Temperatures to fall, but no rain is in the forecast for Merced County

11/14/2013 7:30 PM

11/15/2013 12:11 AM

The temperatures in Merced are expected to tumble, like so many falling autumn leaves, by about 10 degrees today and through the weekend, according to forecasters.

After a few days of highs in the mid-70s, the Merced area will see mid- to low 60s through Sunday. The nights will dip to within a couple of degrees of 40 all weekend.

Despite the lower temperatures, no rain is expected.

“Absolutely no rain in the forecast for the next seven days,” said meteorologist Jim Andersen of the National Weather Service. “And, it doesn’t look like anything in sight.”

No precipitation is surely unwelcome news for farmers and those with their eyes on water resources. However, the lack of moisture in the air means less fog on Merced highways.

“We may get some haze, but we’re not looking at that very dense fog,” Andersen said.

A low-pressure system will pass through the area tonight, and is what will bring the cold air to push Merced’s temperatures lower. Andersen said that type of system, or “trough,” often brings moisture with it.

The troughs are so weak, however, he said they won’t bring rain to the area. Merced will see some increased cloud cover and breezy conditions because of the system.

Temperatures are expected to rise Monday, he said. Here’s what the weather service expects for Merced:

Friday: Sunny, with a high of 65. At night, it is expected to dip to 40 degrees. It will be partly cloudy.

Saturday: The forecast is for a high of 63 degrees and a mostly sunny day. At night, the temperature could drop to 39.

Sunday: The sunny day will repeat the previous high temperature of 63, and the mostly clear night is expected to bring a low of 40 degrees.

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