he lost all sense of tact and decency?

Re "The strong mayor ice bucket challenge" (Cartoons, Aug. 20): Hooray for Steve Hansen. It's about time somebody brought our so-called Strong Mayor down a peg.

Re "City can't thrive without the arts" (Viewpoints, Aug. 16): I hope the City Fathers are listening, but maybe they're out at a ball game. When voting for candidates to city offices, perhaps it would be good to ask questions about what their interests are and whether or not they will make a commitment to the arts.

Re "ISIS beheads US journalist in video, threatens another" (Nation/World, Aug. 20): Perhaps this is mere semantics, but words mean things. The evil man who murdered James Foley is a terrorist, not a fighter. The article mentions "a masked black-clad fighter with a knife in one hand," and then goes on to say he warned that more Americans would be killed if there were more U.S. attacks on ISIS "fighters". It goes on to say the "fighter then killed Foley."

Re "Hansen takes a risk in opposing Johnson on 'strong mayor'" (Our Region, Aug. 19): Marcos Breton's admonition that Steve Hansen will find it impossible to work with Mayor Kevin Johnson after the election should the strong mayor initiative not pass because "KJ don't play that game" is probably the strongest argument to date that the initiative should not be supported.

Re "City can't thrive without the arts (Viewpoints, Aug. 16): Classical music and opera are not totally dead in Sacramento. The Camellia Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Christian Baldini, will be starting its 52nd season with four concerts in the Performing Arts Center at Sacramento City College on September 27. CSO's programs will offer a variety of music by composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. One program will feature Malcolm MacKenzie performing celebrated arias from Verdi, Rossini and Mozart.

Re "Prison drop crowding county jails" (Capitol & California, Aug. 20): In the 1960s, California had the best statewide correctional system in the country. The state actually analyzed and operated corrections as a system rather than dealing with 58 county and two state systems.

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