Central California Band Review scores released

11/15/2013 5:44 PM

11/16/2013 12:28 AM

The 54th Central California Band Review Parade, Jazz and Field Show, held last weekend at Golden Valley High School, attracted 41 bands and thousands of attendees.

Several Merced County schools performed exceptionally well during the competition, which was divided by high school and middle school divisions.

Eight schools took home first place prizes, and some won first place in more than one category.

The following is a list of the results and scores for Merced County and regional schools that participated the 2013 Central California Band Review:

Atwater High: 1st place drum major/military (88), 2nd place auxiliary class A (63.5), 2nd place percussion (87.4), 3rd place parade class A (90)

Buhach Colony High: 3rd place auxiliary class B (70.5)

Chowchilla High: 2nd place parade class E (79.9)

Cruickshank Middle School: 2nd place drum major/mace (83), 3rd place auxiliary class A (66.5), 3rd place parade class A (78.1) 3rd place jazz (72.1)

El Capitan High: 1st place auxiliary class E (68.5), 1st place parade class E (84.2)

Hoover Middle School: 2nd place parade class B (77.5), 2nd place auxiliary class B, 3rd place drum major/mace (80)

Livingston High: auxiliary class C (72), 2nd place parade class c (89.05)

Livingston Middle School: 1st place auxiliary class B, 2nd place percussion (84.2), 3rd place parade class B (75.65)

Los Banos Jr. High: 1st place percussion (85.2), 3rd place drum major/military (83), parade sweepstakes/auxiliary (77.5), parade sweepstakes/marching (178), parade sweepstakes/showmanship (254), Richard B Lewis Parade Sweepstakes (82.4)

Mariposa High: 1st place drum major/open (87), 2nd place parade class E (80.5)

Merced High: 1st place parade class B (90.8), 1st place percussion (87.8), 1st place auxiliary class B (76), parade sweepstakes/marching (188)

Rivera Middle School: 3rd place auxiliary class B (56)

Tenaya Middle School: 1st place jazz (79.05), 1st place auxiliary class A, 1st place drum major/mace (85.2), 2nd place parade class A (79.1), 3rd place percussion (83.9)

Winton Middle School: 1st place drum major/military (86), 2nd place auxiliary class A (72), 1st place parade class A (81.25), parade sweepstakes/music (396)

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