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Hundreds of California recycling centers close – what now?

The shuttering of hundreds of recycling centers around California has reduced opportunities to cash in bottles and cans while stirring anxiety for grocery store owners who may be forced to start accepting reusable materials themselves. As interest groups press policymakers for a solution, the situation has again illuminated the ongoing challenges facing California’s labyrinthine recycling system.


Fire torched us last year, and the blazes keep coming

Even as victims of the massive Butte Fire struggle to rebuild their lives, a new fire season is starting in the Sierra Nevada foothills and the state’s Coast Ranges. California’s fire chief said the vast stands of dead trees in areas burned by last year’s devastating wildfires are prime fuel for new fires, and extended droughts and higher temperatures caused by climate change will likely lead to more destructive wildfire seasons.


Is Sacramento’s ‘city within a city’ ready to rise?

Empty now, Sacramento’s downtown railyard someday could be home to as many as 21,000 residents, more than live in Land Park and Curtis Park together. A like number of people would also work there, making the railyard the region’s most densely packed and self-supporting neighborhood.


Algebra, geometry give way to integrated math in local high schools

Experts say a change to Integrated Math is supposed to help students understand math on a deeper level and improve their ability to apply math concepts in the real world. While the switch is not required, many local school districts have adopted the changes as part of their transition to Common Core State Standards. Not everybody supports the move.

See dog herd goats from drone in Citrus Heights

Cesar Campos, a goatherder from Peru, watches over his charges on Friday, May 25, 2018, in Citrus Heights as they eat away vegetation in a water detention basin to improve water flow in flood season.
Hector Amezcua