Sacramento County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to ban outdoor marijuana crops, joining a growing number of California cities and counties that have prohibited cultivation in response to safety and nuisance complaints.

In drought-hit California, marijuana growers are feeling the heat, accused of using too much water for their thirsty plants and of polluting streams and rivers with their pesticides and fertilizers.

Many medical marijuana dispensaries and medicinal cultivators had maintained an aura of compliant, nonprofit providers under California medical marijuana law. The feds saw unscrupulous operators stuffing their pockets with cash in an industry without rules.

As the nation’s only truly legal supplier of marijuana, the U.S. government keeps tight control of its stash, which is grown in a 12-acre fenced garden on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

California cities and police were long considered obstructionists to regulatory legislation they said would legitimize marijuana businesses. But now they are jumping into the marijuana-regulation effort out of fear that the state is inevitably moving toward a sanctioned cannabis industry with or without their input.

It’s an increasingly tempting proposition for governors, who see the taxation of marijuana as a good way to raise money. Count Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee among the latest intrigued by the idea.

A young Girl Scout has things figured out very well, setting up shop to sell cookies outside a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary - and in short order being bought out of her inventory. Know your customer base seems to be her strategy.

Sacramento’s Canna Care dispensary, an evangelical medical marijuana provider renowned for doling out buds with Bibles, is waging a public fight with the Internal Revenue Service over an $873,167 tax penalty sought under a tax code aimed at illegal drug traffickers.

Marking another milestone for the legal marijuana industry, the Obama administration on Friday said it has advised U.S. attorneys in states where the sale of marijuana is legal not to prosecute banks that allow pot stores to open accounts and accept credit-card payments.

With more than half of all federal prisoners serving time on drug charges, the Obama administration says it’s time to free more low-level drug offenders.

For the first time, the farm bill would allow nine states – including Kentucky and California – to use hemp, pot’s nonintoxicating sister plant, for research and academic purposes.

In 2010, as Colorado lawmakers were creating America’s first state-licensed and regulated medical marijuana industry, fellow police officers at a Colorado Drug Investigators Association conference jeered a state law enforcement official assigned to draft the legislation.

Matthew Davies, a freshly minted MBA graduate from Santa Clara University, was a fast achiever in business. He launched an online jewelry importing company, moved on to open a property management firm and then an upscale French restaurant, Le Bistro, that served fine wines and Grand Marnier soufflés.

If oddsmakers are correct, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will win Sunday’s National Football League conference championship games, advancing to a truly historic Super Bowl on Feb. 2:

Pot stocks are smokin’. And with sales of recreational pot now legal in two states, investors are getting renewed warning about the dangers of investing in risky marijuana stocks.

After years of politicking and planning, Colorado will make history Wednesday when it opens the first retail marijuana stores in the United States, allowing state residents to buy up to an ounce of the drug.

After years of politicking and planning, Colorado will make history Wednesday when it opens the first retail marijuana stores in the United States, allowing state residents to buy up to an ounce of the drug. Out-of-state visitors will be allowed to buy a quarter of an ounce at a time.

In California, where a recent Field poll showed 55 percent voter support for marijuana legalization beyond medical use, four pot legalization ballot initiatives have emerged as contenders for the November ballot.

West Sacramento medical marijuana users and their caregivers could soon need a city-issued permit to grow cannabis indoors under an ordinance headed for a city council vote in January.

The Obama administration today sounded the alarms over rising marijuana use among the nation's youth, saying that softening attitudes about the perceived risk are responsible for the increase. Sixty percent of 12th-graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful,

The Obama administration on Wednesday sounded the alarm over rising marijuana use among the nation’s youth, saying that softening attitudes about the perceived risk of the drug are responsible for the increase.

When Washington state begins selling legal marijuana next year, Democratic Rep. Denny Heck figures it will result in an infusion of $1 billion a year to the economy --- all in cash. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says that poses a serious challenge to the federal government.

In a state that pioneered rethinking marijuana laws, a majority of voters have legalization in mind.

Today is the anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which officially ended the prohibition of alcohol in 1933. Pot backers are celebrating the day, hoping their drug is next.

Buoyed by their success at the polls Tuesday, marijuana backers say they’ll now try to get the drug fully legalized in 13 more states by 2017. They’d join Colorado and Washington state, which voted last year to allow pot sales for recreational use.

Seven defendants are on trial for conspiracy to illegally cultivate marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, straight cultivation and stealing electricity from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

Colorado has the nation's most meticulously regulated medical marijuana industry. Washington has the first-ever blood-level standard for driving while high.

In October 2010, with a quixotic marijuana initiative leading in California polls, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder answered an urgent letter from retired heads of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

California's famed Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research – established by the Legislature to answer the question, "Does marijuana have therapeutic value?" – has now all but completed America's most comprehensive studies into the efficacy of pot.

The pot market is crashing in California's legendary Emerald Triangle.

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