Re "Indicted senators insult voters by collecting salary" (Editorial, July 28): "Rogues still feast at the trough" is a phrase that is extremely insulting to the many state employees who do their job with dedication for the benefit of the citizens of this state. These workers are not feasting at any trough because there is no trough. What those named senators allegedly have done is break the law, cheat the people of this state, lie to their constituents and commit these acts for money.

Re "Governor, Mexico form pact to fight climate change" (Page A1, July 29): Gov. Brown has consistently shown leadership in tackling global warming, signing agreements with various regions and countries to reduce carbon pollution, most recently Mexico. Both California and Mexico have plans in place to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have implemented important carbon pricing systems. California has a cap-and-trade system, while Mexico has a modest carbon tax.

Re "Can open primaries save the world?" (Editorial, July 28): Sen. Chuck Schumer is wrong to suggest the top two election process is a good idea. For who? If one lives in a civilized community and has a chance to vote for either Assemblyman Roger Dickinson or Assemblyman Richard Pan, that is a good choice.

Re "Crews gain on wildfire" (Page A1, July 28): When did this happen? I read the Sacramento Bee. I have for decades. Recently, I've noticed that not a day goes by without a story about a drought, a wildfire, tornadoes, flooding, extreme weather, rising seas or melting glaciers. It wasn't always like this. Certainly, there were weather-related storied, but every day?

Re "Israel vs Gaza" (The Drawing Board, July 27): Although many of us are saddened by all the deaths occurring in the Middle East, your editorial cartoons present an unfair and biased picture of the conflict.

Re Voluntary water conservation not effective, data show (, July 28): So, let me get this right: despite statewide messages clearly illuminating the danger California is in, water usage increased in Southern California. Yet, Gov. Brown's pet project of building tunnels through sensitive ecosystems to divert millions of gallons of water to water-addicted Southern California is still moving forward.

Re "Families urge resumption of adoptions from Congo" (Nation/World, July 25): The Ebola virus demands that extreme care be exercised when bringing children from Africa to homes in the United States. It is nice to be well-intended about the plight of innocent children, but to potentially unleash the Ebola virus on our country would be catastrophic for our country.

Re "A healthy dose of concern about West Nile spraying" (Editorial, July 25): I would like to suggest that the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control officials look into using copepods instead of toxic aerial spraying.

Re "Indicted senators insult voters by collecting salary" (Editorial, July 28): I totally agree with your editorial and I have a suggestion: I would like to see one of our "still unsullied" senastors carry new legislation to the floor requiring that the salaries of Leland Yee, Rob Calderon, Rod Wright and any others who just haven't been caught yet be placed in an interest-bearing account. If they are found innocent, the money would be given to them. If guilt is confirmed, the money could be returned to the taxpayers.

Re "Boosting Palestinian president is best hope to end war in Gaza" (Viewpoints, July 26): According to Trudi Rubin, the problem of Gaza is Hamas. If only they would be as accommodating as Abbas, everything will be fine. For whom?

Re "An idiot's guide to inequality" (Viewpoints, July 24) Since inequality in America is destabilizing, who will act? Currently, Congress is not working well as witnessed by the passing of a child tax cut for the rich, without extending the tax cut for the poor.

Re "Israeli shelling hits U.N.-run school" (Page A1, July 25): The Bee ran a front-page story July 25 with the headline "Israeli shelling hits U.N.-run school." The Wall Street Journal ran the same story on Page 8 with the title "U.N. Shelter for Palestinans is Shelled", subtitle "Israel says it fought militants in the Area where 16 people were killed, but an errant Hamas rocket may be at fault." The Bee also ran a bloody picture of a Palestinian on the front page. As of now investigators believe it was a Hamas Rocket.

Re "Obama calls cease-fire in Gaza imperative/developments in the Gaza conflict" (Page A8, July 28) and Jewish Federation ad (Page A9, July 28): Photos and news stories about the Israeli assault on Gaza shock the conscience. Israel has been carrying out air strikes and other military operations that have resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries, most of them civilians. In a series of statements, newspaper ads and events the Jewish Federation of Sacramento has expressed unconditional support for Israeli military attacks on Gaza.

As the founder and principal of Janico Building Services, I understand how undocumented immigrants affect the cleaning industry.

Re "A lot is riding on finding culprit in honeybee deaths" (Editorial, July 27): Responsibility to save the honeybees comes with us as individuals in demanding companies as Home Depot, Lowe's and BJ's Wholesale Club to stop selling bee-killing pesticides, and boycotting them until they do.

Re "Obama's cool detachment is calculated - and very dangerous" (Viewpoints, July 25): As if the entire world's problems fall on the United States to solve, Charles Krauthammer says a real U.S. president would give arms to Russian opposition in the Ukraine, and then give a Reaganesque speech explaining why.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): This is a crazy recommendation. National parks in California have struggled to manage the black bears for decades, no matter if it is a human failure to control food and garbage in the parks and elsewhere.

Re "Alarcon convicted of voter fraud" (Capitol & California, July 24): It might have been helpful to give the political party affiliation of Richard Alarcon somewhere in the article. It identified Sen. Rod Wright's affiliation.

Re "Montana senator's thesis presented others' work as his" (Nation/World, July 24): As a professor, I can tell you that plagiarism is no small matter. It is often just cause for academic dismissal. This is because it is theft, like laundering money or stealing a car or patenting someone else's invention. When someone benefits from plagiarism the way Sen. John Walsh has, that theft has grand monetary and social consequences that should be treated under the law as felonies.

Re "Mexico is a partner with state" (Our Region, July 27): Marcos Breton's article about what a great partner Mexico is with California makes a few good points about importing/exporting. However, he fans the flames of ethnic tension, as he claims Republicans so frequently do, with his apples and oranges article.

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