Re "Two California's, east and west" (Letters, July 19): What a nice vision. The west keeps the two, four-term senators and three-term governor, the east elects officials who would represent their state.

Re "Hamas raid kills 2 Israeli soldiers" (Page A10, July 20): Here's where things really stand in Gaza: Indiscriminate rocket firing by armed groups from Gaza has targeted Israeli population centers. The goal is to terrorize and kill innocent civilians. Of course, Israel must take action to protect its citizens.

Re "Death toll spikes as invasion grows" (Page A1, July 21): If a murderer proves he had a terrible, abusive and destructive childhood, the jury may take a compassionate approach to sentencing. If that individual then goes out and commits yet another murder or more, then there would be real consequences.

Re "Kremlin linked to crash by U.S." (Page A1, July 19): Out one side of his mouth, President Barack Obama rightfully calls the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane an "outrage of unspeakable proportions." Out of the other side of his mouth, he condones the Israeli invasion of Gaza, a greater outrage of unspeakable proportions, except the victims are Palestinian civilians, now in nearly equal numbers.

Re "Perez gives up recount effort" (Page A1, July 19): One can only speculate what plum state job is waiting for former Assembly Speaker John A. Perez after he called off the vote recount he requested in the race for state controller.

Re "West Bromwich dismisses its role as Goliath" (Sports, July 21): For years now, I've developed a desire to connect with international soccer. What better way to engage with the worldwide consciousness than through the most universal sport, its stories, traditions and pathos.

Re "Carnage spreads in Gaza" (Page A1, July 19): I appreciated The Bee's printing Saturday of Nick Anderson's cartoon commentary, showing a missile headed toward a passenger jet with the quote from historian Howard Zinn, "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."

Re "Desolation in Gaza" (Page A1, July 22): After looking at the picture on the front page of The Bee today, how can anybody not recognize who the real terrorists in the Middle East are?

Re "Victims' bodies in Ukraine plane crash stranded on train" (Page A1, July 21): The U.S. is sometimes so pious it is laughable. It was 26 years ago this month when the U.S. military used guided missiles to deliberately shoot down what turned out to be a commercial Airbus A300 on a regularly scheduled international flight, killing all 290 entirely innocent men, women and children aboard. The U.S. has never even apologized to the country of origin, Iran.

Re "Airport, ACLU tussle over ads" (Our Region, July 21): The decision of Sacramento International Airport to not run the informational ads of the California Endowment regarding denial of health care coverage for undocumented immigrants is unjust and deplorable. As a longtime resident of Sacramento and a frequent user of the airport, I applaud the endowment for its efforts to provide factual statements on behalf of those who make considerable economic contributions to our region and state, yet are denied access to health care coverage.

Re "James Garner's star rose as 'Maverick,' 'Rockford' " (Page A5, July 21): I couldn't help but notice James Garner's obituary was cut short. In this obituary, there was no mention of his winning two Purple Hearts during the Korean War. There was no mention of his being married to the same woman since 1956 or that they had two children.

Re "James Garner's star rose as 'Maverick, 'Rockford' " (Page A5, July 21): The obituary of James Garner was incomplete. The article covered Garner's life as an actor but ignored his other accomplishments.

Re "Carnage spreads in Gaza" (Page A1, July 19): There's a heartrending photo of a Palestinian child receiving medical attention from wounds. However, getting photos like that are the very reason that Hamas positions its rocket launchers and arms in hospitals, schools, mosques and homes. The article claims that three-quarters of the casualties are civilians, but cites the same sources which made the same claims during the last Gaza hostilities.

Re "Too much about femme fatale" (Letters, July 21): The letters pointing out that The Bee ran too many prominently placed stories about a female prostitute accused of murder struck a chord with me, especially when a reader couldn't find women's golf coverage during that period.

Re "Death toll spikes as invasion grows" (Page A1, July 21): Without knowing the facts, a reader would likely conclude from Joel Greenberg's article that Israel is the aggressor in Gaza. After all, there were more than 430 Palestinians dead and only 20 Israelis in the last 10 days of fighting.

Re "Defense must be about justice," (Letters, July 21): Letter writer Peter Guttman momentarily tipped his hat toward public defender Jeff Adachi's call for respecting criminal defense lawyers, only to accuse those lawyers of using every trick in the book.

Re "The return of the grizzly" (Forum, July 13): Grizzlies are not cute, cuddly bears. They are super-predators, the size of a Clydesdale. The Spanish identified them as the biggest danger. The Americans concurred. It took 100 years of concerted effort to rid us of these 1-ton monsters.

Re "Eastern Seaboard open for oil seekers" (Business, July 19): Oil exploration on the East Coast? You betcha, even if it does cost the lives of a few thousand animals, fish and birds.

Sunday July 20 was the 45th anniversary of the moon landing. Unfortunately, there was no mention of this amazing achievement in The Sacramento Bee.

Re “Indifference, the story of our time" (Forum, July 13): This forum was very interesting as it called for replies on many topics including the proposed idiotic return of grizzlies to California, Mark Drolette on marriage, and your new interns, but I fear the most important but overlooked article was buried on page E3, "... a culture of indifference", or those just plain uninterested in politics.

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