Re "California needs substantial pension reform" (Viewpoints, April 13): State and local government administrators and public employee organizations that refuse to acknowledge current public pension plan benefit formulas are unsustainable and who resist any modifications should consider the fate of private pension plans in this country.

Re "Climate crisis reprieve" (Letters, April 17): Letter writer Paul Brady calls out the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for changing its tune in its most recent report. This is patently false. By comparing numbers that are not directly comparable, he weaves a fictitious tale of the boy-who-cried wolf variety. Climate models, although not perfect, have their foundations in fundamental physical principles and have been demonstrated to reproduce observed temperature patterns over the 20th century when driven by known emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. What is it with nuclear physicists from the atomic age that make them especially prone to being so resistant to facts? Perhaps his love for the "biggest, smartest energy company?" Brady is partially right in one thing, however. A rapid rise in renewables is the only way in which overall energy use can decrease in the face of continued world population growth.

Re "State puts press on cleaners" (City Beat, April 14) Capitol Area Development Authority requested that Department of General Services consider an extension of Mercury Cleaners' lease in order to assist Helen and Tom Kang. But the state's response was that it must address the environmental problem as soon as possible and that the building must be vacant for that to happen.

Re "Climate crisis reprieve" (Letters, April 17): As an alumnus of the UC Davis physics department, it pained me to read a Letter from former UCD physics professor Paul Brady that was full of incorrect statements about the latest IPCC climate change report. He claimed that projected global warming has been reduced by 62 percent when in reality the projections in the latest report were almost identical to those in the last report, published in 2007. He claimed that climate models have overestimated sea level rise when in reality studies have shown sea level rising faster than model projections. Sen. Patrick Moynihan once said "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts." When it comes to climate science, the facts are what they are. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion regarding what we should do about the problem, with bipartisan support growing for a small government free market revenue neutral carbon tax.

Re "Finance industry sops up billions" (Viewpoints, April 15): Paul Krugman does an excellent job explaining what is happening on Wall Street. The same problem was explained on "60 Minutes," and I also learned from a TV newsprogram that the FBI is investigating these high speed traders.

Re "City would sprout new billboards in Kings deal" (Our Region, April 15): North of the city and west of Business 80 is Sutter's Landing. Once a city dump, it's now known by many of us as Sutter's Landing.

Re “Making a difference is most important” (Dan Morain, April 15): Charles Piller deserves recognition for his outstanding reporting of the Bay Bridge debacle. His meticulous and persistent reporting has hopefully struck fear in Caltrans and other government agencies entrusted with the public’s safety and responsible use of tax dollars. While it is too late to change the shameful outcome of the Bay Bridge, we can only hope other officials think twice before taking shortcuts that risk our safety and land them on the front page of the newspaper. Well done, Charles.

Re "Zero energy greenhouses far from a silver bullet in combating carbon emissions": Honda agrees that reducing energy consumption through practical means is the foundation of sustainable building. A critical fact omitted from Mr. Ortiz's article is the Honda Smart Home was designed to use less than half of the energy of a similarly sized new home in the Davis area.

Re "In Iowa, Ryan says budget a step toward GOP unity" (April 11): Paul Ryan's budget will be devastating to many Californians. While over 45,000 millionaires would get an $87,000 tax break, middle class families would pay $2,000 more in taxes.

Re "City would sprout new digital billboards in Kings deal" (Our Region, April 15): In addition to spending hundreds of millions of dollars to support a very weak basketball team, the city is granting the rights to erect six digital billboards around the city to the new team owners. I, and thousands of other citizens, have no interest in being assaulted by visual pollution. Let an artist with a spray can create an attractive mural on a bare concrete wall and people will cry "vandalism." But let the economic system create billboards pushing products everywhere we turn, mostly for things we have no interest in, and people seem to accept the intrusions. I lecture on public art and public space which belongs to all of us. I consider billboards to be the ugliest graffiti of all.

Re "California looking to recycled water to ease drought concerns" (Page A1, April 14): The real solution to recycling wastewater is to not put feces in the water in the first place. And, urine is easily and safely diluted to feed gardens.

Re "Secret scores have consumers pegged--fairly or not" (Business, April 15): One line caught my eye: the worst thing that can happen is the consumer receives an offer they are not interested in. I am 89 years old and have received several offers for prepaid funeral services. Have these sales people looked at my stored DNA and determined I will need such service soon? It is worrisome and interferes with my plans for summers vacation.

Re "City would sprout digital billboards in Kings deal" (Our Region, April 15) Sacramento's proposed no-cost lease of six sites for new digital billboards is the latest give-away to the million/billionaire owners of the Sacramento Kings. According to The Bee, each of these sites could rent for $200,000 a year on the open market.

Re "City would sprout new digital billboards in Kings deal" (Our Region, April 15): Digital billboards are among some of the ugliest things ever invented. Leave it to Sacramento to confuse becoming a world class city with becoming a world crass city by garbaging up our city's skyline with six more digital billboards they are essentially giving to the Kings' ownership group.

Re "Climate panel urges speedier action" (Page A1, April 14) The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has again dialed back a climate crisis, pushing the possibility toward the end of this century, with temperature rise declining from 9 to 3.4 F.

For the first time in three generations, the leader of a major nation is changing European borders with force. A Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine should be met with the strongest possible response short of war, the best way to prevent a future broader war.

Re "In Iowa, Ryan says budget a step toward GOP unity" (April 11): The Ryan budget, passed by the House of Representatives with not a single democratic vote, is destructive and underhanded.

Re "Teachers have won this battle (Marcos Breton, April 13): There are several problems with linking teacher performance with scores.

Re "Teachers have won this battle" (Marcos Breton, April 13): The failed No Child Left Behind Act punishes schools for student test scores. Marcos Breton would prefer to punish individual teachers for those same scores. Attempting to improve learning by holding teachers accountable for test scores has never worked. Anywhere.

Senator Carol Liu and Governor Jerry Brown are trying to pass SB 173, an absurd piece of nonsense that assaults one of our state's most successful programs: parent education.

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